Why does Radagast like to eat mushrooms

7. Rescue from Goblin Hell!

Arya's point of view:

The disgusting Goblin King sits on his throne. His goblin servants push us in his direction. I hug Kili more and more. I put my right arm around his waist to be even closer to him. His big left hand covers mine over it. I have to smile because this feeling is just magical. With this shoving around I feel really sick. A second choke slips out of me. I pull myself closer to Kili so that I can inhale his scent. It doesn't smell like it was fresh from the bath, but a lot better than these creatures. We finally come to a standstill. I look over Kili's shoulder. The hair on the back of his neck stands up. Probably because of my cool breathing. I release my hands from his because I stand next to him on the right side. This time, like shortly before Rivendell, Kili puts his right arm around my waist. Now he's hugging me. I smell his scent again, and I have to smile. He caresses my back with his hand. I put my left arm on Kili's back. All the dwarfs see it, but say nothing this time. Fili still can't help grinning at us. I return his grin, winking at him. Kili sees it and starts laughing a little. The mini goblins put our weapons in front of the king. The king laughs and roars: "Who are you? And how do you get here?" "Your Majesty, these dwarfs were standing in our entrance hall.", Presents a servant to us. This beast is more than disgusting. The ugly king looks into our group, he meets me as I am nestled against Kili's upper body. "What are you doing in this area?" he asks with a grin. All silence. "If nobody wants to say it, then you will pay for it! Bring the bone breaker! We start with this beauty, which is based on this dwarf." This beast simply says. All eyes are on me. Without thinking about it, I claw my right hand into Kili's shirt. "Stop it!" Calls out a very familiar voice. Thorin steps forward. The goblin turns around and looks wide. "Who do I see there? Thorin! Son of Thráin, son of Thror. I know someone who would like your head. Your greatest archenemy." he says with an evil smile. "God, I'm about to rip his head off!" I whisper to Kili. Kili smiles at me, which I reply. A servant takes Thorin's sword out of its scabbard. After 30 cm, he throws it to the ground, yelling his voice out of his throat. The king sees the sword too. Of course he starts yelling as well. The is my chance! I tear myself away from Kili. And cross the goblins. Then I grab my guns and throw guns to everyone. Suddenly someone breaks through the wall behind the throne of the reigning king. An elderly man appears with a gray pointed hat on his head. Gandalf! He always comes at the right moment. Gandalf saves us all. We're fighting the goblins until I suddenly fall off the bridge. "Arya !!" shouts Kili. I hit old wooden beams. I don't know how many times it is, but the pain makes me grimace again.

Kili's view:

Is she completely mad? Just risking their lives to get hold of our guns? She's just throwing my bow and arrow for me, which I catch elegantly. I'm killing one goblin at a time. I'm totally into my fight until I see Arya through the corner of my eye. She falls from the bridge! That could be her death. "Arya !!" I scream out. It falls with full force on this old wood. Somebody make it and kill the king. The bridge is collapsing because of those goblins. Like Arya, we all fall with full force on the wooden beams. Damn it hurts! I'm looking for Arya. It is estimated to be 2 meters away from me. Arya returns my gaze. She tries to grab my hand. I hold out my hand to her. Several wooden beams still fall from above. Plus a dead goblin king. Arya squints her eyes. Kaboom! Everyone screams in pain. "That can't be true!" I moan loudly. Gandalf comes up to us. "Come on, you fools! We don't have much time!" He informs us. We are breaking free from this hideous trap. Well all of them, except for a girl with a dark red mane. "Do you need help?" I orient myself with her. With a desperate look, she looks at me with her sweet green eyes. "Wouldn't be sad if you did that," she replies. I smile at her as I put my hands on her hips. With a jerk I pull it out of the wooden beam. I put her down on the floor, take her hand and run with Arya to the others. We run down the mountain. In a small forest. Gandalf says all the names that are here. Bilbo is missing! "Where's our master thief ?!" asks Gandalf. Then Thorin speaks up: "I know where he is! He took the chance to leave. How often he says that he misses his books and his garden! I knew from the start. This trip is not for you Hobbit. " Anger sparkles in Arya's eyes. I put my hands on her shoulders, maybe she'll calm down. She did, because Bilbo shows up. "No, here I am Thorin, I know you don't think much of me. You're right! I miss my books or my armchair. I miss the Shire very much. But there is a reason I can't go. Because you are no longer at home Yours was destroyed. I want to help you to have a home like me again. "Countered Bilbo Thorin. I never expected to hear something like that coming out of Bilbo's mouth. "We should look for a good place to camp for the night, that was a very stressful day," says Dwalin, who is trying to change the mood. So let's set out to do this. After what feels like an eternity, we find a good place. Bofur offers to look for the wood for a fire today. Bifur and Bombur are again making a soup made from mushrooms and herbs. I sat down next to Arya because I have to apologize for the way I behaved this morning. She is sitting in front of the fire, while she is eating her soup. "Arya, could I speak to you for a minute?" I ask her. She looks at me with a puzzled look: "Um .. of course. What is there?", She responds in a friendly manner. How can I get started right? "Arya, I'm sorry that I acted like a stupid donkey this morning. I was ... Oh, I don't know. I was so mad at everything for hearing us talk about you. I find that very embarrassing , because I never talk to my uncle about women. And then about such a beautiful woman like you. ", I spit out. Arya looks at me with big eyes. But I can feel that she is smiling. Unexpectedly, she takes my left hand in her right. "Kili, you don't need to apologize, you saved my life earlier at the stone giants. I can't thank you enough! And that you talked to your uncle about me is strange, but it's none of my business. I just shouldn't have asked for it, "she says in short sentences. This woman always fascinates me new

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