Why is my sister taking my things

Little sister "borrows" my things

I am all too familiar with this type of family problem. I only have one brother who doesn't walk around in my clothes, but still likes to borrow other things, such as DVDs, computer accessories, even my laptop, earphones, good pens and fountain pens and a lot more. Nothing is safe from him, for example, if I buy a pack of AAA batteries for my GTR so that I have something to change if it fails at school during an exam, the pack is often opened in my pocket or at some point disappears completely. Earphones, which I take turns with, are suddenly somehow worn out and kinked and one time one of the earphones didn't work at all. DVDs and sometimes CDs also like to disappear and then I want to see them or while cleaning up I notice that my DVD stack is somehow only half as big and then I find the DVDs lying around somewhere in his room without packaging.

It made me really angry for a while and I freaked out regularly when something like that happened. After all, I buy these things for my own money and as a student you don't necessarily have a fortune, you don't feel like having it stolen by a little thieving brother who doesn't even want to admit it afterwards. And that's exactly how it looked with him, when I asked him if he had my things, then he always denied it. At some point I thought that maybe I should still be so attached to my material things, then I wouldn't be so upset anymore. But surely no one can do it that way, that is not feasible.

At some point I solved the whole problem by locking my room against my mother's wishes. At first I only did this when I left the house, but my brother adapted very quickly and I didn't even have to go to the toilet or the kitchen, he was already in the room. I then quickly solved that by hanging a kind of carillon above the door. That upset my mother, too, but I had to do something and the carillon hangs so close to the door that you definitely have to touch it to get in and you can't hold it with your hand because it's too high hangs and just behind the door. In the first few days my brother was surprised when he wanted to go to my room again.

From my own experience I can therefore say very well that talking in such relationships usually doesn't help at all. Of course you can try and it's good when people respond, but most of the time it doesn't work, for whatever reason. Maybe your sister wants the parts of you that are a little more expensive and that you don't necessarily want to give her, or she just doesn't ask out of principle because she has such a character. There is really little that can be done about it, you could perhaps just ask your grandma if she doesn't put your things in the box, but stores them separately or maybe even puts them in the closet straight away. She could maybe just let you know immediately when something was freshly washed again, then you can be the first to sort out and not your sister. However, I don't know how it is that your sister doesn't get the things straight out of your closet, or does she not do it that way?

If that is not the case, then I actually don't think this solution is that bad, only your grandma has to get involved with it. Otherwise you won't have much choice but to lock your closet or room and of course you could also tell your mother that your sister carries things of yours that do not belong to her, so that your sister will be admonished if she tries again to go out of the house in your things.