Hearing aids can be repaired

Repair and maintenance costs

However, if the microphone in the device breaks, for example, repair costs will be incurred. These are initially allocated to the flat-rate maintenance fee of the health insurance companies. That means that everything is covered with the flat rate of the health insurance companies. However, this only applies if it is a device from the Basic category that does not require additional payments. If the wearer has opted for a hearing aid with additional functionality that is subject to additional payment, the health insurance company pays a fixed amount and the wearer has to pay for the repair of the higher-quality components on a pro rata basis. The replacement of consumables must also be borne by the customer on a pro-rata basis in the case of a hearing aid that is subject to additional payment. Again, it is only free for those who wear the basic model.

Maintenance costs

For what period does the flat-rate maintenance fee apply? Normally, the flat-rate maintenance fee from the health insurance company is valid for six years. Thereafter, the health insurers usually recommend buying a new hearing aid. The flat-rate maintenance fee for a hearing aid is currently around € 140 on average.

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