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Palmistry hand lines learned to read and mean

Discover the basics of Chinese palmistry using hand paintings to read palms for the meaning of the palm lines: Love line, life line, fate line, heart line ... Palmistry, also known as chirology and chiromancy, is the study of the palm, mainly used to observe the shape, color and lines of the palm and the length of the fingers.

Some people also read the spirals of the fingers. People use it to determine luck or bad luck. They believe that palmistry can help them learn about their lives and learn more about themselves.

History of palmistry

Palmistry has early origins in many regions. According to the records of Brahmanism and many murals in India, palmistry was already very popular in ancient India.
Palmistry also has a long history in China, starting with the Zhou Dynasty (1045–256 BC) more than 3,000 years ago.
The first relatively systematic work of palmistry in China appeared in the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC - 9 AD). It was considered part of the physiognomy.

The palmistry indicates four aspects

1. Congenital conditions: family background and resources

2. Work and life status: the relationship between parents and work colleagues

3. Physical condition: the state of health

4. Destiny: destiny and characteristics

Palmistry which hand, right or left?

At first you don't know which hand to read correctly.

In palmistry, the left hand refers to innate informationwhile the right hand is on postnatal information relates. The right hand takes precedence in the chiromist's estimates.

To be clear, the right palm is used to determine 80% of a reading and the left palm is used to determine the other 20%.

Overall, when performing palm reading, a chiromancer mainly uses the right palm and then adds or subtracts the information according to the readings on the left palm.

The 5 most important hand lines

Palmistry Lifeline:

Also known as the "Earth Line" in China. This line extends around the thumb and reflects health and physical vitality. That doesn't mean when you're going to die. If it is deep, pronounced and long, it means very good health and the immune system. Lots of small breaks in the line represent a person whose immune system is currently not that good. If there are small interruptions in the lifelines and head lines, this has a major impact on the service life.

In addition, the line of life also means complete happiness. If it is not long and deep, it means that the life of families was poor or, in the early days, mostly not so happy. And the family atmosphere wasn't that good.

Palmistry head line:

In China, this is also known as the "human line" and extends from the middle of the thumb and index finger to the other side of the palm. Usually it looks like it shares the palm of your hand and reflects a person's mentality and personality.

Palmistry Heart Line:

Also known as the "sky line". This line extends under the little finger to the index finger. It reflects emotional destiny and control, as well as marriage. The heart line extends to under the index finger

The heart line is very long and extends to the lower end of the index finger, means that this person is sincere and reliable and he is a romantic person. But her heart is fragile. A little frustration in their relationship can worry them. Although she is full of longing for love, she feels uncomfortable in her heart when love comes. She is afraid that she will be hurt.

The heart line extends between the middle finger and the index finger. The line is very long and extends to the gap between the index finger and middle finger. This indicates that the person is mature and stable. She can be rational to sense and control her own emotions. She is romantic at times, but not passionate and loving. She is very sincere with her lover.

The Lerz line extends to the lower part of the middle fingerwhich indicates that this person values ​​the body and lust of great importance. She enjoys the moment, is possessive, jealous, and not very specific in emotions.

The clay line is very short, not connected to the front and back, but only with the middle part. These people are easy to sway, have no opinion, and everyone agrees. They say what most other people say. When family members resist their love, they give up without hesitation. Other people's words can often control their thoughts, just like a wall of grass.

The heart line runs through the entire palm, ie. the broken palm. A man with a broken palm has a strong sense of self and a great desire for power. If he wants others to follow his own ideas, they force others to obey themselves. The women are strong vigorous, independent, self-reliant and independent of their spouse.

When the line of the mine branches offt, this person means very curious and full of adventure. For them, love is also the pursuit of temporary freshness. You can fall in love with someone very quickly and also break up instantly.

Even so, this is very rare, some people have two ore lines. Such people have rich and sensitive feelings. You have a good relationship with the opposite sex and can get help from the opposite sex. However, they are easily able to change their feelings and have difficulty choosing.

Palmistry fate line:

Also known as the "career line", it extends from the wrist to the middle finger. It reflects your own wealth and career.

When the line of fate is choppy, means the people's work is not stable or they change their profession often.

When the line of fate reaches to the line of the head, indicate that because of your intelligence, they are retiring careers. If the fate line stops at the love line, it means they are giving up their careers because of an emotional problem.

If only the above line of fate is clear, shows that such people only begin their careers in the middle and late stages of life.

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Women's palmistry appearing with these 4 traits will be rich and healthy and always lucky in the future!

1, Mingtang is a low lying area, the zone will save money, and all of life will continue to flow. The career line is thin but deep, and relatively stable, and they can make a lot of money.

2, The palm color is reddish, the hands are soft like cotton, the sundae palace is high and convex, the sun line is obvious. The heart line is a dash to the end, there is a slight twist before marriage, and the husband and wife are harmonious after marriage. The career is stable and successful, the emotional line is deep and loving, and the husband and wife after marriage are harmonious and happy. This type of feminine palmistry has absolute wanfu luck very strong.

3, The Xun Gongtian Pattern: Like the shape of Tian (field). There are large and small looks, and fortunes are different. This appears from "Tian's form (field)" in the palms for wealth and fame. With this pattern, you won't have to worry about eating, drinking and carrying for a lifetime. The Xun Gongtian character pattern is obvious: you don't worry about money all your life, you don't have to worry about food and clothes.

4, The little finger is known as the Mercury finger. It is directly related to the happiness of their children. The little finger is full and powerful, with strong business acumen and expressiveness. He also represents a person's social skills and talents, whether you enjoy your old age and enjoy the blessings of your children.

Palmistry love line:

Located under the little finger and run horizontally

The Sub-calculations means these people have twists and turns in love.

The flat, thin and light love line mainly means that love for marriage is relatively simple as in normal married life. Such people want to strive for a long married life. The deep, long and clear line of love means more passion for your partner. That is why they can also have deep love.

When people have two love lines and the two are parallel, of equal length, indicating that the spouses have similar personalities and a happy marriage. If you have three lines of love, love is changeable and unstable. Late marriage is recommended.

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