How do I become more relaxed

13 simple techniques to relax


1. Meditate

Meditating regularly is probably one of the most effective ways to become more relaxed and calm. All the people I know who meditate regularly seem very balanced, clear and satisfied to me.

There are many meditation techniques. I recommend that you just start somewhere. You can start with five minutes a day and gradually increase. You can try out different techniques and see which one suits you best. You can find numerous instructions on the Internet.

2. Sauna

A place of relaxation and tranquility. In the sauna you can relax completely and devote yourself only to yourself. It serves very well to rearrange, switch off and let go of your thoughts.

3. Massage

A good massage is irreplaceable for me. Here, too, there are different methods and of course masseurs. Just try out what feels best for you and who you would like to have a massage from.

Regular massages can be very liberating and your body completely relaxes.

4. Conscious relaxation

Take the time every day to consciously relax. To do this, you can just lie down and watch your breath. And consciously let go of every muscle in your body. You can also do this with guidance. You will surely find what you are looking for on the Internet after guided relaxation or autogenic training.

It is important that you take the time to do it.

5. Hypnosis

Whether by yourself or under supervision. (Self-) hypnosis is also a very effective technique for letting go completely. Here, too, you can find instructions on the Internet or look for someone who can already do that. It's a lot easier than you might expect.

6. Sports

The right sport awakens spirits, is good for your body and your mind. Whether yoga, fitness studio, martial arts, jogging or swimming. Exercising your body regularly is simply good. Especially right after training you will feel fit and balanced.

7. Go for a walk

Just walk through nature for an hour. Letting go of all thoughts and having no goals. And still fresh air for your body. Take the time for this too and enjoy the moment.

8. Take conscious time off

Especially when you have a lot of stress and appointments, it makes a lot of sense if you allow yourself deliberate time off. Turn off your computer and cell phone and take the time to relax. Let go of all problems and thoughts and recharge your batteries. Do this every day.

9. Healthy eating

Diet contributes significantly to our well-being. Of course, you feel differently after a fat meal than after a balanced meal. Just start eating more consciously. You don't have to change your entire diet right away, it is enough if you start a healthy diet step by step.

10. Good conversations

An intensive, good and open conversation with someone you trust can work wonders. Ballast can leave you and you not only liberate yourself verbally from stressful things. Do this regularly too. Surround yourself with people with whom you can talk openly and who are good for you.

11. Writing

Keep a diary, write a list of things for which you are grateful, write down your successes every day. Whatever you do, writing down thoughts can also be very liberating and help you to relax and calm down. Do this every day too.

12. Reading

Pick up a really good, inspiring book and take time for yourself and your book. You can let go of stressful thoughts and concentrate fully on another world.

13. Morning exercise

Wake up your body directly after getting up. Again, it doesn't matter which type of movement you choose. You can do a few minutes of yoga, gymnastics, jogging, or just stretching. If you focus on your body every morning, you will go through everyday life much more calmly and relaxed.


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