What is the concept of graphic design

Concept & graphic design

Regardless of whether it is offline in print form or online in digital form: The design of communication materials is absolutely crucial in order to get your communication to the point. An appealing and coordinated communication design can create recognition and identification with your company. This not only applies to external corporate communication with various stakeholders such as customers, suppliers or business partners, but also applies to internal communication with employees.
The following steps form the framework for a project in the field of graphic design and enable us to understand and implement your customer requirements in the best possible way.

Conception graphic design

The right concept for your corporate communication forms the basis for a successful communication campaign. We depend on a detailed briefing in which you explain the context and your communication goals to us in more detail. This briefing is usually in writing, but is supplemented by a personal conversation between you and our project managers.

This first step in the joint collaboration is essential and lays the foundation for the subsequent processing of your order. It is therefore particularly important to us to fully understand your customer requirements in order to work out appropriate suggestions. Among other things, we clarify the following points in this crucial initial phase:

Occasion & Message

What do you want to talk to your target audience about? What specific message do you want to convey? In this first step, we would like to use your briefing to understand what prompts you for the communication campaign.

For example, would you like to start an awareness campaign to draw attention to company-relevant topics? Would you like to inform your customers about a large-scale promotion? Are you planning an event and want to see as many visitors as possible on site? These are just a few examples of the communication occasions that companies bring to us when required.

Regardless of the reason for your communication project: Our experts know how communication materials can best be tailored to the respective context and what needs to be taken into account.

target group

Who do you want to address with your communication? Does the campaign take place as part of internal corporate communication with employees or management? Or would you like to reach external stakeholders such as regular customers, existing customers or new customers? Each target group sets different standards for the development of the respective communication materials.

Understanding the target audience is essential in order to strike the right note and achieve the desired goals. Interest or an action can only be aroused by carefully coordinating the materials and content with the reader, viewer or listener. Communication has to catch the eye and get stuck in the head in order to achieve lasting success.


What goal do you want to achieve with the campaign? Should a certain action be evoked in the target group, attention drawn or information provided? You tell us in which direction you want to go with the communication campaign and we develop measurable goals & KPIs from them.


Which channels can best be used to reach the target group? A strategic selection of the right channels makes it possible to reduce wastage in communication. Whether traditional channels or online media - we adapt the communication to the medium.

Timing & Budget

These two key points should be clarified at the beginning of the briefing so that we know the time and budget within which the project is moving. We would like to know when the materials need to be completed so that we can plan feedback loops and resources accordingly.

As soon as these most important indicators have been clarified, we can start drafting a communication concept. We will make you a proposal for the choice of key messages, most important channels and specific communication materials. All elements are tailored to your target group and your goals in the best possible way, both in terms of content and graphic design.

Implementation of graphic design
As soon as the concept has been approved by you, we can start implementing it. In this step, the concrete design of the materials specified in the concept begins. Content and graphic design are drafted and further developed in close cooperation with you. When working together, we attach great importance to flexibility, reliability and fast processing of your customer feedback.

Finding the right design and the right way to address the target audience for your communication materials can be a major challenge. Our agency has experienced graphic designers and copywriters who know what is important.
As a creative agency, we offer our customers innovative solutions for the creation of content and designs. On the other hand, it is also possible to fully integrate the layout of all materials into your respective corporate design in order to create a uniform line of communication.

Graphic design roll out
After the successful creation and approval of all communication materials, the rollout of the materials begins via the individual channels. In this step, all materials are made public for the first time. Online banners, online ads or editorial content on online platforms are switched live on the respective channels. We take care of the online purchase of advertising space on the respective platforms and take care of communication and coordination with the providers.

In the field of print media, we inquire for you from printing companies that are close partners of ours and have been working with us for years. We have a lot of experience with finishing or unusual advertising materials. The coordination and print monitoring is completely in the hands of our project managers, you don't need to worry about anything and get the finished product delivered when we have accepted it at the print shop.
Especially for the rollout of the materials, adherence to the timing is of great importance in order to achieve the best time for the greatest possible success.

Production (print & digital)
Depending on the project, the materials are delivered in printed or digital form.
We work with reliable partners in the production of your print materials and deliver your materials to the address you have given in Germany or abroad. In the print sector in particular, there are many decisions to be made that can have a significant impact on the look or quality of the end product and its price. We will provide you with proposals tailored to your project and budget and, if you wish, we will be happy to create test prints during the design process. This makes it easier to decide on the final design and helps you to get a concrete picture of design elements such as the choice of color or feel.

Digital communication materials such as online banners are designed and programmed by us in-house. This is done in close coordination with you and the technical specifications of the online platforms on which the digital materials are used. In the course of the implementation, you will receive copies of the programmed content for your feedback. After completion, we will provide you with the final content in digital form, as well as links to the publications after they have gone live.

Our creative agency supports you from conception to production, through the entire process of designing and implementing your communication materials. We keep an eye on the target group, customer benefits and your communication goals in every project. Within the set time and budget, we develop a tailor-made communication design in close cooperation with you in order to convey your message in the best possible way.


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