Why don't more men do yoga

Yoga for men - why not?

Why men should start practicing yoga

Although yoga was developed by men, it is firmly in the hands of women in Western society to this day. The proportion of men in the yoga courses is low, the number of yoginis far outweighs them. Yoga is firmly linked to the role of the feminine. Actually a very strange phenomenon, because yoga is known to not only strengthen the psyche and spirit, but also makes the body fit. It's a full body workout, a power program. Or, As Roland Jensch said so beautifully in an interview on the subject of men's yoga: "It's good for you as a person." You can see that not least in how many first-class athletes and athletes are now practicing yoga in order to become more stable, stronger and more concentrated.

Therefore, here are a few unbeatable arguments why yoga courses are also and especially useful for men.

1Why men's yoga is so good

Insufficient body balance, poor posture, hardly any flexibility in muscles and joints - Yoga gets you going physically again! With a yogi power program you will improve your ability to stretch, your muscles on your back, stomach, legs, neck and arms will be trained evenly, your joints and tendons will become more flexible after a short time. Physical ailments such as back or neck pain gradually go away. Yoga trains the deeper muscle structure, which above all provides more stability and well-defined muscles.

Whether men practice Vinyasa Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga or Hot Yoga: The yoga courses and physical exercises not only make you physically stronger and fitter, you also improve your athletic performance and prevent injuries. The yoga power program also helps you lose weight and build muscle. Plus you will have even better sex!

Yoga asanas (the physical exercises) activate your nervous system, lower your heart rate, strengthen your cardiovascular system, widen your lungs and thus also ensure that you can absorb more oxygen and increase your breathing volume. You will become more relaxed, reduce stress better and deal with it in a more relaxed manner in the future. Your inner being becomes calmer, your psyche calmer, you can sleep better, your body and mind relax. You will be amazed how decelerated, liberated and fit you will come out of one hour of men's yoga!

Here again summarized 5 unbeatable arguments for men's yoga

  • Muscle building: Yoga gives your body more power, gently builds up your strength and removes fat deposits
  • Serenity: In the yoga classes you will learn to deal better with stress
  • Mind: the power program increases your ability to concentrate, your sense of balance and your self-esteem
  • Better physical and mental performance and better sex
  • Detoxification: Through specific physical exercises you flush toxins out of the body, your organs and your brain are strengthened

2 What can you expect in a yoga class?

In the yoga courses you first learn to concentrate on your body, to listen to it, to feel its capabilities, but also to feel its limits. You learn to be grateful and respect your body and your inner being across from. So you are taught the ability to better assess and get to know your body. This new one sensitivity Of course, it also brings you a lot for your everyday life and your sport.

Depending on which one Yoga style If you choose, the courses will be more or less dominated by relaxation exercises, stretching postures or physically very strenuous asanas (yoga exercises). You can choose from Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga, Kundalini Yoga or Vinyasa Yoga. Breathing techniques (pranayama) play an important role in yoga courses. They help you relax and guide you through your movements. And in addition to the fitness exercises, there are always moments of meditation.

Before you decide on a particular yoga studio, yoga class and yoga teacher, see if you like the teacher and the yoga style. Many yoga studios offer trial lessons. You can also clarify with the yoga teacher whether there are only yoginis in the course or also a few male yogis.

3Yoga exercises for men

To get you in the mood, we will introduce you to three different yoga exercises - asanas - for gently building muscles and stretching the body:

Tadasana (the mountain pose)
The mountain is also a good exercise for beginners: it stretches your body, improves your posture, and helps your organs work better. It promotes your concentration, reduces stress and has a positive effect on thighs, knees and ankles.

It is important with this asana that you stay firmly rooted in the ground and do it with a straight back.

Virabhadrasana 2 (The Warrior 2)
The warrior poses are the perfect basis for a men's yoga power program. Above all, they increase your stability and your body strength. The warrior 2 is already the somewhat extended variant. With this physical exercise you train your abdominal muscles, stretch your thighs, chest and shoulders. And it gets your circulation going.

Halasana (the plow)
The plow is one of the advanced asanas that you should not practice alone at first, but should first practice in the yoga classes. The starting position for the posture is the shoulder stand, from which you slowly lower your legs over your head towards the floor. This asana is great for exercising your back, shoulders, cervical vertebrae and legs. At the same time, it calms your mind and nerves, stretches your body, relieves headaches and promotes your breathing.

So, dear men: perfect physical exercises to build muscle, a power program with asanas that specifically train body and mind - yoga is NATURALLY not just for yoginis!

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Robin Pratap

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