Why do people like to talk to others

With this sentence we stop gossiping

In life we ​​will meet negative people again and again. People who blaspheme, make other people bad in front of us and lie. It is up to us how we react to such people. Let us get carried away by them, let us fill ourselves with negative energy. An inner restlessness increases and there is a feeling of emptiness and discouragement.

People talk to feel better

The more dissatisfied people are with themselves, the more they tend to hide. You try to make others bad in order to look better yourself. They comment on each other's weaknesses in order to undermine their lack of competence.

However, no one gets better by making others bad. The more we talk about others, the more it shows an inner weakness and little self-confidence. Bad comments about others reflect your own pain and anxiety. Blasphemy damages one's reputation, fills us with negativity and steals our energy.

Put focus on yourself

Confident people focus on themselves. They know that everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Instead of documenting each other's weaknesses in public, they focus on how they can grow themselves.

The more we focus on the life of others, the more it shows that our own life is uninteresting.

What to do when others blaspheme

But: What do we do if the other person is gossiping again and wants to drag us in?

Whenever people speak ill of others in front of us, we can ask this simple question: "Why are you telling me this?"

With this question we deprive the blasphemer of the courage to go on talking. There is almost never a good reason for asking this. The question helps to protect us and shows that we don't want to be drawn into the conversation.

If the question is not quite enough, we can also say: "You should discuss this with him directly." Or "I don't want anything to do with it."

It is up to us how we react to such people. If we get carried away by them, we tend to become that way ourselves. The more we stay away from negative people, act in love and focus on solutions instead of problems, the more beautiful and peaceful our life becomes. If we act with hatred and excitement, the inner unrest and our own insecurity increase.

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