What makes a really good travel writer

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Hamburg. Oliver Zechlin is currently on vacation in San Francisco. He drives the cable car, has breakfast in the coffee shop next to his hotel on Columbus Avenue and was in the "In-and-Out", a burger restaurant: "I've never eaten such good French fries. Like tender potato chips. Yummy ! " Oliver types his experiences in the Californian city into his laptop every day in his hotel room and posts the text on the Internet. There everyone can read the 34-year-old's travel diary at "www.20six.de/Oz" and view his vacation photos. "Weblogs" are the personal online journals, diaries or comment pages that more and more travelers create in the global electronics network. Anyone who has internet access at their holiday destination can write their travel novel in this way. You don't need anything but a computer and a web address. And this is how it works: register with a weblog provider, choose a layout, start typing. Even videos can be fed in. Whether the internet fan is going on a trip around the world, taking part in a party on Mallorca or spending the holidays with the family on the Reviera, he or she can always tell friends and strangers about it almost live. In the US, weblogs are currently a hot internet trend with over three million subscribers. The two largest portals are "Blogger.com" and "Liveyournal.com". Travel diaries written in German can be read on around half a dozen web portals, for example on "Freenet" or "M-Blog". One of the fastest growing providers is 20six Weblog Services AG from Hamburg. The founding trio Stefan Glänzer, Christoph Linkwitz and Stefan Wiskemann already has more than 5000 journalists in their files; About 50 new "blogs" are created every day. Every blogger has ten megabytes of storage space available. The exchange of information is booming. Probably also because it is still free. "In the long term, however, we will have to take money for our basic service," says Wiskemann. Holidaymakers and globetrotters, doctors, actors and ship captains - bloggers are completely normal travelers who usually publish on the Internet under artificial names such as "The Traveler", "Eyedotter" or "BlogsBerg". You type short entries, observations or entire essays. Other web surfers comment on these reports or pictures and may give tips for the further trip. "This is a particular advantage of weblogs," says Oliver Zechlin. "If I send a postcard, it will arrive after a week at the earliest. And the answer will take that long again." 20six board member Wiskemann: "Direct communication during the trip, the possibility of making spontaneous ideas at sunset or flirting in the evening immediately accessible to others via the online diary, gives travel a previously unknown immediacy." Alice Immenroth, alias "Alice", who is currently in Sydney, Australia and raves about the Opera House, the Royal Botanic Garden and the imposing Harbor Bridge in her weblog: "The electronic travel diary is what I let the public know about Share experiences. And later I can read everything again. " Examples for travel diaries on the Internet: www.20six.de/alice, www.20six.de/Oz, www.20six.de/jackmullins, www.20six.de/thailog, www.20six.de/eyedotter

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