How can I record payments in Xero

Christine Mlynarik in an interview with ChillBill

Christine juggles the finances at the Austrian augmented reality pioneer Wikitude .
In the interview, she chats about her everyday work and life with ChillBill.

Who are you and what do you and your company do?

The startup Wikitude is a pioneer of mobile augmented reality (AR) technology. We develop in-house AR solutions for smartphones, tablets and wearables. The resulting products are Wikitude AR SDK, Cloud Recognition and Wikitude Studio.

We are a very international team - with our colleagues from Brazil, Italy, Germany and many other nations we are currently 21 Wikituders. I try to support all these developers, experts and specialists as best I can in the back office.

My main task, however, is the world of finance: From document processing, invoicing, pre-accounting, dunning and payment systems to internal controlling, this takes up a large part of my working time.

As a returnee after the birth of my daughter, I found the ideal employer in Wikitude at the beginning of 2013, because the team also caters to my requirements as a working mother. I am particularly pleased that in the spring of 2015 I was able to expand my weekly working hours and thus also my task horizons.

When I work, I like to hear ...

Music by the Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters or Millencollin.

3 tips for entrepreneurs just starting out

1. Get help and suggestions!

For example, people in coworking spaces like to share information with others (nice example: Coworking Space Salzburg) or start-up center, start-up service, etc.

2. Try to think a little bigger right from the start!

Shoebox accounting is all well and good, but at some point the largest shoebox is too small and the mess too big. Online tools offer fine price models for small budgets, especially for startups or sole proprietorships.

3. Don't let yourself get down!

How does the accounting work for you?

At Wikitude, all receipts are collected, incoming invoices and cash receipts are transferred to Excel and Xero (via CSV) via ChillBill. Outgoing invoices that arrive here directly from the online store are also managed in Xero.

Via CSV, I can feed the payment systems created in Xero with information (e.g. customer credit card payments, bank receipts). PayPal is connected directly to Xero - payments are settled directly in Xero with the respective receipt;

Documents are pre-assigned directly in Xero and assigned to a controlling area; Folders (yes, physical ones!) Are created and come to the tax advisor.

The tax consultant imports various lists (Excel or CSV) into his BMD, books various things manually, adds the final account assignment and cost accounting and provides us with all possible reports for internal and external controlling and reporting (balance lists, Kerf, OP lists, etc. ).


What has changed since you started using ChillBill?

Since we have been using ChillBill, we can also store / display / record the incoming invoices in Xero. This means that we have all the relevant documents in one place and, as far as current, at hand.

In the future, I also want to create reports on the expenditure side, which helps enormously.

Since I've been using ChillBill, I have more time for ...

Internal controlling, personnel management / hiring, support of colleagues with travel planning, office organization and more.