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Dramatic corona crisis in India

(Aachen, April 30, 2021). Partner organizations from India have turned to MISEREOR with dramatic appeals and speak of a nationwide tragedy. They report on the desperate corona situation, especially in mega cities such as Delhi or Mumbai, but also in the countryside. The number of infections and the number of deaths continues to rise, with thousands of people dying, mostly without getting medical help at all. Many employees of MISEREOR partner organizations have also been infected or died, so that it is becoming more and more difficult to help. "This is a humanitarian catastrophe of unimaginable proportions," explains Elisabeth Bially, head of the Asia and Oceania department at MISEREOR.

“Our Indian partner organizations have been supporting the people in India since the beginning of the pandemic. They explain how people can protect themselves, distribute disinfectants, masks and medicines, and provide them with food and clean water. Especially the population in the narrow slums of the cities, the health workers or the many undertakers - mostly Dalits, who are at the lowest end of the social class - are often helpless and defenseless in the face of the pandemic. They also suffer from hunger and have to keep working to survive, ”says Bially.

MISEREOR is preparing extensive relief measures

Despite high physical and psychological challenges, fears and loss of family and colleagues, the partner organizations throughout the country are working tirelessly and are also helping people emotionally.

The children's rights organization Butterflies, for example, is now taking care of the psychological consequences and trauma of street children, who have often lost family and friends, in addition to food distribution and medical care.

MISEREOR is preparing further extensive aid measures in order to be able to continue supporting the people in India and is asking for donations.