What is cottage cheese yogurt


How healthy is curd cheese?

Quark is basically as healthy as yogurt and contains the same high content of minerals and vitamins. However, these cannot be processed as well.

Quark has the same high levels of calcium, magnesium and vitamins as natural yoghurt, but the calcium it contains is much more difficult to absorb and process by the body. The reason: Quark contains a lot of phosphorus and this is converted to phosphate in the body. And that inhibits the absorption of calcium in the body.

Quark is a good source of protein, however. So quark makes strong muscles. But that high amount of protein can be harmful in the long run. Because the protein metabolism produces waste products in the body that can only be excreted through the kidneys. And that puts unnecessary strain on the kidneys in the long run and can lead to damage.

Tip: Quark should therefore always be eaten instead of other sources of protein such as meat or cheese. 150g of 10% quark covers the entire daily protein requirement of an adult. Quark can cause digestive problems in sensitive people because the protein it contains is very difficult to digest.

Quark wrap: Quark can also be used as a home remedy, e.g. to cool injuries. Quark has a decongestant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and cooling effect. Brush a clean, thin cotton cloth or compress with plenty of cool quark, wrap the cloth and close.

How to make quark wraps: