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Grace be with you from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Sermon text (John 7.28f)

Then Jesus, who was teaching in the temple, cried: You know me and you know where I am from. But I did not come of my own accord, but a true one who sent me, whom you do not know.

But I know him; for I am from him and he sent me.


Dear Congregation,

I actually wanted to tell a joke with two ski hikers, but the weather doesn't quite match it. Then there are two mountaineers.

So, do you know that: Two mountaineers meet in the mountains. Says one to the other: "Grüß Gott." - says the other: "Well, I didn't really want to climb that high."

Many think they know God

Dear Congregation,

many think they know God. I mean, they might not say so, because of God, the unknown being. But many talk about God as if they pretty much know what He is.

For example, many say: All religions worship the same God. And if you look closely, you can tell. Do you find yourself again? I hear this statement a lot.

The only problem is that most of those who talk like that don't look too closely. Like, I know what I'm thinking, don't confuse me with details. Because the religions imagine God quite differently. Anyone who claims that all religions worship the same God should know better about God than these religions themselves. At least a very self-confident claim.

Many think they know God because they are constantly dealing with him. They think they recognize him in their everyday life. We send a quick prayer to heaven and it will be answered.

Someone drives the car too fast around the curve, loses control. He overturns, rolls down an embankment. The driver sits in the car, feeling his limbs in disbelief, realizing: he is unharmed. When the scrap is later transported away, someone shows him how close he has sailed past a tree. When he tells his mother, she can immediately associate it with God: But you had a guardian angel!

I mean, it's good to open your eyes to God. When one thanks God for such preservation.

But it's too easy. Maybe it was just a coincidence, or the ABS worked well - and anyway, what do we say if someone hits the tree, and exactly. Then what happened to the Guardian Angel?

I suspect that belief in guardian angels is a Christian painted talisman. A friend of my cousin's always had a heavy stone in her car that had a good aura for her. She thought the stone would protect her from accidents. She also knew very well about God. Just a little strange god.

Oh well. Sometimes I suspect that we need a little less religion and a little more trust.

What kind of god is that we know?

What kind of god is that we know? What do we get when we put our experiences together with God?

Anyone who believes in God in any way almost always believes in the Creator. Despite all the evolution theory and the big bang theory, many believe that God somehow made everything. Even though it may not have been as the Old Testament reports, God gave us the flowers and the sea and the sun, the moon and the stars.

Often it is even the case that the more people penetrate into the secrets of nature, the more fascinated they are by the Creator of heaven and earth.

And I don't know how you are, but when I look closely at a beautiful flower, how its delicate veins run transparently through the brightly colored leaves, then it is quite difficult for me to believe in coincidence. Honest.

Most of the time, belief in the Creator also includes belief in the Caregiver. God made everything we live on and he also makes sure that we can live. This is what Thanksgiving is all about: God's blessings are all given.

I often visit on important birthdays. And it's almost the rule that when someone turns 75, 80 or something, and is still in good health, and looks back at his life, at the many guardian angels and guardians, he often becomes religious. And give God the glory and give thanks. That is why many are really happy when the pastor comes to visit. He helps to ensure that this thanks also gets its right address.

But what about the many who do not reach this age, who die of cancer at 55, who live at 80 but can no longer think clearly.

The belief in God who cares for us, the religiosity of the guardian angels is fragile.

Anyone reading the newspaper knows how many young people have accidents on our streets. Don't they all have a guardian angel?

Do we still know God then? Then what do we do with our faith?

I keep coming across two answers:

One can be found in many hymn book songs. It has a good Christian tradition. We take everything that happens out of God's hand and say it was His will. "What God does is done well, it is just his will." If something happens that we don't like, then we just have to entrust ourselves even more to God. Everything will be right. By God and in his eternity we will understand.

This belief is a good tradition in our churches. But he's also dangerous. Because he ultimately attributes every misfortune to God without asking him about it. Just think of the man in his BMW who sailed out of the curve. He just drove too fast! What can God do for that? Is God responsible for preventing our stupid things all the time? Should he treat us like little children? Is that what we want to be?

The reaction to this belief is with many: I can no longer believe in such a God. Who maybe had to bury his own child, or who has a compassionate heart for the children who are starving in the world today, being made soldiers, raped, or whatever;

he feels that as a sheer mockery: "What God does is done well." But he says: I can no longer believe in this God. I can't and I don't want to. This god is cynical. He doesn't care for his children. We perish here and should still pray: "Your will be done."

The alternative is atheism

The alternative is atheism, that is, the assertion: There is no God.

I know a lot of atheists who are atheists for human sake.

Especially after the genocide of the Jews, many have said: Will there still be any belief in God after Auschwitz? Jews and Christians have wondered that. And many have come to the conclusion: There is no God. I've seen it. I've gone through hell and there wasn't a hand to carry me.

There were even Christian theologians who agreed with these atheists. They too said: We can no longer believe in God, who sits on a cloud and comfortably pulls strings together. This God is dead to us. He died with the millions of people for whose righteousness he could not provide.

But, they said, we still believe in God: We believe in Jesus Christ, whom God became man.

And that brings us to Christmas.

God becomes human: as an illegitimate child, as an asylum seeker in Egypt, as a Jew, is slandered, betrayed and sold by his friends, sued by false witnesses, condemned by a cowardly judge and sadistically put to death.

God becomes man. In the very depth. Not the 21st century, air-conditioned rooms and health insurance, but: the 1st century, the powder keg of Palestine, despotic rulers, draconian punishments.

But enough of that. Let's come back to our opening question: do you know God? I have told you all of this to draw your attention to how strange and unrecognized God is to all of us. We just don't know him. The Bible says, "To know God is to live." - But if we are honest, look at our life, the world, we have to say: We do not know God. It may be that he is not far from any of us - but we, we are infinitely far from him. From our point of view, there is not much to look at. Screen.

Do you know god - Nothing.

But Jesus knows God. I read the sermon again. It's short enough:

Then Jesus, who was teaching in the temple, cried: You know me and you know where I am from. But I did not come of my own accord, but a true one who sent me, whom you do not know.

But I know him; for I am from him and he sent me.

Do you know jesus

So: people know Jesus - Jesus knows God. So he is the bridge to God.

In another passage in John's Gospel, Jesus expresses it very clearly: "Whoever sees me sees the Father! Then what do you say: Show us the Father?"

God became man in Jesus Christ. Here we meet God. Here we find out what he really is.

Do you want to get to know God? Would that be important to you? Then you need to get to know Jesus. This is the way. There's no way around it. Jesus is the way to the Father.

He opened this path for us at Christmas. If it is true that Christmas God came to earth, then we have to hold on to Jesus if we want to know God.

And that would be great if we really knew God. As I said, there is the sentence in the Bible: "To know God is life."

So it's not about being able to explain the world, having an answer to all questions. Jesus did not come to explain the world to us better.

It's about life. The point is that we finally know what is important in life. And what doesn't matter. It's about how we can have a good and fulfilling life that we don't even have to say: It was free, I bet on the wrong horse. You only live once.

Therefore, of course, it is also about eternal life. What is beyond the limits that I cannot overcome? Is there someone who loves me? How am I supposed to know.

Knowing God is life. And if you want to get to know God, you have to stick to Jesus. Because Jesus is God-with-us. That means "Immanuel" in German.

How do you get to know Jesus?

How can you get to know Jesus:

Getting to know each other takes time. You will certainly not get to know him if you only come to church once a year.

But neither do they automatically get to know him if they always go to church. That is not an automatism. It's about a person you want to get to know. You have to get involved, talk to each other, share everyday life with each other.

But I think it's even more impossible if you never go to church and try to be a good person. The enemies of Jesus tried that too, whom Jesus accuses of knowing him but not recognizing who is sending him. Well, they just mean that they know him. Jesus of Nazareth, the carpenter who gives great speeches, etc. They knew him. But they did not see God's love in him.

How did it go back then, to get to know Jesus. Sure: his students followed him. They went where he went, they heard his words, they learned his words, and they did what he said.

Incidentally, this is also in John 7, a few verses above: "If you want to know whether what I am telling you is from God, then you have to do it."

So: learning by doing. Testing is above studying. Jesus is the way, you get to know him when you walk with him. And that includes since Pentecost:

- Listening to the message handed down

- fellowship with other Christians

- Celebrate Jesus in Holy Communion

- The intimate conversation with Heavenly Father.

Fellowship with other Christians is so important because Jesus gave his people his Spirit. Paul calls the church "the body of Christ". He also means: The events of Christmas do not end with the Ascension.

God will come to earth, today in many places in the world, in his church. It may sound like one of the Catholics is here, but it is not. The church is really the body of Christ, but not a specific church, but the "community of saints" from many denominations.

So, I have a specific suggestion for the next year: Take a gospel to yourself. The four gospels tell the life of Jesus. Because the story is so good, it is told four times. Here we have the oldest testimonies about his work and his words, which have now been preserved. If you want to get to know Jesus, then you are in good hands.

Read small sections and do what you read. Read only as much as you can take with you. Let yourself be challenged by the little clauses and subordinate clauses you find and discover where they play a role in your everyday life.

And if you get stuck. If you don't understand a word. Or if something seems too adventurous to you. It will certainly happen. Then ask. Someone who you consider to be a believable Christian. Often he will not give you a ready-made answer. But they will start talking. You will see your life in the light of God's Word. And that's how you get to know Jesus. This is how you get to know God.

I have raised many questions and now leave them open. I cannot answer the question of who or how God is so easily for them. You should get to know him yourself. That takes time, encounters, and succession. It is a way. Not just for Christmas, but for the whole year. But at some point you have to go.

In any case, read a gospel and do what Jesus wants you to do. Make regular stops here in the service. Find fellowship and conversation with the other followers of Jesus.

Get on this path. You don't have to be particularly smart; just trust especially.

God help us to do this.


Sermon song: I'm standing here at your crib

Otto Guggemos