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Logistics jobs and vacancies

  • Salary: What do you earn in the field of logistics?

    After completing the relevant training, your wages in logistics range from € 4,210 to € 5,110 per month.

  • In which industries can you find job offers in the logistics sector?

    In the logistics area you will find jobs in the following areas and companies, for example: Pharmacy, electronics, vehicle construction, raw material processing, furniture, industrial companies, economic sectors, trading companies, computers, optics, luxury goods production, social security, printing, textiles, leather, waste disposal

  • What activities do you have to do in the area of ​​logistics?

    In professions that require training in the field of logistics, you will, among other things, examine and analyze relationships between departments and work out optimization approaches for all levels of operational value creation, and develop supply chain management concepts. In addition, you will examine and analyze existing procedures, processes and logistics processes in a company, for example, and design consulting concepts for the entire logistics area.

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IT logistics consultant (m / f / d)

IT logistics consultant (m / f / d) wanted by C.E. Noerpel GmbH in Ulm.
Tasks include: Analysis of logistical requirements of new and existing customers, preparation of requirement and process analyzes, development of ...
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Inhouse Consultant SAP Retail - Focus on Logistics (m / f / d)

In-house consultant SAP Retail - focus on logistics (m / f / d) wanted by Peek & Cloppenburg KG, Düsseldorf in Dusseldorf.
Professional experience as SAP module specialist IS-Retail - primarily for the area of ​​logistics In-depth process knowledge in the area of ​​logistics as well as integration knowledge of ...
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SAP application manager with focus on logistics / production (m / f / d)

SAP application supervisor with focus on logistics / production (m / f / d) wanted by Silver Atena GmbH in Munich.
First experience in the support of SAP systems in the logistics modules MM, SD, PP or alternatively in the area of ​​FI / CO as a consultant or as a key user ...
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Logistics team leader (m / f / d)

Team leader logistics (m / f / d) wanted by Amazon in Hall.
Your tasks: You are the most important backbone of our shift management in dealing with the daily operational space management and you represent ...
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Logistics planner (m / f / d)

Logistics planner (m / f / d) wanted by DIS AG in Ismaning.
And SAP knowledge (at least 3 years) Good written and spoken German and English, goal-oriented, structured and independent way of working ...
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Logistics team leader (m / f / d)

Logistics team leader (m / f / d) wanted by DIS AG in Zwickau.
All activities have top priority - even more so in the current situation. We and our customers consult continuously with medical and health experts ...
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Packer (m / f / d) in logistics

Packer (m / f / d) wanted in logistics by DIS AG in Gütersloh-Warendorf.
The application of people who contribute to the diversity of our company. Health and safety have the highest priority for us in all activities ...
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Logistics clerk (m / f / d)

Logistics clerk (m / f / d) wanted by DIS AG in Baden-Baden.
Your tasks Creation of freight and delivery documents and long-term supplier declarations Processing of logistical complaints and inventory control ...
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Logistics tasks

Organize and control

Logistics economists and business economists mainly work in the office at the computer, where they independently examine and analyze logistics processes at the interface between business and technical requirements. Evaluate statistics or develop new supply chain management concepts. They need organizational talent and an overview, for example, in order to be able to adequately include complex operational relationships. Since their analyzes and conceptions form the basis for important business decisions and they are responsible for compliance with management guidelines, their work also requires a high degree of conscientiousness.

Deliver services on time

When planning projects and executing projects, logistics business economists ensure that the deadlines set are adhered to. It is therefore important that you are able to maintain a calm overview, even under time pressure, and continue to work precisely: You are responsible for ensuring that the project goals are achieved.

Communicate and coordinate

If you present analyzes for decision-making and make suggestions, expressiveness and communication skills are also required, because in presentations such as discussions or negotiations, it is important to also present difficult situations in an understandable and convincing manner - be it internally (e.g. to the management) or afterwards outside (e.g. towards suppliers and clients).

Often logistics business economists work in a team with colleagues as well as female colleagues. If you are entrusted with leading a team as a project manager, you will design and coordinate the cooperation of all employees. This requires both assertiveness and a willingness to compromise.

In addition, they have to be flexible, as they often work under high time pressure and - unless they primarily perform administrative tasks - they are always on the move to meet up with people to talk to, possibly also abroad. Logistics business economists as well as business economists can then be connected to the company computer online at any time via laptop or smartphone.

Your activities

  • Most of the time, the work is done while sitting.
  • Most of your work takes place on the screen. This includes analysis work, but also drafting concepts and doing planning work.
  • Most of your work takes place in offices.
  • Your tasks require frequent absences from your place of residence - during consultations and negotiations.
  • In your job, you have customer contact, for example through customer discussions analyzing existing procedures, workflows and logistics processes of a company.
  • In the position of management, in management and in corporate planning, you take on responsibility for people.
  • In your job, you will be responsible for material assets, for example for the successful interaction of all those involved in the supply chain.

Did you know...

... that jobs in the professional field Logistikoft are advertised in these industries:

  • pharmacy
  • Electric
  • vehicle construction
  • Raw material processing
  • Furniture
  • Industrial companies
  • Economic sectors
  • Trading company
  • computer
  • optics
  • Luxury food production
  • social insurance
  • print
  • Textile
  • leather
  • disposal

Required skills and knowledge in the field of logistics are e.g.

  • Foreign trade
  • Affreightment
  • Procurement logistics
  • Business administration
  • Bookkeeping
  • accounting
  • Controlling
  • Disposition
  • Freight transport
  • Distribution logistics
  • Distribution systems
  • Purchasing
  • procurement
  • Fleet management
  • Commercial law
  • More international
  • Forwarding traffic
  • calculation
  • customer advisory
  • Warehouse organization
  • Warehouse management systems
  • Warehouse management
  • Line trip
  • seafaring
  • logistics
  • Air freight forwarding
  • Materials management
  • Research
  • human Resource
  • Production logistics
  • Quality management
  • Ship clearance / clearing
  • Ocean freight
  • Sea port forwarding
  • Traffic law
  • Supply chain management
  • Tramp shipping
  • Storage technology
  • Transport logistics
  • Transport insurance
  • Contract law
  • Customs regulations
  • Customs clearance

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