Where can I get weeds in Tucson

Cheapest Way to Get from Tucson, AZ to Boulder, CO?

I suspect you're looking for flights from Tucson (TUS) to Denver (DEN), but you can get much cheaper flights from Phoenix (PHX). I see round-trip PHX-DEN-PHX fares of USD 112 (Spirit Airlines, lots of additional charges likely), USD 144 (Southwest, including baggage), and USD 185 (US Airways, baggage extra). The difference would likely cover a shuttle from Tucson to PHX (or you could arrange a lift for even less).

Note that Southwest Airlines is a big player in this market (PHX and DEN are both major Southwest hubs and operate 9-10 non-stops per day) but their fares are not on major travel websites (Orbitz, Kayak, etc.) ). You have to go to Southwest to see their tariffs. In this case, it's worth it.

Southwest also sells you a non-stop TUS-DEN-TUS for $ 244 round-trip.

To get to Boulder from Denver Airport, take the Skyride public bus, which costs $ 13 each way.

To edit : If you only travel one way, do not despair. On most domestic US flights, a round-trip fare is roughly equivalent to two round-trip fares. For any of the above fares, you should be able to get round-trip tickets at half price. (It used to be that two one-way fares were far more expensive or round-trip flights required an overnight Saturday or something similar, but these phenomena have largely disappeared.)