What Are Some Crazy Laws In Ohio

SEX - In New Jersey, you could be arrested for car sex, and in Virginia, you could be jailed for patting buttocks. For a country that adorns itself with the title "Land of Unlimited Possibilities", many crazy laws prevail against the most beautiful minor matter in the world.

Parts of North America have an unlimited number of unbelievable laws - especially the rules and regulations surrounding the topic of sex make people shake their heads in disbelief. The strange sex laws suppress the fantasies tremendously, for example in some states of the American North you have to be content with the missionary position only.

In our picture gallery we tell you how you should behave in "traffic" in North America in order to avoid an impending punishment. It's good that we in Germany are spared such laws.

Touching the bottom of his loved one is punished with imprisonment in Norfolk, Virginia. If you are caught by the police giving your loved one a pat on the buttocks, it means 60 days in jail for you.

In the Golden State, if you have sex with Satan without a condom, you could be dragged to the nearest police station. Cats and dogs are not allowed to be involved in the already strange act without permission.

In Idaho, everything goes smoothly, including sex. If a police officer suspects that sex is taking place in a car, he must perform a certain ritual before actually examining the vehicle. First, he has to park behind the vehicle, honk three times loudly, wait two minutes for this and then take the initiative to interrupt the act of love and then pronounce a penalty on it.

Be especially careful if you get the idea to do it in a car in New Jersey state. Any couple who accidentally or intentionally blows the horn during sexual intercourse may have to pay a visit to jail before you can even pull your pants up.

In Utah, women are prohibited from having sex with a man while driving in an ambulance. If the woman is caught doing this, she risks having her name published in connection with the "fornication" in the local newspaper while the man gets away with it.

In Illinois, avoid making love while hunting or fishing on your wedding day. Apparently this ritual was practiced very often at weddings before. Oh, and the men among you shouldn't even think about getting an erection in public - it's also forbidden.