What are your favorite color palettes

New trend on the car: the favorite colors of Germans

A breath of fresh air in a uniform gray: In recent months, one color has become increasingly popular on cars - which is actually not a color at all. Why the right choice is important for drivers.

Gray is also the clear favorite of the Germans in 2020: in the past eleven months, almost 800,000 cars with gray or silver paintwork have been newly registered. Black follows a long way behind in second place (630,000 cars).

White is in greater demand again

So far everything stays the same for now. However, white is much more in demand than before (3rd place, 550,000 new cars). More than every fifth car that was newly registered this year has the brightest of all colors. Already in fourth place by a long way is blue (280,000 cars).

By the way: Technically, like black, white is not a color but a shade. They complement colors, explains the software company Adobe, which among other things develops programs for image processing. White occurs when all the light hitting an object is reflected. Black, on the other hand, means that the light is completely absorbed (so no color tone is reflected).

However: some color trends are fleeting quickly. The color brown, for example, has seen a small boom. For years it was pretty popular, especially for lifestyle cars from small minis to expensive Porsches. In the meantime, however, the demand has clearly turned into the opposite: not even 25,000 new cars will have the previous trend color in 2020.

That is why the choice of color is important

Only about one in 100 cars leaves the factory painted yellow, orange or green. And often it is an exotic sports car. New cars in flashy colors are therefore very unpopular. It is no different in the used car market. For example, you may only get rid of a yellow mid-range station wagon with a high discount. If you want to keep the depreciation of your car within limits, you should therefore also pay attention to the right paintwork when buying. Bright colors go best with sports cars or convertibles.

The example of the former trend color brown shows that if you like a color that keeps coming back into fashion, you should only choose it if you want to sell the car again after a relatively short period of time. Because trends are sometimes very short-lived.