Does Burger King have a veggie burger

Burger King's customers are pissed off. The "vegetable nuggets" that the fast food giant has recently been promoting are not without problems.

Update, Friday (April 16, 2021), 7:56 a.m .: As Burger King announced, they have now reacted to the feedback and adjusted the processes in 2020. According to the company, the plant-based nuggets are to be prepared in a separate deep fryer, which is used exclusively for meat-free products such as French fries. Vegetable fat is used for this.

First report, Thursday (17.09.2020), 6.43 a.m .: The vegetarian and vegan market is booming. The production of meat substitute products reached a staggering 272.8 million euros in 2019. A demand to which more and more companies are responding with an appropriate offer. Now one of the biggest pulls Fast food corporations the world and brings a new, complete vegetable snack on the market. But not everything is what it seems.

CompaniesBurger King
founding1954, Jacksonville, Florida, United States
HeadquartersMiami, Florida, United States
CEODaniel Schwartz (June 7, 2013–)
Known productsWhopper, Chili Cheese Nuggets, Onion Rings, Chicken Nuggets

Vegan and vegetarian foods are experiencing a boom - supermarkets and restaurants are upgrading

Vegan burgers, vegan gyros and even vegan liver sausage - more and more land nowadays herbal products on supermarket shelves. The meat group Rügenwalder recently made more sales with veggie products than with its sausage and meat range for the first time. Many retailers now even have one Veggie department. Self veganMilk alternatives have got their own shelf in many places.

A development that would have been unthinkable ten years ago. Back then there might have been a herbal product or two to choose from, but nothing more. Vegetarian-vegan variety? Not even close. Those who wanted plant-based food were left with the Internet or the overpriced organic supermarket at the other end of town.

Vegan burgers at McDonald's and Burger King: Fast food without any animal ingredients

This is no longer necessary today. Even eating out is for Vegetarians and vegans no longer a big deal. Most restaurants and fast food chains now even offer several plant-based alternatives.

McDonald's launched its first vegan burger on the market in spring 2019: the Big Vegan TS. A few months later, the "Rebel Whopper" (now renamed "Plant-based Whopper") followed in early 2020 Burger King variant

Burger King: Plant-based "Plant-based Nuggets" in stores from September

But it shouldn't stay that way: at least Burger King is expanding its vegan offer these days and has been offering since the beginning of September vegetable nuggets that are amazingly similar to the chicken variant. And, according to Burger King, it should also taste the same. There are also several vegan sauces.

The vegetable nuggets are based on wheat and soy protein and are - like that normal chicken nuggets - coated with a batter made of wheat.

The company is the manufacturer of the plant-based snack "The Vegetarian Butcher"that you can buy from Rewe in Germany, for example.

Burger King: After anger about vegan burger patties - changes to the preparation

Burger King itself emphasizes that the new "Plant-based nuggets" not in contact with flesh can come. The reason for this are adapted production processes: "There are special tongs and deep-frying baskets for plant-based products so that they do not come into contact with meat," said Tim Lenke, Innovation Manager at Burger King Germany, the consumer portal Chip 365 With.

There has been criticism in the past because the vegetable patties of the Plant-based Whoppers fried on the same grill as the meat patties. For many vegans - and rightly so - a no-go. "The vegan burgers from Burger King is not even vegetarian"It was said of the product launch in January 2020 on the part of the vegan front.

Video battle of the giants: who is cheaper - Burger King or McDonald's?

Burger King: Supposedly vegan nuggets go in the same deep fryer as the King Nuggets

And it seems as if Burger King has hardly learned anything, apart from the new production processes. Because opposite chip the company insisted it would be its new one vegan nuggets officially declare neither vegetarian nor vegan. But why? Table us Burger King a plant-based lie here?

Not quite: That the Nuggets not veggie is up to theirs preparation. They are fried in the same fat as the normal king nuggets. (all service articles at

Burger King: Vegans are sour - plant-based nuggets aren't even vegetarian

For many Vegans and lovers of plant-based food are the Plant-based nuggets therefore not even vegetarian. They add to your anger Facebook and Instagram Air:

  • The nuggets are actually vegan. Then why do you have to make them in the deep fryer where the animal nuggets are also put in. That means he's not even vegetarian again!
  • If it is on the same grill or the piece of meat, it is no longer free from animal products, i.e. no longer vegan.
  • I'm vegetarian. So my question is why are they not using french fries oil, why are they using a different oil for all the meat they have cooked. It doesn't make any sense so it's not vegetarian.

Burger King: Tests show that nuggets are free from animal products after deep-frying

Burger King himself emphasizes that the "Plant-based nuggets are made without meat or other animal ingredients. "Although they would be prepared together with the King Nuggets in the same deep fryer, they would not contain any animal products after deep-frying. Tests by the Fresenius Institute have confirmed this.

But why prepare Burger King the Nuggets even in the same deep fryer as his meat nuggets too? The company gives the answer on its Instagram account.

Burger King: Regulations forbid frying the vegan nuggets separately

"We have certain preparation processes and regulations in restaurants that apply worldwide and are intended to guarantee the best possible quality of our products. For this reason, we can Plant-based nuggets unfortunately not prepare in the french fryer. "

It remains to be seen how successful the plant-based nuggets will be according to these statements. "Die-hard" vegans should definitely not like them.