What are some modern clever scams

Warning, "Romance Scam" | This is how you recognize
Love swindlers on the net!

The so-called romance scammers look for their victims on online exchanges and on Facebook! First they promise their victims great love, then they gamble them off mercilessly. Broken hearts and empty bank accounts are left behind.

How do love fraudsters use the internet?

The trade in love is booming, and there are now countless single portals online. The hurdles for registration are low, and there is often no control to determine whether the participants have serious intentions.

And so, love or marriage swindlers have discovered the Internet for themselves: They are looking for victims whom they pretend to be interested in a relationship or partnership. Ultimately, however, they only want their victims' money.

The contact begins rather harmlessly. The love cheaters are friendly and tell a serious and interesting life story. If the victim bites, she will soon be showered with oaths of love.

The impostor first wants to build up emotional pressure and win over the victim. If that succeeds, the victim is excluded.

First of all, donations are asked for, for example for the cost of plane tickets and passport so that he can visit his victim in Germany. Or it is pressed on the lacrimal gland and alleged costs for an illness or because of work problems are simulated.

► If the victim refuses, the pressure is increased: The previously loving partner suddenly becomes very uncomfortable. He threatens his victim, tells lies to friends and even becomes a blackmailer. In doing so, he uses all the information and photos that his victim unsuspectingly made available to him beforehand.

Attention: Never send too revealing photos of yourself!

What do typical scammer profiles look like?

Most of the time, stolen photos are used there: the people depicted do not even know that their pictures are being used. Or extra photo series are made by a model. This can be recognized by the same clothes or similar poses.

► According to the police, men are mostly attractive white people who pose as academics, for example as engineers, architects, veterinarians or computer specialists from the USA or Europe. Even if they speak perfect English or even German, they are mostly based in West Africa.

► Women mostly pose as nurses, doctors and teachers or as business women of all kinds. The preferred countries of origin are Russia, South America, Thailand, Africa or Europe.

You haven't met Mr. or Miss Right yet?

Which signs should one be suspicious of?

  • The scammers are very interested in the financial situation of their victim.
  • They want to know everything about their victim, such as hobbies, children, friends.
  • They quickly fall in love immortally and after a short time forge marriage plans.
  • They pretend emergency situations and put their victim under emotional pressure.
  • They create trust by borrowing a little money from the victim at the beginning and then quickly repaying it.
  • The fraudsters often pretend to want to open a joint account with the victim and ask for copies of IDs. The data is then used to forge passports.
  • A friend brings a package that should be sent to the scammer. These could be forged papers and thus the victim is liable to prosecution.
  • Stories of deceased spouses and children are often served up.

Tip: The police advise entering the name of the Internet acquaintance with the addition "Scammer", for example on Google. Then, under certain circumstances, you can learn a lot about the acquaintance.

How can you protect yourself from love fraud on the Internet?

The victims of love scammers are not stupid. But such scammers are clever and have a very good idea of ​​what their victims are dreaming of.

So if you suddenly get a friend request from a complete stranger, you should look very carefully:

→ Check out his profile and use your common sense: if it's way too good to be true, don't answer.

→ If only one photo is available, you should request others whose background motifs you determine yourself. Maybe one with a current newspaper.

→ Ask for a live chat. So you can at least check the authenticity of the appearance.

→ Check his biography. Keep asking for small details. Because: Liars only concentrate on your main story, which trousers he was wearing, he usually cannot remember the second time the story is told, if he has not actually experienced the story.

→ Please consider: There are very, very few people who write "I love you" or propose marriage right after a few SMS messages.

→ If you are already personally dating the potential candidate: let us show you business premises, practices, and their chic penthouse apartment. Insist on getting to know friends and family.

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Is scamming a criminal offense?

Scamming can be punishable as marriage fraud and fraud.

The prerequisite is that the perpetrator deceives his victim with an intended marriage in order to get a financial advantage. The perpetrator is regularly concerned with gifts, benefits or loans. These financial benefits by the victim are based on false ideas that the perpetrator has aroused in the victim.

There is no criminal fraudulent marriage fraud if it is only a question of stealing a marriage and not the property of the other partner.

How to report a crime

What to do if you've been scammed

Under no circumstances should the perpetrator's requests and wishes be addressed. Bank transfers through the Western Union or the sending of checks cannot be tracked.

Contact should be broken off immediately. Emails should no longer be accepted. If necessary, you also have to change the email address.

All emails and chat texts should be saved on a CD-ROM as evidence. Then the data should be deleted from the hard drive as well as in the e-mail account.

Even if the prosecution of offenders is very difficult because they operate from abroad, victims should report to the police.