What weapons does the Chinese army use

Chinese People's Liberation Army trains super soldiers with futuristic weapons

A Chinese soldier fires an assault rifle that can fire 20 millimeter grenades. Photo: cctv.com

Equipped with futuristic single combat weapons such as grenade launchers, assault rifles, corner pistols and knife weapons, the special units of the People's Liberation Army want to create "super soldiers" who can fight "one against ten" and meet the requirements of digitization in modern warfare.

The large variety of advanced firearms is to be used in an internal competition training of the Xuefeng Special Operations Brigade among the 76th troop of the People's Liberation Army, reported cctv.com on Monday.

The corner shot pistol system can be used so that the muzzle points over a wall in a different direction while the soldier aligns the weapon behind the wall with the help of a monitor. In dangerous urban warfare, the system allows operators to shoot precise targets without exposing themselves to enemy attackers, the report said.

A knife gun hides bullets inside a device that looks like a knife and that can be fired in close combat, it said.

A Chinese soldier sets up a corner gun system behind a wall. Photo: cctv.com

The grenade launcher assault rifle, also known as the QTS-11 individual comprehensive deployment system, integrates the functions of a rifle and grenade launcher, as well as an advanced aiming module, the report said.

These weapons will create "super" soldiers who can fight "one go ten," said Wei Dongxu, a Beijing-based military analyst, on Tuesday Global Times.

It is rare for these advanced Chinese weapons to be used in one place, reported cctv.com.

Training with these "science fiction" weapons shows that related technologies are very mature, said Wei.

"The weapons are intended for special forces ... some standard troops will continue to use them in the future," Wei said. But these high-tech rifles will remain exclusive to elite forces for a while because of their higher cost, he said.

A Chinese soldier brandishes a knife but fires bullets from it. Photo: cctv.com

In the 1990s, the US developed the XM29 rifle, which is similar in concept to the QTS-11. However, it was too expensive to win tenders from the US military, reported the specialist magazine Science and Technology Daily.

The QTS-11, referred to as a "strategic rifle" by Chinese military observers even though it is a tactical weapon, got its nickname because it not only has multiple functions and provides the most powerful individual firepower in the world, but also with sensors, a tracking system and a data exchange system is highly digitized and thus differs from other tactical weapons, as the media reported.

These weapons, which are used for combat units at the base level, show the level of modernization and computerization of the People's Liberation Army, it said cctv.com-Report.

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