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Low-carb pasta: These low-carb noodles won't make you fat

by Jessica Bolewski
Feasting on Italian pasta and still staying slim? It works - with these variations of delicious low-carb pasta!

Spaghetti, penne, fusilli and the like are among the most popular fillers. But they are often avoided by lovers of the low-carb diet. The reason: They are high in carbohydrates and drive up the insulin level after eating - an inhibited fat loss is the result.

But there are also types of pasta that are low in carbohydrates and therefore hardly affect the insulin level in the blood. We're talking about low-carb pasta. In this article we have listed for you which types are available and what are the best alternatives to conventional pasta made from wheat flour.

Zoodles: zucchini noodles

They are among the classics among the types of low-carb pasta: zucchini noodles or also known as zoodles. With the help of a vegetable peeler or a spiral cutter, the zucchini noodles can be shaped very quickly. 100 grams of the low-carb pasta provides only 3 grams of carbohydrates and only 18 kilocalories.

For comparison: conventional spaghetti has 31 grams of carbohydrates and 160 kilocalories per 100 grams. In addition, zucchini are rich in filling fiber and naturally low in calories and fat - a real slim food!

Red lentil noodles

If you want to equip yourself with low-carb pasta in your kitchen, you shouldn't forget red lentil noodles. They are rich in vegetable protein and fiber, which keep you full for a long time and are a great source of protein for all vegetarians and vegans.

100 grams of red lentil noodles contain 20 grams of complex carbohydrates - so-called slow carbs, which the body digests slowly. In contrast to conventional pasta made from wheat flour, they keep the blood sugar level constant, keep you full for a long time, at the same time prevent cravings and provide long-lasting energy.

Strictly speaking, this type of pasta is not low carb. Due to the excellent quality of the carbohydrates, red lentil noodles are still loved by low-carb fans and are now and then incorporated into the diet.

Fresh vegetable noodles

Not only zucchini are excellent as low-carb pasta: other vegetable noodles are also perfect for a meal that is low in carbohydrates. These include spaghetti squash, sweet potatoes, beetroot and carrots.

They can either be processed raw into vegetable noodles and then cooked for a few minutes in the pasta sauce or, after shaping with the spiral cutter, pour boiling water over them and cook for a short time.

Konjac noodles

If you pay attention to your carbohydrate balance, you will love konjac noodles, because the low-carb pasta actually does not provide any carbohydrates! Konjak noodles are made from the flour of the Asian konjac root and consist mainly of water and fiber.

In addition, the type of pasta, also known as Shirataki noodle, is naturally fat, lactose and gluten-free, vegan and ready after just one minute of cooking. 100 grams of konjac noodles only provide eight calories and are therefore ideal for all those who want to lose weight or who love low-carb cuisine.

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Chickpea noodles

Similar to the red lentil noodle, the same applies here: Chickpea noodles contain slow carbs and lots of vegetable protein. They're also rich in filling fiber, iron, and calcium, and vitamins A, C, D, and E.

The latter, by the way, makes chickpeas a true anti-aging food, because vitamin E has an antioxidant effect and thus extinguishes free radicals in the body that would otherwise accelerate cell damage and skin aging.