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Kiss Lexicon: Exciting facts about kissing

Everything you need to know about International Kiss Day on July 6th.

“You can't kiss alone,” sings Max Raabe so aptly, while the encyclopedia of the third millennium, Wikipedia, describes the kiss as “oral body contact with a living being or an object" Are defined. We kiss out Friendship, out of affection, out of reverence and out of love. A kiss is sometimes worth a thousand words and employs more than 100 billion nerve cells.

But where does the kiss come from anyway?

As romantic as the kiss is today, the origins theories behind it seem unromantic. For example, one assumes that the kiss comes from the Sniffing and licking the rump in mammals emerges. So in the course of evolution you almost simply hiked up.

The theory of the biopsychologist Peter Walschburger goes in a different direction. He suspects that the kiss dates back to the time of the early humans. Food could not be pre-cooked yet, was therefore pre-chewed and passed on by mouth. This purely caring gesture eventually turned into a gesture of love.

Against this, however, speak to recent studies that found that kissing is only common in 46 percent of 168 cultures and thus rather an "invention" of higher social classes is.

Different countries, different kisses

Whatever the origin of the kiss, it is considered a sign of affection in many countries. But this affection is not displayed equally in all countries posed. There are very different ways of handling the greeting, especially when it comes to the greeting kiss.

  • The kiss in Brazil

    As big as the country is, as different as the kiss. While in Rio de Janeiro greet the ladies left and right a kiss on the cheek get a kiss on the cheek in São Paulo.

    When people in love kiss passionately in public, passers-by are happy to share them "Leave something for tomorrow" commented.

    When the Brazilian says goodbye on the phone, he likes to say Beijo (kiss). A dois (two back) is then returned to him.

  • The kiss in China

    In the 1970s and 1980s, the kiss was considered a public kiss "Immoral behavior" and was punished with education courses or even imprisonment. The law was not abolished until 1997. Today kissing in public is completely normal, especially in the big metropolises.

  • The kiss in India

    Even if you might think that kissing should also be hot in the land of the Kama Sutra, kisses are not exchanged publicly in India. Even in the passionate Bollywood films, kisses were not shown until a few years ago, but rather faded out or covered up.

  • The kiss in Thailand

    Again, you don't see the kiss in public, not even for a greeting. Rather, the Thais use it here the Buddhist greeting "Wai", in which the hands are clasped in front of the chest and accompanied by a slow bow.

  • The kiss in New Zealand

    The indigenous people of New Zealand, the Maoris, greet each other with the so-called Hongi. Be there Forehead and nose pressed together. This is intended to exchange the breath so that the souls of the two bodies can meet.

  • The kiss in Papua New Guinea

    You really need strong nerves on the Trobriand Islands. Here Couples in love nibble on their partner's eyelashesto show their affection, as short eyelashes are a status symbol. It's also a bit more brutal when it comes to kissing: Couple suck and bite the lips and tongue for so long until blood flows.

15 exciting facts about the kiss

  • The science that is fully dedicated to kissing is called philematology.
  • The fear of kissing is called philemaphobia.
  • Two thirds of all kissing people move their heads to the right when kissing. Only in very emotional kissing situations do they tilt their heads to the left.
  • The majority close their eyes when kissing. However, 37 percent of men opened their eyes while kissing, while 97 percent of women closed their eyes.
  • The longest kiss in the world lasted 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds. From February 12 to 14, 2013, the Thais Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat kissed at an event in Pattaya.
  • A normal kiss burns 6.4 calories per minute. Those who invest more passion, on the other hand, can burn up to 20 calories per minute.
  • 146 muscles and 100 billion nerve cells are activated when kissing.
  • On average, a kiss lasts 12 seconds.
  • Just the thought of kissing increases the flow of saliva and thus loosens harmful plaque.
  • Researchers have found that being kissed before driving makes you less aggressive in driving.
  • 60 milligrams of water, 0.5 milligrams of protein. We exchange 0.15 milligrams of glandular secretion, 0.4 milligrams of salt and up to 22,000 types of bacteria with a kiss that is 10 seconds longer.
  • French and Italians kiss an average of seven times a day, while Germans only kiss four times.
  • However, the law in France prohibits kisses on level crossings. In the US state of Michigan, however, it is forbidden to kiss your wife on Sundays.
  • In the Middle Ages it was assumed that a kiss with a donkey would help against colds and toothaches.
  • A person gives around 100,000 kisses in his life.

The greatest kiss songs

Of course it plays Kiss also plays an important role in music. For this reason we have one here little kiss playlist compiled, which contains the greatest hits on the subject of kisses / kisses.

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