Which is the complete hotel management system

ERP systems

In order to make it easier for guests to choose from the wide range of tourist businesses, but also to make the appropriate price calculation for the perfect vacation, many high-quality hotels offer an Internet-connected hotel management system that allows customers to put together a "flexible vacation package" .

Benefits for customers and hoteliers

Modern hotel management systems bring advantages for both customers and hoteliers

With the help of this software, with which the guest can not only book the overnight stay in the hotel via the Internet, but also all other services that he would like to use during the holiday, it is possible to put together an individual offer package that is tailored to the customer compile this yourself and change it at any time.
A hotelier: “It doesn't matter whether our customer wants to book a massage for his wife or reserve a pair of rental skis and a ski pass for himself; he can do this online at the same time as choosing the room type ”.
The program on the computer immediately calculates the total amount for the requested services; Depending on the type and quantity of the desired services, a discount of five to ten percent of the price is granted. The advantages for the customer are several: they can book and organize the entire range of offers that they would like to take advantage of during their holiday with the hotel in advance; he also knows exactly how much this complete package will cost him and also receives a price reduction. In this way, the hotel itself can easily plan the wishes of its customers in advance; the online booking system also relieves the reception desk. And the concept seems to be working in many hotel businesses: In the first few weeks that the system was in operation, an unexpected number of customers used the online ordering and calculation service, according to the tourism experts.

Areas such as marketing and sales can be designed more successfully and cost-effectively through the targeted use of hotel software solutions.

To survive in international competition

In times of global economic and financial crises and with increasingly fierce international competition, with falling margins, many hotel companies are forced to expand their customer base more and more and to offer their products in a more targeted manner. The loyalty of existing customers through tailor-made offers is also becoming increasingly important. In order to do this, precise information about the expectations and needs of existing and potential customers is required. Hotel management systems with the solutions offered are ideal for collecting and organizing this information in one place. Sales, marketing, customer service and accounting access the same customer database and leave their information there.

The implementation of globalized IT processes and hotel management systems is therefore a huge challenge. For medium-sized hotel businesses in particular, the implementation of a consistent and global network with potential guests is the key to cost savings in IT, marketing and sales.

Internal improvements

Hotel management systems are often used by members for internal communication via a password-protected area. The online information service about room availability is practical: After the interested guest has selected a house, they can check directly on the screen in a clear form whether there are still rooms available in the desired period: those days are marked in red there are no more availabilities, green the days on which rooms are still available, and purple those periods in which minimum stays are planned (e.g. at Christmas).

The time required to maintain the Internet content can also be significantly reduced with this solution. The employees would have more time to concentrate on the actual core business, the satisfaction of the guests. It is also easier to keep your own web portal up-to-date because your own employees can make changes immediately if necessary, without having to resort to the web agency.