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Orihime Inoue

If I were rain, which connects heaven and earth, which will never find each other, then maybe I could create a bond between two hearts
— 'Orihime Inoue to oneself.
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Orihime Inoue (井上 織 姫, Inoue Orihime) is a person living in Karakura. She is a student at Karakura High School where she is in the same class as Ichigo Kurosaki and her best friend Tatsuki Arisawa. She is married to Ichigo Kurosaki at the end of the manga.


Orihime has long, orange-brown hair that she wears in a number of ways. Her pony is almost always attached with two hairpins, which her brother gave her in the past. She only takes these hairpins off as a reminder of him to sleep. The long hair also has a symbolic meaning: as a reminder of Tatsuki's promise to protect her, which she did the first time to prevent the older students from cutting off Orihime's hair. At the beginning of the series she wore her hair with a middle part and her bangs were a little shorter, later she wears a side part. Orihme has noticeably large breasts, which were often the target of many jokes in the series. She also has an extraordinarily hard head, with which she has already injured Uryū Ishida, Chad and Ichigo. While she always has brown eyes on colored pages in the manga, in the anime they are gray-purple. In contrast to her best friend Tatsuki, she seldom wears pants and skirts much more often, and she also likes clothes with floral patterns.

In the Soul Society, she switched to camouflage on a Shihakushō. When she is held in Hueco Mundo during the course of the story, she wears an outfit in the style of all Arrancar, with white fabric and black outer lines. This outfit consists of a shirt with puff sleeves and a cape, as well as a hakama, which is a bit shorter than most other Arrancar.

Seventeen months after the fight against Aizen, Orihime is back in her usual school uniform, but now with hold-ups. Her hairstyle has changed in the meantime too; her hair is now longer and slightly wavy. Her pony has also grown and now goes a little over her chin. She now wears the hair clips on the blazer of her school uniform.


Orihime is very polite and friendly, compassionate, and often a bit strange. She often appears naive, haphazard and forgetful, which is in contrast to her extremely good school grades. She achieved this through diligent study, whereby she landed in the top list of exam results overall in 3rd place, with only nine points behind the first place, Uryū Ishida. However, it seems to be lost when it comes to technology. A craft club member once said that she didn't own a cell phone because she didn't know how to use one. Orihime also has a very strange taste in food. She often eats very sweet and high-calorie things in unusual combinations. She only seems to share this taste with Rangiku Matsumoto. When the girls asked why Orihime did not get fat despite their many high-calorie diets, they came to the conclusion that all of the excess weight ended up in their breasts.

Orihime has a tendency to get into situations carelessly, which often has embarrassing consequences. For example, when the girls once asked Rukia about their feelings about Ichigo and Rukia denied them, Orihime is disappointed that Rukia does not share her feelings, because otherwise it would be two girls against one boy, and therefore the girls' team would win, which makes no sense at all . Often she also fantasizes a lot and digresses from reality. For example, when the class was asked to paint themselves in the future as an art homework assignment, Orihime painted a picture of a war robot that resembled her, but moved on caterpillars and armed with many weapons, with the students supposed to be portraying their profession in the near future . So it is very chaotic and sometimes quite dense. For example, Orihime answered Rangiku's question in an Omake whether watermelon is a vegetable with a "yes" and that she is very sure about it. Or, when Ikkaku Madarame had a wig glued on by Yumichika Ayasegawa, she only noticed that it was Ikkaku after the somewhat lively but brief conversation on the street where they happened to meet was over.

Although Orihime was initially presented as a simple character, over time the reader gets a deeper insight into her emotional world. So she often worries about her friends and hopes when she is locked in Las Noches that her friends would not come to save her because she does not want to put them in danger. However, she later loses those worries as she thinks that if one of her friends were stuck in such a situation, she would do exactly the same thing.

Another important fact about Orihime's personality is that she hates to kill. Even if an opponent attacks her who wants to kill her, she wouldn't want to kill him. This can be seen very well in the fact that Orihime's attacking ability, Koten Zanshun, has up to now almost never met or killed anyone, except for the HollowNumb Chandelier. Orihime was probably able to kill Numb Chandelier as the hollow was relatively weak and Orihime had to protect Tatsuki. This trait of hers goes so far that she even seems to hate injuries. In this way she heals almost everyone who is injured without hesitation, as she did, for example, with the two Shinigami who accompanied her into the human world and were injured by Ulquiorra Cifer in the process. Her caring manner is so great that she even healed Loly Aivirrne and Menoly Mallia, who previously tormented her and were then defeated by Grimmjow Jaegerjaques, as well as in a filler Muramasa, although she already suspected that he was an enemy of Ichigo. She wanted to help Muramasa even when he was already becoming a hollow because she understood his loneliness and felt sorry for him. Her gentle character makes it difficult for her to face enemies, which is why she mostly defends herself and "weakens" her own attacks, which in the end often leads to her being injured.


Orihime comes from a family with an alcoholic father and a mother who, according to Sora Inoue, appeared to be a prostitute. The two often argued and often beat Orihime and her brother fifteen years older than him.

When he turned eighteen, Sora and three-year-old Orihime fled their parents' home to Karakura, where he looked for work to take care of himself and his little sister. The two of them lived together in an apartment for six years and their lives were happy, except that Orihime was teased at school about the length and color of her hair. So one day when Orihime was nine years old, Sora gave her a pair of hairpins, which Orihime did not want to wear because she found them childish. Sora went to work after that very first argument with Orihime and was killed in a car accident on the way. From that day on, Orihime lived in great mourning for her brother and prayed for him day after day until she met Tatsuki, who was protecting her when a group of girls tried to cut Orihime's hair. Since that day Orihime prayed less and less for her brother, to show him that she no longer mourned him, but had joy in life again. Some time later, she started high school and met Ichigo.


Replacement hinigami saga

Orihime becomes involved in the Ichigo story for the first time because her late brother pursues her as Hollow. After her classmate and the Hollow Acidwire, which arose from her brother Sora, had a tough fight, Acidwire regained his human consciousness and redeemed himself with Ichigo's Zanpakutō.

Later in the first saga, Orihime is also attacked by one of the many Hollow that Uryū Ishida lured to compete with Ichigo. She releases her powers for the first time when Tatsuki, who is under the control of Numb Chandelier, turns against Orihime and breaks into tears. Orihime defeats the hollow with her new powers but then collapses and is brought to the Urahara shop by Kisuke Urahara and Tessai Tsukabishi. Kisuke explains to her and Yasutora Sado alias Chad everything about the Hollow and the Shinigami, as well as that Ichigo has also become a Shinigami. It is up to them whether they want to stand by him in his struggles. Orihime is unsure at first, but when she hears that Chad wants to be there for Ichigo, she decides to help Ichigo too. When Rukia is captured and is about to be executed, Orihime and Chad are taught how to use their powers by Yoruichi Shihōin. Later Ichigo, Orihime, Chad & Uryū went to the Soul Society to free Rukia.

Soul Society Saga

After their arrival in the world of Shinigami, Ichigo had to compete with Jidanbō Ikkanzaka, whom he defeated. As a reward for Ichigo's victory he wanted to open the gate he was guarding, but Gin Ichimaru cut off his arm. Orihime, however, healed Jidanbō and managed to put his arm back on with her skills.

When the group later sneaked into the Seireitei with the help of Kūkaku Shiba's cannon, Orihime and Uryū were separated from the others together. While the other intruder groups fight their way through the Soul Society most of the time, Uryū and Orihime tend to sneak past fights and only have a total of three larger encounters with the Shinigami of Gotei 13.

Almost immediately after their landing, they meet Jirōbō Ikkanzaka from the 7th Company, who despite his excessive self-confidence against Uryū hardly has a chance. He wanted Orihime to be the first target, but Uryū was able to protect them from their attacker and win the fight. Next, they take out two Shinigami from the 12th Company to get their Shihakushō. Here Orihime shows her remarkable skills in unarmed combat, which Tatsuki had taught her. When they then have their third encounter with Shinigami, this time the commander of the 12th Company, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Uryū, Makizō Aramaki, forces a Shinigami from the 11th Company to bring Orihime to safety. Makizō took them to his commander, Kenpachi Zaraki. This one, Ikkaku and Yumichika allied with Orihime to free the three of the members of their group, Chad, Uryū and Ganju Shiba from prison and to support Ichigo. Although the group was ultimately able to save Rukia, they could not stop Sōsuke Aizen, who was behind all that happened, from his escape to Hueco Mundo.

Bount saga

Orihime reappears for the first time in Karakura High School, where Renji Abarai also appears in his Gigai. Orihime wakes up in tears later that night because she had a dream about her brother Sora. Shortly afterwards, he suddenly appears in front of her door. Both talk about old times until Sora starts acting strange. She is then, it seems, drawn to hell in front of her friends who are hurrying to help. The next day, none of the classmates can remember Orihime. When Ichigo and his friends are looking for Orihime, an unknown girl contacts them and wants to play a game with the group in which they can win Orihime back. Orihime appears to appear again, but it turns out to be a cloud. His comrades-in-arms Ririn and Nova also appear and together they kidnap Chad. After Ichigo, Uryū and Renji have completed the other tasks of the game, Orihime is released again by the Mod Souls. These then turn out to be developments by Kisuke Urahara, with which he wanted to test the group.

After Kisuke tells them about the loss of Uryū's Quincy powers, Yoruichi shows up and tells them that they could possibly be potential targets for the bounts. Orihime is then assigned to Cloud, which she puts in a plush bunny backpack, and which has the ability to track down bounts. When the Mod-Souls then track down a bount, Orihime and Chad Ryō Utagawa face, who is not interested in them. Orihime and Chad then reappear when Ichigo finishes his fight against Yoshino Sōma. There Orihime meets Rukia again, with whom they exchange information and discuss how to proceed. When he meets again the next day with Ryō Utagawa, Orihime also competes against him. Also in the fight in the hospital against Ho and Ban, she competes against them. Thanks to the help of Ganju Shiba, the group can then defeat them together. When trying to free Uryū from Jin Kariya's estate, she continues to do her best.

When she is attacked by Yoshi, Orihime teams up with Cloud and Rukia to fight them. Despite their best efforts, they fail to defeat Yoshi and her Doll. The fight is then interrupted by Mabashi and taken over, so that Orihime, Rukia and Cloud now face a new opponent with his Doll Ritz. Shortly thereafter, Ritz plants himself in Rukia and controls it. The two friends Orihime and Rukia are now forced to fight each other. When Shūhei Hisagi came to the rescue, Orihime overcame her fear and managed to use her strength to separate Rukia from the doll and thus save her.

When they penetrate the Bount's cave some time later, they encounter Ugaki's doll companion and his deceitful abilities. She then stays behind with Chad and takes care of the wounds of Rukia and Rangikus. When the Bount then invade the Soul Society, the group, including Orihime, chase after them and when they get there they split up to look for the Bounts. Together with Ichigo, she senses that Rukia is in danger, which is attacked by Yoshi. But they come too late, because Byakuya Kuchiki managed to save Rukia from them and put the bount to flight. Together with the injured Rukia, she and Ichigo return to the Kuchiki estate, but do not stay there for long and go into the fight against the bounts again. While Ichigo and Byakuya now face Jin Kariya unsuccessfully, Orihime and Chad meet Ganju and continue to search for his wild boar.

Another meeting of the group takes place after the fight between Tōshirō Hitsugaya and Maki Ichinose, there they learn that Kariya and his best men are already about to invade the Seireitei.

The group is quickly stopped by Maki's Zanpakutō ability, but they can be rescued by Kenpachi Zaraki, who seems to be the only one who can take on Maki. So the group rushes after the bounts into the Seireitei, but they do not arrive in time and find at the gate Jidanbō, who was defeated by the bount. And so Orihime is left to heal the wounds of the giant Shinigami. She only rejoins the group after Ichigo has defeated the boss of the Bount in a final battle and heals her friends' injuries. They then say goodbye to Rukia and he returns to this world.

Arrancar saga

With the end of the summer vacation, Shinji Hirako, the new classmate, has a problem. When Orihime and Chad notice the change in Ichigo's behavior, they confront Shinji and Hiyori Sarugaki after Chad and Orihime overhear their conversation. However, Shinji Hiyori quickly wears off after he stopped her from attacking the two humans, and so their questions go unanswered.

Shortly afterwards, the Espada Ulquiorra Cifer and Yammy Llargo enter the human world through a garganta. Yammy begins by gonzui sucking up the souls of everyone in the area. When Chad and Orihime arrive at the Arrancar, they can save Tatsuki, but are quickly defeated themselves, since neither their attack with Tsubaki had any effect, nor their shield could withstand the Arrancar. Even Ichigo, who arrived shortly afterwards, succumbs to superiority because his inner hollow interferes in the fight. The group is saved by the arrival of Kisuke and Yoruichi, who force the Arrancar to retreat.

Alarmed by the arrival of the Arrancar, the Soul Society sends a group of Shinigami, including Rukia, out into the human world to help defend the human world. Because Rukia's arrival helps the depressed Ichigo get back on his feet, Orihime gets into an inner conflict because she is grateful to Rukia, but at the same time envies her because she managed so easily where Orihime failed. When Orihime and Rangiku, who is staying with her, talk about it, Orihime helps Orihime over her envy.

After the second Arrancar attack, this time by Grimmjow and his Fracción, the Soul Society realizes Aizen's true plan and sends Orihime to warn the defenders of the human world. To the great astonishment of Hachigen Ushōda, Orihime Ichigo, who trains with the Visored, can also locate through their barrier and simply walk through the barrier. Then Orihime is asked by Kisuke not to take part in the upcoming battles against Aizen, on the one hand because her fighting skills are insufficient, on the other hand because Urahara does not want Aizen's attention to be drawn to Orihime's unique abilities. She is briefly depressed by this news, but a conversation with Rukia and the healing of Tsubaki, who was destroyed in the fight against Yammy, helps her over it. She then goes to the Soul Society with Rukia to train.

With information from Ulquiorra, Aizen's interest nonetheless falls on Orihime's abilities. He sends Yammy, the now one-armed and degraded Grimmjow and his replacement for the position of Sexta Espada, Luppi Antenor and the recently created Arrancar Wonderweiss Margela, who according to Aizen is on the level of an Espada, for a third attack on the human world. Ulquiorra receives the mission from Aizen to intercept Orihime during the transfer from the Soul Society into the human world and to take him to Hueco Mundo, which he finally manages by showing Orihime pictures of the attack of the Arrancar, in which all her friends are defeated, and threatens the death of all people who mean something to Orihime. After Orhime agrees, Ulquiorra gives her one last day to sort out her affairs, on threats that if she escapes, her friends will die. Furthermore, he equips her with a bracelet, which means that she can walk through walls if she wanted to and is invisible to those around her.

She was not allowed to contact anyone except someone of her choice, and she was also not allowed to mention her kidnapping. In the end, Orihime chose Ichigo, who is asleep in bed with injuries from his fight against Grimmjow. While he sleeps, Orihime confesses her love to him and heals Ichigo's wounds before she is kidnapped to Hueco Mundo. The fact that she was healing Ichigo's wounds leads the Soul Society to think that Orihime volunteered to join Aizen's army. Before she leaves the human world, she writes the words "Goodbye, happy days" (in the original: "Goodbye Halycon Days") in a notebook.

Hueco Mundo saga

After arriving in Hueco Mundo, Sōsuke Aizen asks her to put her skills to the test. To do this, she is asked to restore Grimmjow's arm, which was previously completely destroyed by Kaname Tōsen. After this request, the Espada Luppi speaks up and says that Orihime would not be able to do so. But when Orihime managed this, Grimmjow kills Luppi in front of her eyes and takes his old place again. Aizen then says Orihime has powers that resemble those of a god, since she is able to reject events and so e.g. restore things like body parts. Shortly afterwards, Orihime is placed in Ulquiorra's care and imprisoned in Las Noches. After being locked in her room for a while, she feels the reiatsu of Ichigo and her other friends and wonders why they came.

A short time later, Ulquiorra shows up to see what she is doing. He tells Orihime that her friends have invaded Hueco Mundo, which makes her wonder why they came. Ulquiorra answers her this question quickly, for it is clear that they came to free Orihime. However, the Espada also thinks that this is a pointless undertaking, since Orihime's body and soul already belong to Aizen.

When Ulquiorra then leaves her room, Orihime thinks back to how Aizen showed her the Hōgyoku, as a token of his trust in her. She decides to use her strength to reject the existence of the Hōgyoku. While her friends penetrate deeper and deeper into Las Noches, and Chad's reiatsu becomes weaker, the Cuatro Espada Ulquiorra appears again at Orihime. She firmly believes, despite Ulquiorra's claims, that Chad is still alive. Then the Espada Orihime has food brought to her, which, if she doesn't eat by herself, stuffs it into her throat. When she continues to oppose her boyfriend's death, Ulquiorra explains that her friends were doomed to die when they entered Hueco Mundo. Orihime gets so angry that she slaps the Espada in the face. This then disappears, but announces its reappearance. Orihime then collapses in tears.