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Friday 19th July 2013

Brief reports
Robert Griffin III (pictured) feels fully operational for the Redskins training camp starting next week.
But head coach Mike Shanahan is not so optimistic that his quarterback is really fully restored after his cruciate ligament rupture.
He's still wondering whether he should put RG3 on the injured list?
Shanahan wants one thing above all else, a healthy quarterback who can have a long, successful career, and not a quarterback who is thrown back into battle too soon and worn out.
It looks different with Pierre Garcon. After his shoulder operation, the wide receiver received from Dr. James Andrews gave the green light to participate in the training camp.

On the morning of June 8, 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks and his teammate Nose Tackle Lamar Divens came out of a bar after a carousing binge.
They drove to Brooks house, where Divens, who had the house keys, pretended to throw them in the grass. That made Brooks angry. He hit Divens three times on the head with a beer bottle and hit him in the face with his fist. Divens suffered a laceration on his forehead. He reported Brooks to the police who recorded the incident.
It is said that Divens wanted Brooks to pay $ 1 million in compensation for pain and suffering.
Five days later, and several conversations with executives of the 49ers, the nose tackle withdrew the complaint.
An arrest warrant already issued against Brooks has also been withdrawn.
Prosecutors announced yesterday, Thursday, that Brooks would not be brought to trial. Rationale: insufficient evidence and reasons to believe in a self-defense version of Brooks.
Witnesses testified that the two had had a clash in May, during which Divens knocked Brooks to the ground and wounded his leg.
Because of this, the prosecution would not initiate a process that wasted taxpayers' money because Brooks could not end up getting a fine.

The NFL Colts tight end suspended Wesley Saunders for eight weeks.
It was tested positive for banned substances for the second time.
After testing positive for the first time last year and banning him for four games, the Steelers fired him. He was signed by the Colts and was remorseful. Deeply shocked, he spoke of the grave mistake he had made and which he would never make again.
Empty chatter.
Whether Indianapolis will keep it is questionable. In the six games for her last year, he only caught two passes for 15 yards.

Josh Brent has anticipated his due release and announced his departure from the NFL.
The now former Cowboys defensive lineman had an alcoholic accident in his car last year that left him unharmed but killed his teammate and friend Jerry Brown.
Brent is awaiting trial for negligent homicide, resulting in imprisonment and / or disciplinary action from the League and the Cowboys.
In a statement he announced that he had his life to worry about right now and that he had no head for football.

The Seattle Seahawks want to have a stone in the board with the 49ers, rather in front of the stadium.
These two teams were just some of the gray mice of the league and are now bitter rivals in the battle for the Super Bowl.
The 49ers want the space in front of the main entrance to the stadium to be financed by fans. You can buy a paving stone for the so-called “fan walk”. Prices are said to range from $ 195 to $ 545, depending on size and location.
A fan of the Seahawks called for donations of money so that one could put a stone in the way of the division rival. He is said to have received $ 400 by Thursday.
However, the stadium administration has reserved the right to approve the texts on the stones. Therefore it could be difficult to label the stone with “Go Hawks”, as desired by many Seahawks fans.

Thursday July 18, 2013

Brief reports
Brian Cushing (pictured) assured last month that his doctor would give him permission to resume training on July 17th.
And on July 17th the time had actually come. The Texans linebacker got the green light from Dr. James Andrews.
This means that Cushing can take part in the training camp that starts next week.
He contracted the injury against the Jets in October, from a block that had been completely legal until then. After taking a closer look at the scene where the linebacker was attacked from behind and couldn't protect himself, the NFL changed the rules to ban such attacks.

The glass football player becomes a reality.
The full medical history of NFL players will be available on iPads at the touch of a button. Regardless of when which player was examined where, everything can be called up immediately.
This should also be used primarily in the fight against concussions. The supervisors on the sideline can now immediately show an affected player on a screen how he reacted to balance exercises in a healthy state. This can then be compared with tests that the player completes after a collision.
All data should be exchangeable between all 32 teams.
Of course, the data should be encrypted and only available to the responsible people. Hopefully the players will keep it that way.

Jahvid Best, running back for the Detroit Lions, is a prime example of the need for emergency response after a concussion.
It was called up in the first round of the draft in 2010 and showed potential. He ran for 1,042 yards in his rookie season, caught 58 passes and scored 6 touchdowns.
But in 2011 he missed 10 games due to a concussion. He completely missed 2012 due to the long-term effects of the injury.
The Lions fired Best on Wednesday. Whether he will find a new employer in the NFL is questionable. Rather, it is to be feared that his dismissal will also end his career.

The Buccaneers had to get a new kicker at short notice.
Connor Barth has torn an Achilles tendon in his hometown of Wilmington, North Carolina and is out for the entire season.
He was operated on successfully on Monday.
Tampa Bay signed Lawrence Tynes. He has played in the NFL for nine years, the last six with the Giants.
In 2012 he was elected as a substitute in the Pro Bowl.
Barth had just signed a four-year $ 13.2 million deal in 2012. In his four seasons in Tampa, he was able to successfully convert 84.3% of his field goal attempts.
Tynes is not in a much worse position. He converted 83.6% of his attempts for the Giants.

Another trial against him may begin while Aaron Hernandez is on remand for the murder of Odin Lloyd.
Alexander Bradley testified before a jury. Hernandez is said to have shot him in the head in February and left him on the side of the road believing he was dead. Bradley lost his right eye from this shot.
Bradley had known and worked for the former Patriots tight end for years. He even thought they were friends.
Odin Lloyd thought so too.
The jury will now decide whether to open a trial for attempted murder against Hernandez.

A walker fetched Jason Peters $ 2 million.
The Eagles' left tackle recovered from Achilles tendon surgery in March 2012 and relied on a walker to walk. The device was designed for people up to 220 kilograms. Peters was listed with 150 kg. Nevertheless, the part collapsed under his weight, with Peter's injury breaking open again and he had to be operated on again. As a result, he missed the entire season.
The linebacker sued the manufacturing company and was awarded $ 2 million in the lawsuit that ended Wednesday.

Daunte Culpepper has one house less.
In April, a property belonging to the former NFL quarterback in Florida was foreclosed.
Culpepper bought the house for $ 3.6 million in 2006 when he joined the Dolphins.
The former quarterback reportedly still owns a house in Weston, Connecticut.
After he was fired from the Minnesota Vikings, Culpepper played in the NFL for Miami, Oakland and Detroit.
But his descent was unstoppable.
In 2010 he played for the last time as a professional for the Sacramento Mountain Lions of the United Football League.

As soon as the Seahawks fans have announced that they want to set the volume record for stadium noise, they are already facing competition.
The Chiefs fans have announced on their newly founded Facebook page "Terrorhead Returns" that they too have contacted the Guinness Book of Records.
The Guinnessmakers are said to have already given their OK for the record attempt.
The previous world record is held by the fans of a football club in Istanbul, Turkey.

Wednesday 17th July 2013

Brief reports
The Green Bay Packers are the only publicly owned NFL team. For the last fiscal year they were able to post a record profit. But they do not have to give any of this to their owners, because the vast majority of them are not entitled to purchase. They do hold shares in the Packers, but these papers only serve as a pretty picture on the wall.
The Packers, on the other hand, can look forward to a profit increase of over 26% and $ 54.3 million. In total, they raised $ 308.1 million.
But team president Mark Murphy does not believe that there will be such profit growth next year. New contracts are pending for linebacker Clay Matthews and quarterback Aaron Rodgers. That will be expensive.
In addition, the Lambeau Field will be expanded by 7,000 seats to over 80,000 seats. These costs fall in the next fiscal year before you can go into positive territory with ticket sales.
The Packers are in a very good position for being part of the teams in the small media markets.

The Oakland Raiders want to build a new stadium exactly where the current one is.
The new home is said to have only 50,000 seats, making it the smallest stadium in the NFL.
Studies have shown that more fans in the region would no longer be enthusiastic about a visit to the stadium by the Raiders.
The cost of building this diminutive was estimated at $ 800 million. The Raiders want to contribute $ 300 million themselves, the NFL is to pay $ 200 million and another $ 300 million is to flow in public money.
The team's lease with the O.co Coliseum expires after the 2013 season. Mark Davis, the new owner of the Faders, does not want to continue to rent, hence the new building plans.

Chris Cooley stops.
The Redskins' tight end is one of the dying species of players who played on just one team in their career in the age of mercenary gamblers.
He was retired before last year's training camp, but was brought back during the season because the Redskins ran out of receivers.
Nine years, two pro bowls and, most recently, a few knee operations are behind Cooley, one of the team's most reliable performers.
But it is no longer needed on the pitch. To do this, he changes to the commentary booth. He is supposed to provide relevant analyzes for the club's own radio.

Philip Rivers wouldn't be a bad quarterback, said Chargers' new head coach Mike McCoy. He would only have been overwhelmed by the game plan. Therefore it will be called for the new season: "Back to Basics".
Above all, his quarterback shouldn't try to make a big play every move.
In 2013, Rivers should get rid of the ball much faster than before. Instead of waiting each time until his receivers have run 20 or 30 yards, Rivers should throw the short, safe pass much more often. That would help him and the team. In addition, there should be more running plays, which also relieve a quarterback.
2012 was one of the worst seasons for Rivers. It remains to be seen whether McCoy can really lead him out of the deep valley his quarterback lost his way into.

Tuesday July 16, 2013

Brief reports
“And we will erase his face from the earth”, this is the motto of the NFL in the case of Aaron Hernandez (picture).
The former Tight End of the Patriots is on remand on suspicion of murder.
After removing as many pictures, reports and statistics as possible of him from the Patriots and NFL websites, he now had to disappear from the hall of fame.
There was a photo of him that had won first place in a Hall of Fame photo competition. It showed a touchdown that Hernandez scored against the Packers in 2010. After some visitors to the hall complained about being molested by a picture of the alleged murderer, it was removed without further ado.

The Denver Broncos suspended their two executives who were caught drunk behind the wheel in quick succession last week.
Player Personnel Director Matt Russell has been suspended indefinitely. Tom Heckert, the director of pro-staff, has been suspended for a month.
Bronco's President Joe Ellis told the press that they were both concerned about their health and would be given medical help if they needed it to get rid of their addiction.
The NFL has no plans to punish those affected, he continued.
And just as the two employees were suspended, a drunk driving by a player came to light.
In May, offensive lineman Quentin Saulsberry was arrested because he could only drive in serpentine lines.
The Broncos and the NFL are considering disciplinary action against Sauslsberry.

The Packers and Morgan Burnett agreed on a contract extension.
The Safety signed a four-year contract that could bring him up to $ 26 million in bonuses. The signature bonus was set at $ 8.25 million.
Green Bay recruited Burnett in the third round of the draft in 2010. In October of his rookie season, he tore a cruciate ligament from which he made a full recovery. Safety has not missed a game since his return.

Many NFL players have clauses in their contracts that prohibit players from engaging in unhealthy activities in their free time.
This can range from playing basketball to mountaineering to riding a motorcycle.
The bullhunt in Pamplona will soon be part of the contracts.
After a trainer already participated in this madness with Jet Head Coach Rex Ryan, it was now also a player who tried his hand at cruelty to animals.
Seahawk's offensive tackle Russell Okung came out of the Stampede alive and said how great it would have been to have run for your life like this.
Well, everyone is crazy in their own way.

Yesterday was the deadline for the franchise players who had not yet signed a contract extension.
Players who missed the deadline also included Bengal's defensive end Michael Johnson.
So he'll have to squeeze into armor for the fixed annual salary of just over $ 11 million.
Carlos Dunlap was able to benefit from this. He signed a six-year contract for $ 40 million.
The other players who missed the deadline are: Chiefs Offensive Tackle Branden Albert, Bill's Safety Jairus Byrd, Colts Punter Pat McAfee, Bears Defensive Tackle Henry Melton, Cowboys Defensive End Anthony Spencer, and Dolphins Defensive Tackle Randy Starks.

America`s team draws on its past
There is a team that is highly regarded, although it has not won championships in the past few decades. This team lives from its name and the past.
No, we're not talking about the German national soccer team, but about the Dallas Cowboys.
The fans of this team also seem to have a completely transfigured view of reality.
And it's not just the fans who seem to forget that any championship not won is nothing more than a failure. Even the financial sharks of Forbes magazine seem to only once again assess the situation from a nostalgic point of view. For them, the Dallas Cowboys are still the most valuable team in the NFL. They value these losers at $ 2.1 billion.
This puts them in fifth place in the list of the 50 most valuable sports teams in the world. In front of them are Real Madrid, Manchester United, FC Barcelona and the New York Yankees.
The only German team in this illustrious club of 50 is in 12th place, Bayern Munich.
Even if you only find the first NFL team in fifth place, the NFL still dominates this list. Of the 32 teams in the league, 30 are in the list. Only the rams and the jaguars had to stay outside.
Since nobody knows how Forbes magazine gets its ratings, some believe in reading coffee grounds, the list is of course above all a speculative gimmick.

Monday 15th July 2013

Brief reports
The quarterback / wide receiver combination RG3 / Pierre Garcon threatened to become the deadliest weapon of the season. But then fate struck and put Garcon (picture) out of action. When the two together dismantled the opposing defenses, the Redskins stormed to 9-2 wins. And the wide receiver had torn a ligament in his right foot in the first game of the season. He had held out for a long time, but then it was no longer possible.
He had the choice of keeping the foot still and allowing the ligament to heal or having it operated on. He chose gentle healing. In addition, he has had a special shoe adapted to provide better foot support.
Now, of course, Redskins fans are hoping that there was nothing wrong with not having the foot operated and that it will make it through the season. It is said that even an operation could not have guaranteed that the ligament would withstand renewed stress.
Pierre Garcon is therefore a wobbly candidate.
Not to forget that Robert Griffin III has returned from serious knee surgery.
So this is how a battered quarterback / wide receiver combination goes into the 2013 season. Will it be able to spread the same horror as it did in 2012?

While Robert Griffin III and Pierre Garcon are eagerly awaited back in the Redskins offense and raise question marks, Brian Orakpo is about to return in defense.
The linebacker tore a chest muscle in week two and his season was over.
Without him, the opponents had no pressure on the quarterback to fear. The Redskins only scored 32 sacks. No other team had to endure as many pass attempts as Washington did with 636.
Orakpo should have been to Washington's defense what RG3 was to the offense.
Orakpo has decided to do something right away. He wants to be the comeback player of the year. The competition for the title could come from your own team.
Griffin III, Garcon, Orakpo fully operational ... something is coming up for the opponents of the redskins.

Protecting their quarterback was worth a lot of money to the Broncos. Ryan Clady signed a new five-year contract that could earn him $ 52.5 million, of which 33 million is guaranteed.
Clady protects Peyton Manning on his blind side, as the saying goes. He did so well last year that he was elected to the Pro Bowl.
The signature was made almost 24 hours before another important date on the NFL calendar. Today's Monday is the deadline for the so-called “free agents” who have not yet signed a contract extension or a new contract. You will then have to play for a set salary and will only be able to renew your contract after the last game of the regular season.
But you don't have to suffer when you have to play for the fixed annual salary, as a look at the table reveals:
Quarterback - $ 14,896,000
Defensive End - $ 11,175,000
Cornerback - $ 10,854,000
Wide Receiver - $ 10,537,000
Offensive Linemen - $ 9,828,000
Linebacker - $ 9,619,000
Defensive tackle - $ 8,450,000
Running Back - $ 8,219,000
Safety - $ 6,916,000
Tight End - $ 6,066,000
Kicker / Punter - $ 2,977,000

Saturday 13th July 2013

Brief reports
The Pakistani owner of the team does not want to move to London with the Jaguars. Still, he felt like owning a team in town, so Shad Khan bought the Fullham F.C. from the English first football league, as it became known on Friday.
He sees himself not so much as the owner of the club, but rather as its manager on behalf of the fans.
Through a daily newspaper in Florida, he let Jaguars fans know that his new toy would not detract from his commitment to the Jaguars. It would still be important to him to make this team a competitive NFL team.

The Dallas Cowboys have made more space below the salary cap.
They fired fullback Lawrence Vickers on Friday, saving them $ 1.2 million.
With that, the fullback dying continues in the NFL. There are only eight fullbacks left in the league who earn more than a million dollars.
Vonta Leech, considered by many to be the best fullback in the league, is still looking for a new employer. The Giants and Dolphins are said to be interested in him, but so far nothing concrete has emerged for the former packer, Saint Texan, Raven.
After Vickers is released, the cowboys will also rely more on the use of two tight ends. A trend that is making the rounds.

It was an illustrious group speaking to children in Palm Springs, California on Friday. The five-man gang was led by Adam "Pacman" Jones. He was the main speaker and for good reason. The invited NFL players all have their criminal experiences to report on.
The speakers wanted to convey to the audience what not to do. They were not acting as role models to be emulated, but rather as daunting examples, of which they were well aware.
Jones looked back at his life, at all the arrests and trials he'd been through, and said there were many things he wouldn't do today as he did then.
He pointed out the dangers of wrong decisions and wrong friends and warned the children against becoming like him.
In the past it would have been wild and would have been on the slopes every night, all night. But there is better than that, he emphasized. Better to study and work hard to have a better life. Today he would have a family and two wonderful daughters. That would have changed his life. His daughters would be two and seven years old and soon he would even marry their mother, as he proudly announced.
At the end he gave the children a saying on the way: "School is cool, guns are not".

Friday July 12, 2013

Brief reports
Jonathan Stewart (picture) doesn't even know which leg to hobble on. The running back of the Panthers had to be operated on on both ankles.
There is still no schedule for Stewart's return to active duty. By the time the training camp starts at the end of the month, he will probably not be fit again.
Stewart has always struggled with injuries to his feet. Nevertheless, he only missed two games because of it until the 2012 season. But the simultaneous injury to both ankles ended his season after nine games last year.
This is all the more negative for Carolina since they had only given him a five-year $ 36.5 million deal in August.
If things go badly, Stewart's time in the NFL could be over.

Are these guys not learning anything at all?
At two o'clock on Thursday morning, Patriots cornerback Alfonzo Dennard was caught drunk behind the wheel of his car.
One policeman had noticed that Dennard's car ran over marking lines. When he stopped Dennard, the smell of alcohol hit him when he opened his car window.
Alfonzo Dennard could now lose his parole.
In April 2012, he beat a police officer to oppose arrest. As a result, three months ago he was sentenced to 30 days in prison and a 24-month probationary period.
The judge did not allow Dennard to begin serving the sentence until March 1, 2014, after the NFL season. She could reverse this decision now. She had explicitly warned him not to be guilty again. She stressed that he was in the public eye and that a lot of young people would use him as an example. He would have to take that into account.
Well ... that was nothing.
The Patriots issued a statement saying they were very disappointed with Dennard. They took the incident very seriously and would act accordingly if they had all the information together.
The league is also informed and has taken appropriate steps.

Every year there is an additional draft. For this, players can register who only decided to become a professional after the regular draft.
This time six players were ready to be called up. But they went unnoticed.
The draft came and went and no player was recruited.
It was last in 2008.
All players that were available for selection can now sign a contract as an unrecruited player with a team.

Is the case too difficult for the judge and is it preventing her from playing golf?
One does not know!
In any event, Judge Anita B. Brody ordered the opponents of the NFL's litigation against alleged victims of brain injury to sit down with an arbitrator to find an agreement.
It also pledged both sides not to disclose the progress of the arbitration.
The two sides are scheduled to meet with the mediator, a retired judge, for the first time on September 3rd.
The brain injury thing and its aftermath overshadows football.
The NFL cannot be said to be breaking the foundation, but fewer and fewer parents are allowing their sons to play football. Instead, they are increasingly opting for the far safer round ball pushing.
The term “Soccer Mom” has been an integral part of the American language for some time.

A former Bengals cheergirl won a court victory that made her very rich.
TheDirty.com website claimed that Sarah Jones was jumping wildly with ALL the players on the team, passing on her own STDs.
Jones went to court.
Nik Richie, the operator of the site, invoked the freedom of the press and the fact that he did not have to name the sources from which the rumors were reported to him. The comments he made on the reports should have been understood as satire. Surely no one could have taken seriously that Sarah Jones slept with EVERY player on the team.
The judge in the case ruled that the website was by no means protected by the freedom of the press. What Richie would have written about the applicant would have been defamatory. These insults have nothing to do with freedom of the press.
The jury in the case took over 10 hours to come to a decision.
This then turned out to be in favor of the plaintiff.
Nik Richie has to pay Sarah Jones $ 338,000 for defamation and character assassination.
OK, Sarah Jones is not innocent.
In 2012, she was sentenced to two years in prison for having sex with a student as a teacher at Dixie Heights High School in Edgewood.
She is only free because she confessed to everything and received a probationary period of five years for it.
The 28-year-old is now engaged to the student, Cody York, who has now turned 18, and will soon marry him, as she announced on Facebook.

Thursday July 11, 2013

Brief reports
OJ Simpson (pictured) was once a star running back at the Buffalo Bills.
Then a murder trial followed against him because he should have murdered his ex-wife, but the act could not be proven.
The process ended in a completely incomprehensible acquittal.
It wasn't until he kidnapped, captured and robbed two sports merchandise dealers in Las Vegas in 2007 that he finally had to go to jail.
The diligent public prosecutor's office collected 12 counts, and Simpson was found guilty for each.
There is a first probation hearing on July 25th. But even if this goes well for the now 66-year-old Simpson, that does not mean that he will be released. The judge sentenced the Hall of Fame member to serve some of his sentences in sequence.
So if he were released on parole for the kidnapping, which is the subject of the 25th, the next sentence would come into effect immediately.
So Simpson will probably not be able to breathe unfiltered air for a long time.

No pads, no use!
The formula for the next season is that simple.
70% of NFL players do not wear hip, thigh or knee pads. Or better, wore. These pieces of equipment will be compulsory from the coming season.
If a player does not wear them during a game, they will be fined by the NFL and the umpires must remove them immediately.
Many players will have to wear these protectors for the first time in their active professional career and now have four preparation games to get used to.
And it shouldn't be that bad. In contrast to the past, when the NFL made wearing knee pads compulsory between 1979 and 1994, these things are no longer as fat and cumbersome.

Training camp or courtroom, that is the question that doesn't really arise for Kaluka Maiava.
The linebacker sat on the bench in Cleveland for four years. The Raiders signed him on March 13th and saw him as a starter for their team.
On March 17, the 27-year-old was arrested along with his brother Ilima, who was three years older than him, for having been involved in a brawl.
Now Kaluka Maiava has to appear in court on July 25th, the day the Raiders players have to report to the training camp.
This is not a good start for ex-bench press wanting to become a starter.
Regardless of the process, Maiava can be punished by the NFL and that usually means a week-long suspension.
Really not a good start.

Wednesday July 10, 2013

Brief reports
If you counter the stupid sums the Ravens and Cowboys pay their average quarterbacks, Matthew Stafford (picture) barely gets breadcrumbs.
But when you compare the Lions' quarterback's performance to the $ 76 million they'll pay him for the next five years, of which $ 43 million is guaranteed, that's bullshit too.
That's a lot of money for an often injured person who is only in the middle class of the NFL quarterbacks. In his first two seasons he made only 13 appearances due to knee and shoulder injuries. That got better and he's started every game for the past two seasons.
Statistics are not everything, but if you look for your name in last season's end-of-season statistics, you have to go down to 24th place to find it.
It doesn't help that he's setting many Lions team records.
However, if he finds and holds the form that made him only the fourth quarterback in the NFL, scoring over 5,000 pass yards in one season, then you can think again about the sense and nonsense of his salary. The other three, by the way, are Dan Marino, Tom Brady and Drew Brees, a very talented trio.

The fans in Seattle want the Guinness Book of Records.
When the bitter division rivals from San Francisco come to the city for the Sunday Night game on matchday two, they want to roar their throats hoarse and set a volume record.
The previous record was set on March 18, 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey, by fans of a local soccer club.
131.76 decibels were measured there.
A jet fighter taking off brings it to 130 decibels. At 150 decibels, there is immediate irreparable damage to the organism.
An increase in volume by 10 decibels corresponds to doubling the previous volume.
So the fans in Seattle are playing with their health, although without even wanting to set a record they are recognized as the loudest fans of the NFL. And that in an open stadium.
The previous record level in Century Link Stadium is 112 decibels. The fans have to make an effort to get over 131 decibels.

The Patriots' jersey exchange campaign cost them dearly.
Approximately 2,500 Aaron Hernandez jerseys have been traded for other players' jerseys. The bottom line was that it cost the Pats $ 250,000.
The jerseys of the former tight end of the Patriots are recycled and refurbished.

One is a coincidence, two are a trend.
For the second time in two days, a Broncos executive was arrested for being caught drunk behind the wheel of his car.
Matt Russell was arrested on Sunday and Tom Heckert was arrested on Monday.
What can be going on in Denver that as a senior Broncos employee you can only endure life in an SUV, uh, drunk?

Wasn't there something else? Oh yeah ... Hernandez
The Bristol, Connecticut prosecutor is in the process of making Carlos Ortiz their star witness.
Ortiz is one of three men arrested for the murder of Odin Lloyd.
Ortiz testified to police that Ernest Wallace, the third suspect in the case, told him that Aaron Hernandez himself shot Lloyd.
According to Ortiz's version of the story, it went like this: Ortiz, Wallace and Hernandez would have gone to Lloyd's house and picked him up.Hernandez would have been mad at Lloyd for allegedly hanging out with guys who didn't fit the Patriots' former tight end:
After yelling at each other for a while, they shook hands and the dispute appeared to be resolved.
All four got into a car that Hernandez had rented and were about to go to Hernandez's house.
After a short drive they stopped and Hernandez, Wallace and Lloyd would have got out to urinate. Then shots would have been fired and only Wallace and Hernandez would have come back to the car.
Whereby it would be interesting to find out who is lying, the police or Ortiz?
After evaluating the surveillance cameras of the industrial park where the murder occurred, the police said that four people got out of the car and disappeared from the camera's field of view. Shortly afterwards, three people would have come back and drove away.
If Ortiz now says he stayed in the car and was told by Wallace that Hernandez shot Lloyd, a story cannot be true.
What is going on there?

Tuesday 9th July 2013

Brief reports
Victor Cruz (picture) was patient.
This paid off in hard cash.
The New York Giants wide receiver signed a six-year contract extension on Monday for $ 45.879 million.
Cruz emphasized that he would never have wanted to leave New York, even if offers had come from other teams. But there wasn't, as his agent said.
His agent had been negotiating hard for him since last year. Now he would have been tired of this back and forth, and the time for a signature would have been ripe.
And $ 45 million would be a pretty good deal. Now he would know that his family would be looked after until the end of their days. That would have been very important to him.
Now, he said, he would try to persuade his colleague Hakeem Nicks to extend his contract.
It shouldn't be that easy. Cruz has the second highest contract ever signed by a wide receiver. It will be very tight for the Giants below the upper salary limit.
A contract extension for Nicks could fail.

Josh Brent is out of jail again.
The line player of the Dallas Cowboys now has to wear a drug test patch all the time and is not allowed to drive a car.
Brent built a car accident while drunk that killed his passenger and teammate Jerry Brown and is now awaiting trial.

Rex Ryan the media pack in New York isn't upset enough.
The head coach of the Jets took part in the bull hunt in Pamplona, ​​Spain on Sunday and Monday.
He already got the adrenaline rush there last year, which he apparently needed again this year.
On this video it is supposed to be Ryan who you see climbing a fence to get to safety: http://youtu.be/h8epCDOztM4

How can you afford an NFL team when you have four BILLION dollars in debt?
That's how deeply Jimmy Haslam is, according to the Wall Street Journal, who just indulged in the Cleveland Browns.
After the capitalist newspaper reported about it, there was immediate speculation whether Haslam would have to sell the team again?
"Absolutely not," Haslam replied to the question. He plans to own the Browns for a long time.
Haslam's service station chain Pilot Flying J, with which he founded his fortune, has been under scrutiny for months by the FBI and the tax authorities for fraud and tax evasion.
The league has a plan in its pocket for any eventuality, even if Haslam should be charged with the irregularities in his company, the league office said.

Robert Kraft on Aaron Hernandez
Robert Kraft did not take the advice of his lawyers and spoke to the press. The owner of the Patriots wanted to give his opinion on Aaron Hernandez, even though his lawyers had strongly advised against it.
And so Robert Kraft said that he felt betrayed by his former tight end.
He would have known at the time that Hernandez came from a difficult environment, but conversations with Hernandez would have been so positive that his concerns about calling him up grew less and less.
Hernandez wrote a letter to the Patriots in 2010 agreeing to be tested for drugs every other week. If any of these tests were positive, the Patriots would be allowed to withhold the guaranteed salary for him, he wrote.
Kraft showed reporters a copy of this letter.
Hernandez told Kraft at the time that he wanted to become a model Latin if the Patriots gave him a chance. Kraft believed him. Hernandez would have been a nice man. That is why the current development would be so sad.
The Patriots recruited Hernandez in the fourth round of the draft. After showing his qualities on the pitch, they signed him on a long-term contract for $ 40 million in 2012. Shortly after signing the contract, Hernandez donated $ 50,000 to the Myra Kraft Foundation in honor of the team owner's late wife.
Aaron Hernandez passed every drug test and never became a criminal in his time with the Patriots ...
... until three weeks ago.
Then a world collapsed for Robert Kraft, as he said.
He would have immediately informed his staff that he had no intention of employing a player suspected of murder. In consultation with head coach Bill Belichick, he would have fired Hernandez immediately after learning of his arrest.
Kraft admitted not knowing much about his tight end's social environment outside of the team. All he knew was that Hernandez was polite and hardworking on the team. Not to forget that he was a star on the pitch.
That is why he was given this contract extension just 11 months ago. Obviously, that would have been a mistake, Kraft admitted.
Finally, he emphasized how sorry he was for the Lloyd family for what they were going through. She would have lost a son and a brother. That would be sad. He just couldn't understand why things like this were happening. He honestly felt betrayed, he finished his 40-minute speech.

EA Sports has now also responded and deleted Aaron Hernandez from all of their current football games.
Hernandez can still be seen in the previously sold NCAA Football 14 issues, but the alleged killer has been deleted from the versions that are now on sale.
Of course, there will be no Aaron Hernandez in Madden 25 either.
But there should also be help for the players who bought an early version of NCAA Football 14. A soon to be released update for the game should remove Aaron Hernandez from this version as well.

Monday 8th July 2013

Brief reports
Over the weekend, Trent Richardson started some light running training.
The Cleveland Browns running back, who feels responsible for the new stricter contact rules (the scene in the picture is said to have been the trigger), is in rehab after a leg injury.
His healing process is right on schedule, and the chances of him attending the Browns training camp have increased somewhat.
In his rookie season last year, he ran 950 yards and 11 touchdowns, and caught 51 passes for 367 yards and 1 touchdown.
To call Richardson indispensable to the Cleveland basement kids would be a slight understatement.

Andre Johnson himself admits that he has now lost half a step.
The Texans' wide receiver is turning 32 and therefore supports the team's urgent search for a successor whom he can train himself.
Even if Johnson himself says that he is no longer as productive as he used to be, no one noticed it in 2012. He caught 112 passes for 1,598 yards and 4 touchdowns in his 10th season.
The Texans have Devier Posey, Keshawn Martin and LeStar Jean alongside Johnson, but none of them are really capable of replacing him.
Finding a wide receiver that plays in Johnson's league is a top priority in Houston.

Giants linebacker Dan Connor was arrested on Sunday. He was caught with a jackknife in his luggage at Philadelphia International Airport.
After pleading guilty, he was released from custody.
Connor, who has played in the NFL for five years, first for Carolina and then for Dallas, was signed by the Giants for a year in March.
The team management announced that they had been informed of the incident, but did not want to comment on anything else at the moment.

Sunday 7th July 2013

Brief reports
Several hundred fans came to the Gillette Stadium on Saturday for the first day of the "Aaron Hernandez Jersey Exchange Days".
They stood patiently in a long line in the scorching heat to swap their # 81 Patriots' former tight end jerseys for another.
In the exchange campaign, which continues this Sunday, over 1,200 jerseys have been exchanged so far. One can assume that for these fans, Hernandez is already established as the murderer. Why else would you want to get rid of your jersey?
You can also swap your jersey online, on the official website of the Patriots shop.

As a rookie, Redskins running back Alfred Morris scored 1,613 yards and 13 touchdowns last year. Only one player scored more yards, Adrian Peterson.
Now Morris fears that the surprise effect may have fizzled out and the defenses may be better prepared for him in the coming season.
But this fear is likely to be unfounded. If it were so, the Cowboys should have stopped him in the last game of the season. By then, word of his qualities had surely got around.
But against Dallas he scored 200 yards and 3 touchdowns.
His fear that he could achieve fewer yards in 2013 than in 2012 should therefore be unfounded.
Morris sees the next season as a challenge. A challenge that he feels up to, because, he said, not only the defenders now know who is charging at them, he would have learned a thing or two in his rookie season.

And Hernandez again
Urban Meyer defends himself against allegations that he is a college coach who does not care about his players.
The reason is Aaron Hernandez.
From 2007 to 2009 Meyer was Head Coach at the University of Florida when Hernandez played there.
And as it is, once you get suspected of murder, investigators and the media begin to unearth old sins.
For example, the former Patriots tight end has been linked not only to multiple drug offenses during his college days, but also to brawls and shootings.
In a statement, Urban Meyer first went into the bereaved relatives of Odin Lloyd. His thoughts and prayers would be with them. He then responded to the allegations made against him. To claim that Hernandez tested positive for drugs more often and that the university swept the results under the carpet would be simply wrong. Hernandez would not have been treated any differently in the tests than any other player.
It just wouldn't be true that he never bothered about Hernandez and other players. He would have been there as a mentor for many players, including Hernandez.
It is now known that Hernandez was involved in a bar fight in the course of which he destroyed his victim's eardrum.
The matter was settled out of court by the university management.
The tight end is also believed to have been involved in a shootout in its first year of 2007, along with several other Gators players.
They shot two occupants of a car after visiting a nightclub. Both were injured. One of them from a hit on the back of the head.
One of those involved in the act was described by witnesses as a very muscular “Hawaiian” or “Latino” with lots of tattoos. And Hernandez already looked like a cross between Miro and Kandinsky on legs.
The name Aaron Hernandez actually appeared in the police report, but was later removed from it.
Meyer himself had not participated in the establishment of the truth after this serious accusation. The matter was apparently so unimportant to him that he had completely forgotten about it. It wasn't until he was asked about it in a recent interview that he slowly remembered that something was there.
An assistant coach told him at the time that some players had been questioned as witnesses about an incident involving firearms.
You imagine a good mentor differently.

Saturday 6th July 2013

Brief reports
After all the acts of violence, the reports of which were only suitable for readers aged 18 and over, there are family-friendly reports again today.
San Francisco 49ers cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha (pictured) got married. The chosen one was the actress Kerry Washington from the series Scandal, which is not yet running in Germany. Here she is better known as Alicia Masters from the two Fantastic Four films and as Django's wife from Django Unchained.
The two managed to keep their relationship under the radar for a long time, despite being in the public spotlight and doing a lot for charities. Asomugha collects donations for Nigeria and works for the Clinton Global Initiative Conference, Washington collects donations for cancer research.

And that you can schedule a birth so perfectly today, as Eli Manning proved when buying a washing machine.
The New York Giants quarterback fathered a daughter for the second time. It came exactly one week after the last mini camp and three weeks before the start of the training camp.
That's timing!

The authorities refused to approve a $ 700 million modernization of Edward Jones Cathedral, home of the St. Louis Rams.
A clause in the Rams' lease with the St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission states that the dome must be brought up to the point in 2005 and then again in 2015 to make it one of the eight best stadiums in the NFL.
It worked in 2005, but it looks very bad for 2015.
Although the operators of the cathedral want to negotiate again with the Rams, there is simply no money for the necessary measures.
The Rams' lease runs until the end of 2014, after which they could walk back to Los Angeles, where they were at home from 1946 to 94.
L.A. is still trying to get an NFL team back after the Rams and Raiders ran away.

Look who's playing wide receivers?
As the Patriots announce on their website, they are seriously thinking of using Shane Vereen in this position more often, if not regularly.
Of his three touchdowns in the playoff game against the Texans, he scored two as a receiver.
Already in his college days at the University of California he was often used as a receiver.
And what do the Patriots need more urgently than people who know how to catch a good passport?
Aaron Hernandez is in jail and the evidence is so overwhelming that it looks like he's not going to get out anytime soon.
It is still questionable whether Rob Gronkowski will really be ready for the season after his arm and back operations.
Vereen is a really viable option.

Friday 5th July 2013

Brief reports
Greg Schiano (picture) seems to have made up his mind.
A few weeks ago, when asked which quarterback to start for the Buccaneers, he was evasive.
It sounds different now. Today the head coach replies: "There is only one option and that is Josh Freeman".
So for now, it looks like a quarterback controversy between rookie Mike Glennon and Freeman is off the table. But one can speculate that this is only for the moment.
It depends on which Josh Freeman will play next season?
Will it be Josh Freeman who played like he was one of the top quarterbacks in the league when he led Tampa Bay to 5-1 wins midway through last season, or will it be Josh Freeman who often doesn't knows what to do with the ball?
Freeman panics when pressured. Then he has a bad record like Mark Sanchez of the Jets.
So Schiano has to work to take his quarterback's fear of the attacking defenders, then he has a passable quarterback who can win games.
If Freeman has not overcome this fear by the end of October, there could be a quarterback change at the Bucs.

The Denver Broncos had their stadium modernized for $ 30 million.
The highlight of the modernization measures is a huge HD video screen 67 by 12 meters above the north end of the stadium.
The new giant TV, unsuitable for living rooms, was inaugurated on July 4th as part of a Lacrosse game by the Denver Outlaws.
In addition, over 1,000 flat screens were installed in the entire stadium area and the sound system was improved.
The new systems have mastered the first test run at this lacrosse game.
It will get serious in exactly nine weeks when the Broncos open the season against the reigning Super Bowl winner from Baltimore.

Thursday 4thJuly 2013

Brief reports
No, the new logo was not created to distance itself from Aaron Hernandez.
The new Patriots logo (left) was commissioned some time ago and its publication at this time is pure coincidence.
The logo on the helmets should not be affected by the change. Rather, it is only about the company lettering in the end zones, on the stationery and the like.
The new logo should be more dynamic and masculine than the old one (right). What arises in the eye of the beholder.

Big Ben, who is currently in London, loves his new knee.
So, Big Ben from the Steelers. The other Big Ben is always in London. The two have now met in person for the first time and will meet again on September 29 when Pittsburgh plays Minnesota in London.
As Ben Roethlisberger said in an interview, his right knee, whose meniscus he was operated on on June 5th, would feel better than ever before.
The Steelers quarterback is one of the toughest bones in his position. But often, too often, he exposes his body to the attacks of the defenders. That is probably the reason why he only played in all 16 regular season games once in 10 years.
At the moment, he said, there is nothing to indicate that he will not be completely fit for the training camp that is about to begin.
Steelers fans will love to hear it.

And another process?
In the past you would have thought: "Oh man, what bad thing did he do?" Today you only think: "Oh" when you read that 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks is said to have repeatedly hit a teammate on the head with a bottle.
In any case, there was an arrest warrant for this crime that the Santa Clara district attorney's office obtained against Brooks.
Brooks reportedly hit Nose Tackle Lamar Divens three times on the head with a bottle and then punched him in the face. It says so in the arrest warrant.
However, it was surprisingly withdrawn by the authorities because it would have been issued by mistake. The reason for the withdrawal says that you would have screwed it up completely.
Why the reason was so self-critical is not really clear?
The fact is that Divens initially filed a complaint against his colleague. Five days later, he changed his mind and withdrew the complaint.
The reason he gave was that it would be bad for both careers to fight each other in court now. It would be better if both played next season. The matter would have been resolved internally.
Incidentally, the incident is said to have occurred on June 8th. Brooks and Divens got into an argument after going to the bar over whether Brooks would still have been able to drive after drinking alcohol.
Brooks used powerful arguments in the course of the dispute.
The prosecutor announced that they are investigating the matter further. For now, the warrant would be off the table. Next week they want to announce whether they will bring charges.
Which should not be easy if the victim no longer plays along.
Divens, who has not played in a game since 2010, was signed in February and hopes he will still be in the squad at the start of the season.
Brooks, on the other hand, started every game in 2012, scoring 46 tackles, 6.5 sacks, 1 interception, and forcing 2 losses.
The 49ers didn't want to comment on the matter.

And now to Hernandez
A car accident on Sunday June 30th has been linked by Connecticut police to the murder investigation of Aaron Hernandez.
Thaddeus Singleton III, 33, from Bristol, was killed when the car he was driving crashed into the Farmington Country Club with brutal force.
Singleton is married to Aaron Hernandez's cousin. Whether she is the woman mentioned in the police report has not been disclosed. The report speaks of a woman who was in the car and was taken to hospital with minor injuries.
How the accident happened should be clarified on the basis of the trace evaluation, which is still running.
The accident vehicle is said to be registered on Hernandez Uncle, whose house was searched several times in the course of the investigation against the former tight end of the Patriots, the last time being on Tuesday 2.7.
An apartment owned by Aaron Hernandez was also searched. In this apartment, which was used by Hernandez as an anonymous retreat, police found five packs of cartridges of caliber 45, the caliber with which Lloyd was shot. The keys to a Hummer H2 approved on Hernandez were also found. The police found a loaded Glock .45 in the car. The police also found a white hooded sweatshirt in the apartment.
That could have been the shirt Hernandez wore on the day of the crime, which the police were able to reconstruct almost completely.
Thanks to cell phones and surveillance cameras, there is an impeccable movement profile of Hernandez and his two accomplices.
It begins with videos from a surveillance camera showing the three Odin pick up Lloyd from his home on June 17th. On the video, the shirt of the former Patriots tight end can be clearly seen.
How the four got out of the car in front of the industrial site where the execution took place is also recorded on video, as well as the return of only the three suspects to the car. The shirt can also be clearly seen on these videos.
Big Brother's ubiquitous surveillance cameras didn't prevent this brutal murder, but they seem to go a long way in solving the case.

Wednesday 3rd July 2013

JaMarcus Russell is working on his comeback
JaMarcus Russell (picture) was the reason that rookie salaries shot through the roof since 2007, and were capped in the new 2011 collective agreement.
When the Raiders called up the quarterback in 2007, Russell refused to sign his contract for months. It wasn't until the Raiders offered him $ 68 million that he deigned to sign it.
What Russell then showed on the pitch mocks any description. By the time the Raiders got rid of the biggest draft flop in NFL history, they'd paid him $ 36.4 million.
Now they have to pay him another three million.
The Raiders had filed a lawsuit against their former quarterback for $ 9.55 million. In turn, he countered with a $ 9 million lawsuit.
The two parties are said to have reached an out-of-court settlement, and Oakland appears to have to pay Russell $ 3 million that he was entitled to when he was fired.
But Russell also wants to earn fresh money as an NFL quarterback again. He's currently training hard and working on his comeback.
According to Jeff Garcia, a former quarterback for the 49ers and other teams who coached him, Russell is actually supposed to be in a form that should make him interesting for teams.

Does Aaron Hernandez want to marry the mother of his seven-month-old daughter?
Aaron Hernandez probably never stood trial before joining the NFL because his university has a lot of power and influence.
The tight end was Tim Tebow's teammate and both played for the University of Florida, the Gators.
Both went to a bar in 2007 and Hernandez, who was already horribly tattooed at the time, got involved in a fight. Even the biblical Tebow did not find the right words to appease his teammate. He hit the manager of the bar that burst his eardrum.
Only the university's intervention could prevent the then 17-year-old Hernandez from being reported. The university and the managing director found an agreement that averted the due criminal complaint.
The police officers who took up the case, you don't want to accuse them of anything, were probably Gator's fans. They only listed Hernandez as witnessing a brawl, although, as a waitress within earshot of the conversation overheard, admitted he had struck.
Michael Taphorn, the managing director, stubbornly insisted on a complaint against the tight end. Days later, he withdrew this ad. The reason he gave was that he had reached a settlement with the University of Florida that would have fully compensated him. A rogue who now thinks that money could have flowed.
A major US newspaper that appeared today tried to reach Taphorn by phone, but it was denied.
The UF made the following statement: "Nobody from the university leadership was involved in this case". That doesn't mean, of course, that you don't have your rank and file to clarify such cases for the leadership team.
Meanwhile, legal experts in the USA believe they can see what strategy the prosecution seems to be pursuing in the case of Odin Lloyd's murder. They believe that the two co-defendants will be granted pardons for testifying against Aaron Hernandez.
But Hernandez is also starting to use tactics. He is thinking of getting married. There is this clause that enables spouses not to have to testify against the other. This is, of course, an excellent reason for suddenly rising wedding fever. In any case, Hernandez is said to have submitted a corresponding application.
But the sheriff of Bristol County, where Hernandez is in jail, doesn't want to play. Thomas M. Hodgson told the press that he knew how to prevent Hernandez from marrying his high school sweetheart and mother of their seven-month-old daughter while he was in custody. Something like that would only be for good citizens outside a prison, not for criminals.
He would do anything to prevent it from happening.
During the first few days in prison, Hernandez was examined not only for his physical and mental health by doctors and psychologists, but also for his tattoos by gang experts. In all the confused and completely intertwined images, they look for tattoos that can be associated with criminal gangs. But that, Hodgson said, was a standard procedure. Every prisoner would be examined to see if he had tattoos that would connect him to street gangs and the like.
That should be a lot of work. Is there anyone in jail in the US who doesn't have a tattoo?

Tuesday 2nd July 2013

Brief reports
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (picture) wants to sign with the Broncos because they told him about his mistakes.
The cornerback was one of the best players in a position when he played for the Cardinals. Then the Eagles gave him an almost unreasonably high contract and in Philadelphia he failed completely.
He is currently looking for a new employer. And in this search, the Broncos would have impressed him because they had criticized him. The other teams wouldn't have done that.
Rodgers-Cromartie said he had canceled all upcoming visits to interested teams. In Denver he would be shown what he could do better, and not just what he could already do.
The Broncos want to use him on the outside in the man's cover. This is where Rodgers-Cromartie in Arizona had his best moments.

Not only did Hulk Hogan have a respectable career as a catcher, he also sired a very handsome daughter.
Brooke Hogan is said to be about to get married, it is said. The chosen one is Dallas Cowboys Center Phil Costa.
The Hulkster is said to have been very pleased with the good news.

The NFL's RedZone channel is really nice, but will it work in the stadium?
The Jacksonville Jaguars want to show the channel live on part of the video screen during the game. They want to lure fans who are addicted to fantasy football into the stadium and cannot help but watch live how their team is doing.
The RedZone channel can be compared to a conference call. During the Sunday games, there is wild switching back and forth on the channel when a team is in a promising position, i.e. mostly in the Red Zone.
In 2014 we will find out to what extent this experiment is going well or badly, only then should it start.
The danger that the active players who are busy playing football in the stadium are very distracted cannot be dismissed out of hand.

The Odin Lloyd murder case
The Massachusetts prosecution is certain to have all three suspects in custody in the Odin Lloyd murder case. On Monday, the last of the trio, Ernest Wallace, had the indictment read out in court.
Like the Patriots' former tight end, Aaron Hernandez, and the second suspect, Carlos Ortiz, he also pleaded: "Not guilty".
These three can be seen on a surveillance video as they leave a car with Odin Lloyd in front of an industrial site. Shortly afterwards, only these three return to the car. A jogger later finds Lloyd, who was executed by five bullets, on the industrial site.
While the Patriots offer fans the opportunity to exchange their collector's items with the number 81 and the word “Hernandez” for collectibles from other players free of charge, an opposing market is developing on the Internet at the same time. Here fans are looking for collectibles from Hernandez. Good prices for these pieces are obtained on Ebay. A fan hoping to get $ 15 for a Hernandez shirt got it for $ 289.
Aaron Hernandez is meanwhile being kept separate from the other inmates of the prison ... for his protection, it is said. In addition, Hernandez is said to have been under medical observation for 23 hours a day.
On Monday, the former tight end was moved to a small solitary cell for the first time, where it will spend most of the day. He is allowed to leave the cell for three hours a day. One hour to shower, one hour in the prison yard and one in the common area. The prison authorities refer to this as "phase two". No other prison inmate is allowed to be in these areas at the same time as Hernandez.
At the end of the week it will then be decided whether Hernandez can meet with the other prisoners.

Monday 1st July 2013

In the ghetto
After the Super Bowl, things usually get a little quieter in the NFL. The rest phases are interrupted by the sighting training, the draft, the meetings of the team owners and this year by ... murder and manslaughter.
31 players were arrested after the Super Bowl in 2013, some of them multiple times.
Admittedly, it was not always about murder and manslaughter, but also about minor offenses, such as assault, drug abuse, drug trafficking, illicit gun possession, drunk driving, and what the law books offer, but it can be a belief in the power of order within the NFL to take.
The league costs a league's own security department a little. Former police and even FBI officers work here. There are also courses for rookies who come into the NFL, like last week in Cincinnati. These courses are intended to show the young players, who often come from “problem areas”, how to behave as a member of society, or how not to behave under any circumstances.
These courses will certainly have put one and the other player on the right path, but you just can't get the ghetto out of many players who come from the ghetto. Sometimes it looks like the sudden wealth of the NFL contract was the trigger for even more anti-social behavior. The brutality that one experienced every day, paired with clay, apparently without end, makes the newcomers believe that they are now unassailable. And the league is fighting a battle against windmills.
There are appeasers who say that 31 arrested players out of almost 3,000 really isn't much, but Greg Aiello disagrees. The league spokesman said that just one would be too many.
The NFL will have to live with the fact that some of their players continue to misbehave and even commit crimes. Even if it intensifies its efforts to make these players valuable members of society, it will not reach everyone. The league's talent scouts are already using 75% of their work to check the target players for their background and character traits. How much more can you do?
But there is also the positive example.
When the Dallas Cowboys called up Dez Bryant in the first round of the 2010 draft, it caused huge eyes among the observers. The scouts had pinned every red flag that was within reach of the Oklahoma wide receiver. Bryan Broaddus, a former cowboy talent scout, said in a radio interview that Bryant had the worst college gamer background he has ever come across.
Bryant was raised by a single mother who often left him alone. She spent 18 months in prison for selling crack. Bryant grew up in poor conditions without ever having received anything like orientation or upbringing. That explained his ignorance of the basics of human interaction when he came to Dallas.
And Bryant had his problems navigating an orderly society in which a minimum number of rules had to be followed for peaceful coexistence.
What one could credit him at that time was the fact that he never attracted attention for acts of violence, drug or alcohol abuse. He just behaved badly and undisciplined, proving that he couldn't handle the wealth he suddenly had.
But team owner Jerry Jones believed in Bryant. And really, the wide receiver has worked hard on itself and has developed into a valuable member of the team, which has even learned to accept and respect other people around them.
There are several other earlier examples showing how problem children became Hall of Fame members. The NFL must not stop in its efforts not only to get the kids out of the ghettos, but to get the ghetto out of the kids as well.
What strikes me personally:
I don't know much about football, but I guess there will be 3,000 players in the top leagues of the European countries. I can't remember the last time someone was arrested for murder, drug trafficking, domestic violence, or whatever. I recently heard something about the drunk driving of a Cologne player, but that's about it.
Something's wrong in the US.

Brief reports
Jim Hudson passed away on Tuesday last week.
The former safety of the Jets intercepted a pass from Colts quarterback Earl Morrall in Super Bowl III just before the end zone, and thus contributed significantly to the surprising victory of the Jets.
In his six seasons with the Jets, he caught 15 interceptions.
What the 70-year-old died of was not disclosed.

The New England Patriots have cut all contractually guaranteed payments for their former tight end Aaron Hernandez.
This means that if Hernandez ever gets out of jail, Hernandez will have to fight for payments in court.
He is entitled to $ 2.5 million over the next two seasons, which the Patriots can't really shy away from. They also cut the $ 3.25 million signing bonus due, which Hernandez is sure to be entitled to because he was still on the roster on the March deadline. But the Patriots seem to assume that their former tight end will no longer be able to fight for the money in this life.

Sunday June 30th 2013

Brief reports
Odin Lloyd was buried on Saturday. The 27-year-old player on a semi-professional football team, the Boston Bandits, was the victim of what prosecutors call an execution.
Hundreds attended the funeral. So many people came to the funeral service that not all of them could find a place in the church.
In the course of the murder investigation, the former tight end of the Patriots, Aaron Hernandez (picture), and two other suspects were arrested.
Hernandez and Lloyd were acquaintances. Lloyd was the boyfriend of Hernandez's sister's fiance.

Colts Safety Joe Lefeged was arrested on Saturday night. He was a passenger in a car whose driver tried to escape a traffic control. After a short chase, the car was stopped, but the driver fled on foot.
Lefeged and one other passenger were arrested because they were in possession of an unregistered gun and did not have a gun license.
Lefeged lives in Germantown, Maryland, and plays primarily in the Colts' special teams. Last year he was elected special team captain by his teammates. The 25-year-old started in five of 32 games.
The Indianapolis Colts issued a statement Saturday afternoon confirming that they knew about the incident but would await further investigation at that time.

Saturday June 29, 2013

Brief reports
Adrian Peterson (picture) tops the list of the top 100 players for 2013.
In this list the players are chosen by players for their performances from the previous season.
And who would have deserved first place more than the Vikings' running back.
He came back after a cruciate ligament rupture and had the best season of his career. He was regularly tested for banned substances before, during, and after the season, and came out cleanly from each test.
His first place is as well deserved as second place for Peyton Manning. The Broncos quarterback came back after a neck operation and was able to build on his performances from the old Colts days almost seamlessly.
Peterson and Manning were also voted number one (Manning) and number two (Peterson) in the comeback player of the year poll.
The two also competed neck and neck for the title of Most Valuable Player of the Season. Here Peterson won just ahead of Manning.

On Friday, police arrested the third suspect in the Odin Lloyd murder. Ernest Wallace, 41, was arrested in Miramar, Florida.
He is said to have been involved in the execution of Lloyd, along with Carlos Ortiz and former Tight End of the Patriots, Aaron Hernandez.
Prosecutors identified three men on video from the home surveillance system at Hernandez's estate who entered the house shortly after the execution, holding guns.
Hernandez had deleted several hours of video material, but the police technicians were able to restore it.
The NFL and the Patriots, meanwhile, continue their prejudice against Hernandez. After all, the principle should actually apply that a suspect should be counted as innocent until he has been finally convicted. But the NFL has removed all statistics of the Patriots' former tight ends from its website.
The Patriots offer every owner of a shirt with the number 81 and the name “Hernandez” to exchange it for another shirt free of charge.

Friday June 28, 2013

The daily homicide reports from the NFL
Even today there is a lot of negative news from the world's most criminal league, the NFL.
Aaron Hernandez (picture) is said to have shot his friend Odin Lloyd (27) in an industrial area a good two weeks ago with friends.
According to Prosecutor Bill McCauley, Hernandez drove the victim to this remote location and literally executed him. Footage from various surveillance cameras shows that Hernandez and his accomplices had weapons with them. This should also have included recordings that came from the house surveillance system of the former Patriots Tight End and that police technicians were able to restore.
It has not yet been clarified whether it was really Hernandez who fired the shots.
After the judge refused bail after the indictment was read, Hernandez had a second chance on Thursday.
"Denied," was the verdict of the judge who led the bail hearing at the Massachusetts Supreme Court. She listened to the defense's arguments, but they couldn't convince them. The defense did not attack the prosecution's findings, but relied only on the arguments that the former Patriots tight end has never been convicted, that he has nowhere to go as one of the NFL's best and most famous players and that he would have a permanent job.
At least the latter was no longer true at all, because Hernandez is out of the NFL. If he ever wanted to play in the league again, it would only be if he got permission from the commissioner.
The judge spoke of a particular gravity of the crime, since the victim was executed with five shots. A deposit would be out of the question.
While Hernandez's bail requests were denied, police found a second suspect in Bristol, Connecticut. Carlos Ortiz, 27, was arrested and taken to Massachusetts.
A third suspect, 41-year-old Ernest Wallace, is said to be driving a silver Chrysler with a Rhode Island license plate. He is described as armed and dangerous.
And it still doesn't stop there. Massachusetts law enforcement agencies are investigating another murder that Aaron Hernandez may be involved in.
Last summer Daniel Abreu and Safiro Furtado were shot at and killed in their car from a passing car.
The later victims are said to have got into an argument in a nightclub with a group of people, including Hernandez.
Odin Llyod is said to have had information about this double homicide that revealed Hernandez to be involved in the crime.
This murder case has not been resolved, but is now being reopened and carefully investigated.

The crime continues, because an ex-Browns player was also on trial on Thursday. Rookie defensive end / linebacker Ausar Walcott is charged with attempted murder. According to the indictment, he hit his victim Derek Jones hard in the head and accepted his death in the process.
Jones is currently in an artificial coma and his condition is critical.
Like Hernandez with the Patriots, Walcott was fired by the Browns immediately upon learning of the prosecution.
Like Hernandez, Walcott pleaded not guilty in court.

And another manslaughter dominates today's news, Josh Brent, Defensive Tackle of the Dallas Cowboys.
He had an accident with no outside involvement last year when he was driving a car with his head drunk. His passenger and teammate Jerry Brown was killed in the process.
Brent is awaiting trial and should be bailed out until then. The bail was that he was not allowed to consume alcohol or other intoxicants.
On June 19, he tested positive for marijuana during a regular check-up. Already on May 24th, alcohol is said to have been discovered in a urine test.
Since then, the prosecution has been fighting to get Brent behind bars. On Thursday the time had finally come when a judge sent Brent to jail.

Thursday June 27, 2013

Murder charges against Aaron Hernandez
The former Patriots tight end (pictured) was arrested Wednesday morning at 8:47 a.m. local time at his home in Attleboro, Massachusetts. Less than two hours later, he was fired by the Patriots.
On June 17, the body of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd was found at 5:30 a.m. on an industrial site. The police investigation revealed that Lloyd was executed.
Lloyd was an acquaintance of Aaron Hernandez, whose house is only about a kilometer from the place where the body was found.
A car seen at the scene was identified as a vehicle Hernandez had rented. The police viewed the car as an important piece of evidence.
On June 18, Hernandez's house was searched by police for the first time. It was found that something important was missing. The former Tight End of the Patriots had destroyed his cell phone and deleted about six to eight hours of recordings from his home security system.
Also on June 18, a lawsuit was filed in a civil court because Hernandez allegedly shot an acquaintance's eye with a pistol on February 13.
On June 22, Hernandez's home was re-examined. In the meantime, however, Hernandez had his house thoroughly cleaned by a cleaning company. However, the media reported that the police left the house with about 10 bags of evidence in them.
On Monday, two ponds were searched by police divers who are in close proximity to Hernandez's estate.
The arrest took place on the morning of June 26th and Hernandez was handcuffed out of his home.
Shortly afterwards, the Patriots issued a statement stating that they had sacked the tight end. A young person's life would have been wiped out and it would be unbearable for them to have any of their gamblers involved in a murder case, however.
The Patriots organization is deeply rooted in the community and best known for its charity. Players who cast a bad light on the organization have no chance with the Patriots.
The decision to fire Hernandez would not have been a solo effort by team owner Robert Kraft, but was made in agreement with head coach Bill Belichick, it was said later.
At 2:44 p.m., the charges against Hernandez were brought to court. The prosecutor used cell phone data to list the path the accused had traveled on the day of the murder. It was found that Hernandez's cell phone was logged into a transmission tower near the crime scene at the time of the crime.
But the murder charge was only one of six charges brought against the former Tight End of the Patriots. He was also charged with carrying a gun without being in possession of a license to carry a gun, and four charges include unauthorized possession of a gun.
At no point during the reading of the indictment did the prosecutor say that Hernandez himself killed his acquaintance. Rather, he left open who executed the victim. Hernandez is said to have been at the scene with two other people he does not name.
As the prosecutor read out details of Lloyd's injuries, Lloyd's mother walked out of the courtroom crying.
Hernandez, who showed no emotion other than that he was completely annoyed at being handcuffed and enduring the whole thing, pleaded "not guilty" on all six counts.
The judge refused a release on bail, so that Hernandez remains in prison for the time being. However, another bail hearing will follow soon.
His number 81 New England Patriots jersey can no longer be found in the shop on NFL.com. That of course looks like a prejudice and confirms the saying: "You are guilty until you have proven your innocence."