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Why should Kylo Ren answer Snoke?

UPDATE 12/2017 - Bonus facts from TLJ

In addition, we look The Last Jedi that Snoke is clearly superior to Kylo Ren in force operations. For example,

he managed to connect Rey and Ren via the force between galactic distances (and seemingly connect physically, since Kylo Ren has raindrops from Ahch-to on his hand). That's a force clearly missing from Ren's arsenal, as he didn't suspect it could have been Snoke and wondering how they were connected to each other.

Also, in "The Force Hits a Snooze Buttons," we see Snoke effortlessly tossing Kylo Ren across the room with disdain and seemingly little effort when angry at his failure.

Plus, Kylo Ren Rey appears to be roughly the same (both in theory and in practice) when she was mentally and physically at Starkiller Base in TFA fought); still

Snoke beats Rey effortlessly when she is brought to him.

Not even from a distance, probably.

  • Kylo Ren knows that Snoke can destroy him himself. From the WGA script:

    Snoke uses you for your strength.
    When he gets what he wants, it will he'll destroy you - you know it's true .
    Kylo hesitates.Somehow he knows.

    Note that this isn't even Ren saying "I know" - that could be a lie or whatever. It is the Narrator, the says he knows.

    At this point I think we can conclude that answer. But let's get more points for the bonus round:

  • Snoke tells General Hux that Kylo Ren needs further training when he orders him to be picked up after a fight with Rey at Starkiller Base.

    Immediately leave the base and come to me with Kylo Ren.
    It's time to complete your education.

  • Snoke implies that it could get inside Rey's head. by holographic connection . After Kylo Ren failed. And Ren acknowledges it (from the WGA script)

    Supreme Leader. I can get the card from the girl. I just need your guidance .
    If what you say about this girl is true, bring her to me.

  • Snoke trained Kylo Ren. So he knows everything Kylo Ren does about the Dark Side and, since he's old enough to witness the rise of the Galactic Empire, probably a lot more.

Unfortunately, this is also not a correct assumption.

  • The stormtroopers serve First Order and Snoke (this is emphasized several times in the prequel book "Before the Awakening" in the Finnish section). Sample quote from Phasma (there's more where that comes from :)

    "A real stormtrooper has no room for sympathy," said Phasma. " A true stormtrooper is an extension of the First Order, the will of Supreme Leader Snoke, no less . Do you think the Supreme Leader hesitated to FN-2187? "
    "No, Captain."

  • The stormtroopers report to General Hux (as for him as a general), and Kylo Ren has no military rank that we know in canon. This is mainly dealt with in Visual Dicionary, but also from various film dialogs, e.g. B. on the performance of soldiers on Jakku.

    This is covered on the Visual Dictionary's Kylo Ren page:

    "outside the formal command structure of the First Order."

    This seems - intentionally - right parallel to Episode IV, with Snoke being Emperor who has two subordinates: Tarkin (who runs the military) and Vader (who does special dark-side apprentice-type tasks). Some troops may report to the apprentice for the duration of the assignment, but they do not serve "him", rather the Empire / First Order.

Jeremy French

I thought the "bring them to me" was for a face-to-face meeting, not through the hologram. It reflected the emperor telling Vader to bring Luke to him.


@JeremyFrench - Given that Ren went to get the girl out of her cell (only to discover that Rey ran away) I don't think that's the case. But it's not 100% impossible.

Wad Cheber

There is also a quote in the amendment in which Ren paralyzed Rey, which specifically states that Kylo Ren "was not authorized to give orders on the spot" (the wording could be slightly different, but that is the core of the sentence) .

Renegade princess

@DVK I'm with Jeremy on this one. We don't know that he intended to take her to Snoke right away (as opposed to just having to break her one more time). And if so, why couldn't it have been physical? Kylo has his shuttle and possibly control of the finalizer as well. He doesn't have to hang out while Hux drips off the sun. :) :)


Yes, I definitely think "bring her to this room where my hologram is projected" is a dubious interpretation of "bring her to me". The other points here are more than enough to establish Snoke's power over Ren without that assumption. (In fact, the fact that an untrained Rey personally overpowered Kylo, ​​but Kylo still wants to bring her to Snoke, shows Kylo's belief in Snoke's overwhelming power.)