How can I get good looking friends

Extremely beautiful people tell us what it is like to be extremely beautiful

The other day I was standing in a rooftop bar in Lisbon after a trip to the beach with a sunburned face and sandy hair. When I looked around, I quickly noticed that all of the other guests looked incredibly good. Not only did they have beautiful faces, they were also very stylishly dressed - and all this physical perfection seemed to be the most normal thing in the world for those present.

And as I stood there, surrounded by all the splendid people who all looked like the "after" to my "before", I wondered what it must be like to look incredibly good. Are beautiful people constantly aware of how incredibly beautiful they actually are? Do you ever get tired of the countless compliments? How many drinks do you have to pay for yourself when you go out?

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In search of answers, I turned to my friends on social networks. You should show me the most beautiful people you know. And that's how I came into contact with the six pretty ones down here. They gave me a brief glimpse into life with a face that moves a thousand ships.

Photo courtesy Billie

VICE: Hey Billie, you look really gorgeous.
Billie: Yes I know. Nevertheless, I would change a lot about myself, just like any other person. But I know that I shouldn't think like that and be grateful for the way I look. And it's also true: Looking good has many advantages. I work in catering and I often get extra tips or drinks.

Are your friends jealous when you get all the attention?
Yes, it seems like that to me sometimes. I also always feel guilty when we go away and the men just talk to me. I try to get rid of guys like that right away. Another thing I noticed: When I tell my friends how great they look, they think I'm kidding.

Do people take you less seriously because they automatically think you're stupid?
Absolutely. When men talk to me, they mostly just talk about how beautiful I am instead of asking about my interests. It's always the same: if you look good, you are only judged on how you look. People quickly forget that we also have a personality.

Photo courtesy of Emil

VICE: Is life easier as an extremely attractive person?
Emil: Yes. Studies have shown that good-looking people are more popular. On the other hand, people are quick to think I'm arrogant. I then have to hear that they don't understand me because I often don't act so confidently in social situations. They think I should be brimming with confidence in the way I look.

Do people get nervous about how you look?
A former colleague always dropped items like plates or pens when I was around her.

When did you realize you were looking good?
My mother always said that, but doesn't every mother say that to her son? That's why I never really took it seriously. It wasn't until after working as a model for a year that I believed in it myself. However, I don't think about this topic that often. I've got used to women smiling at me on the street. Or maybe that's not normal at all and I just don't know.

Do you often get things for free?
No, unfortunately not. That may sound sexist now, but I think women in general are better at "flirting" with each other.

Photo courtesy of Nina

VICE: Do you think attractive people are happier?
Nina: Good looks can be useful. For example, I've never had a real interview. I usually just have a casual chat with the potential employer and then I'm offered the job. I've also noticed that I get away with nonsense more easily than other people. If I misbehave in the club and tap the beer at the bar myself, I'll never get kicked out. You are always nice to me. I don't have to go out of my way to meet new people.

So are you very confident?
No not true. I know I look very good, but it's not now that I look at myself in the mirror all day. On some days - for example, when I've slept badly - I find myself really ugly.

Other women would certainly not mind looking like you on a "bad" day.
I don't think I'm beautiful. I used to work as a model, but I never really felt comfortable in the industry because everything is so superficial there. Good looks don't just bring benefits. Often times people are intimidated by you or they think you are arrogant.

Photo: Nina Flore Hernandez

VICE: Are you afraid that you won't look so good when you get older?
Peter: Total. I used to dance professionally and my looks played a big part in my career. As a young, beautiful person, the whole world seems to be open to you. That changes as you get older.

Have you ever used your beauty to your advantage?
The way I look can help when I want something. A while ago a friend was for the Man of the Year award from GQ nominated. He didn't win. To soften the disappointment, he and I used our looks and charm to convince the lady at the goodie bag station to give us a dozen bulging bags.

How often are you asked about dates?
Quite often. In my opinion, that has to do with the fact that I'm on stage. Often people think they know me because they were once at a performance by me. It can get weird quickly.

Photo: Isabella Rosa

VICE: Is it great to be so beautiful?
Luca: It also has its downsides. Often times people just stare at me. I find that extremely uncomfortable. And I'm quickly labeled stupid.

Do you often get compliments from strangers?
Yes, it does. Often it is about my freckles or my hair. I appreciate something like that, but it also gets annoying at some point. I think it would be nice if someone asked something about my job or my interests.

Can you just take home any man you like?
I have nothing to complain about on this subject. Sometimes I just want sex, like every other person. One-night stands lose their appeal at some point. And if men turn me on that I don't like, then I have to turn them off. That happens to others too, but maybe a little more to me. It's never fun.

If I were as pretty as you, I'd love most of all of the free promotional stuff they send me.
Right, that's really not bad. I get free clothes and other things, which I then present on my Instagram profile.

Photo: Darnell Rosary

VICE: Do you think life is easier when you look good?
Dyllan: No, life is tough - one way or another. I really don't think it matters in the end how pretty you are.

So you don't worry that once you get older and less attractive, your life will get tougher?
Not really, no. And I'm not afraid of losing my good looks either. After all, it is also called "black don't crack" - black people don't get wrinkles. Aside from an occasional haircut, I don't spend a lot of time on my appearance. I also don't think that will change in the foreseeable future.

Are other people less interested in your personality once they see your beautiful face?
Yes, and that bothers me a little. A lot of people don't realize that I have something on my mind too. They are actually really surprised when I tell them that I'm a very good student.

* Billie's name was changed for this item at her request.

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