What kind of engineer are you

Official supplier of Germany's most important national team "

When Sebastian goes shopping, he does it right: non-flammable clothing, patrol vehicles or ocean-going ships. With his team, he develops concepts for tailor-made equipment for the Federal Police. Because what their teams need cannot be found in any supermarket.

How do you get into the Federal Police as an engineer?

I was already interested in the topic of public safety during my studies. To be honest, it was a coincidence that I saw the job advertisement from the Federal Police. The area of ​​responsibility sounded exciting - and that has also been confirmed: I learn something new every day.

What do you have to do to become part of your team?

There is actually no classic way. Interested parties should have completed a scientific or technical degree. At the Federal Police, engineers can specialize in a certain area - for me it's motor vehicles and sea vehicles.

New team members should be curious and want to familiarize themselves with various topics. Those who can communicate well have a clear advantage. In our work, we always keep an eye on our colleagues - because they have to work day in and day out with the devices and equipment that we have procured.

What do engineers in the Federal Police do?

It is very different. Some support and plan police operations on site, for example. Others research, develop and test the latest technology. Experts examine devices and equipment - and other colleagues teach at the Federal Police Academy. My team and I design equipment concepts and set up the technical requirements that are required when purchasing equipment for the Federal Police. Our most exciting task at the moment is the procurement of three rescue vessels - 86 meters long and seaworthy.

What about your working hours?

I am usually very flexible. However, when a project enters the critical phase, I sometimes don't have a nine-to-five job. Business trips are also part of my job every now and then.

What is the difference between your work and that in a company?

In companies you have a lot of responsibility and you have to keep things to yourself - with the Federal Police, both are even more important. I was able to quickly take on responsibility for my own area of ​​responsibility. I can fall back on the know-how of my colleagues all over Germany - that's great.