Is 55 kg thin at 170 cm

How much do you weigh 170 cm as a woman?

Hey you,

... now the ┬┤ne thin girl reports ... I am 1.69 m and weigh 52 kg. Can't help it, it's just a disposition, was really skinny as a child. Do a lot of sport, so I have a relatively high percentage of muscles with the mini-weight

Up until half a year ago I weighed 55 kg, psychostress lost 3 kg without doing anything to it.

I would like to do away with these prejudices against thin people ..... I don't go hungry, I don't go on a diet and I don't eat super healthy either. I am what I am! Of course I'm glad that it is the way it is - especially at my age

But girls ... don't put yourself under such pressure with the scales. Everyone has their own personal comfort weight. I don't care if (some) people say & quot; oh god, are you thin & quot; ... personally, I don't find myself thin, but slim and well-proportioned.

Everyone is the way they are and we should be tolerant - regardless of whether someone is fat, thin or * normal *. Personally, I just think it's important that you treat your body well, i.e. don't eat junk and do a little sport - everyone according to their own form!

In this sense: have fun eating and exercising