Why do men stand while peeing?

Sexologist advice: men should pee standing up


Sexologist Esther Schütz advises men not to pee while sitting. Whoever stands by strengthens his masculinity. You should also masturbate while standing.

For reasons of bathroom hygiene, male representatives are often required to sit down while peeing. And many men today stick to it. But they shouldn't do this, as Esther Elisabeth Schütz from the Institute for Sex Education and Sex Therapy in Uster ZH says. She advises men to pee standing up.

The reason: "If you stand, you take your gender in your hand, you have to look, you have to aim," explains Schütz for 20 minutes. "If you want to be proud of your male gender, you need visual contact in addition to perceiving the sensations in the penis."

Peeing while standing is also not a problem from a hygienic point of view. "If the man washes his hands thoroughly after peeing and removes any splashes, standing pee is absolutely harmless," says hygiene expert Corinne Stutz.

Standing up is also better for masturbation

And that's not the only thing men should do visual contact with their member. According to the sexologist, they should also stand during another activity that is part of everyday life for most men: masturbating.

The fact that men satisfy themselves lying down or - increasingly since the beginning of the age of Internet porn - while sitting is detrimental to male potency, as is peeing on their seats. Schütz explains: “When standing, a man can let his breath flow into his whole body. This creates a movement, when you breathe in the body becomes larger, when you breathe out it becomes smaller. This will start the pelvis moving back and forth.

Looking at the penis makes you proud

And here again - as with standing pee - there is visual contact with the member: "The man can look at his penis and see his ejaculate." This promotes his "pride in being a man".

Sitting while masturbating is not the only thing Schütz advises against in this activity. "Many men still stimulate themselves through mechanical rubbing of the penis and high tension in the pelvis and buttocks," says Schütz. This has the disadvantage that it limits the perception of the penis and blocks the breath in the chest. One possible consequence of this is premature ejaculation.

Another approach is more enjoyable, says Schütz: When masturbating, the man should "move the pelvis from front to back, accompanied by deep breathing" while standing. The shoulders must be moved in sync with the pelvis. This is how the emotional area is activated. Schütz: "This makes the range of motion more holistic, sexual arousal and emotional arousal can spread." This promotes the man's lust and self-confidence.