What are Low Interest Loans

Find the right loan for your project.

S personal loan

  • Quick and easy from home
  • Low rates thanks to long terms
  • Free use

S car loan

  • For used or new cars
  • Quick and easy from home
  • Pay back flexibly

Credit optimization

  • Just a clear loan installment
  • Greater financial flexibility
  • Your Sparkasse takes care of all the formalities for you

S-overdraft facility (granted account overdraft)

  • Individual credit line
  • Set up quickly and easily online
  • Practical addition to your current account

Your savings bank has individual solutions for your real estate financing. Find the right financing for your own four walls.

Mortgage lending

  • Finance the construction or purchase of your property
  • Take advantage of government subsidies and low interest rates
  • Guaranteed interest throughout the term

S modernization loan

  • Favorable conditions
  • Perfect for your renovations
  • Apply conveniently online

KfW promotional loans

  • For the construction, purchase, renovation or age-appropriate renovation of your home
  • Take advantage of low interest government loans
  • Repayment or investment grant


  • Low-interest loans
  • Promotion of new construction, purchase, modernization and renovation
  • Various funding programs to choose from

Your dream loan in just a few minutes. If you haven't found the right model: Simply make an appointment with your advisor at your local Sparkasse.

Common questions about credit

How do I get a loan from the Sparkasse?


  • Of legal age
  • Regular income from non-self-employed work
  • "Free income" for the monthly payments

A personal consultation in a branch is required for a credit decision. To do this, simply send your financing request online or make an appointment for a consultation. Your advisor will then contact you.

If you are not yet a Sparkasse customer, you will need your salary slips for the last three months, a copy of your employment contract and your identity card for a personal consultation.

How quickly can a loan be paid back?

How quickly you can repay your loan depends on the respective loan terms. Special payments are often possible - your advisor will discuss details with you.

What is the difference between the target and the effective interest rate?

Debit interest

Debit interest is also called nominal interest and describes the interest rate for a loan per calendar year. It therefore often bears the addition "p.a." (per annum). Often the borrowing rate is tied and remains the same during the term of the loan.

Effective interest rate

The effective interest rate or effective annual interest rate is made up of the nominal interest rate and other costs that may arise when taking out a loan, such as a commission for a mortgage or the costs of establishing a land charge. The APR includes all costs that arise for a loan.

What rate can I afford?

Use the savings bank's budget calculator as a little planning aid and find out how easily a loan can be repaid. Simply compare your income and expenses and easily calculate how large your financial scope is. Your possible repayment installments are based on this.

Credit knowledge and glossary - the most important terms

A to D

From annuity loans to overdraft facilities (granted account overdraft).

M to Z

From the net loan amount to the fixed interest rate.

Your dream loan in just a few minutes. If you haven't found the right model: Simply make an appointment with your advisor at your local Sparkasse.

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