Why did you settle in Bishkek

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Ui, samma bit aggressive. You I'm actually pretty good. Therefore, feel free to keep your pity with you.

I only notice again and again when people ask about TVs, whiskeys or office chairs (list can be expanded), the first person always comes around the corner with suggestions that make me think, as a high earner: hui, but the money is easy . It's nice when most of them are doing well financially. How others feel when reading is left open.

I didn't mean you at all. but one could even understand it that way. therefore sorry. And nope, aggressive the days actually zero. but thanks for the concern.

But again: what does 1 € per working day have to do with high earners? rheumatism describes it. thousands for entertainment electronics or cars are also thrown out. I don't shoot anything out there. nothing. my iMac is from 2012. sonos was there in between. and I don't sound around here either. my car is a better looking golf V with a soft top and a fun drivetrain, 13 years old because it no longer has any loss of value. simply because I don't enjoy depreciation on cars. and I don't want to sit in meetings all day for that. that's what I meant. what one attaches worth is individual. and also not generalized about the people that one then unpacks the tired, undifferentiated class struggle again in order to then initiate one's moral sermons. but some people assemble their pictures "round" and "fitting" in their heads so that the prejudices continue to be correct. I like to play with that. extremely happy.

addendum: the original article I was referring to did not specify a (!) budget.

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"you're wrong. i'm not a human. i am a machine. i am a fu $ kin 'terminator."
(billions. S02E05.)

the karl lauterbach real madrids.