What time do you study?

Translation of "Are you studying" in Italian

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Do you study Science, or Aliens?
Studi scienza, alieni o qualcosa del genere?
Do you study still fantasizing with that weird quack teacher, darling?
Studi semper fantasie con quel ciarlatano di un professore?
And therefore do you study Psychology to understand your own dark impulses.
Ed è per questo che studi psicologia: per capire i tuoi stessi oscuri istinti.
Studi? Alla NYU? - Mi piacerebbe.
At which university do you study?
Do you study also economy? - Who studies economics?
Why do you study not the delicate curve of its ...
So, um ... which subject do you study actually?
Do you study architecture too?
So do segui un corso di architettura?
Do you study at the Briar Cliff?
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