Who killed Patroclus?

Achilles and Patroclus

Achilles (Latin Achilles, also Achilles) was the bravest hero before Troy among the Greeks. His father was Peleus. His mother Thetis made him invulnerable to the heel ("Achilles tendon"). She also wanted to make him immortal by holding him in a heavenly fire and consuming the parts of the body that were mortal and which she then healed again with Amrosia. Frightened by this, Peleus prevented further action, so that Achilles remained mortal.
Since Thetis foresaw his death before Troy, his mother hid him in girls 'clothes with King Lykomedes and had him educated in girls' work. There he discovered the king's daughter Dëidamia, for whom he had taken affection.
Because there was a prophecy that Troy would not fall without Achilles, the cunning Odysseus had a spear and shield brought, which Achilles took courageously while the girls fled to the noise of battle. So he became a participant in the Trojan War.
Because Agamemmnon had seized his slave Briseis, he withdrew grudgingly from the fight and only intervened again to avenge his friend Patroclus.
Hit in the heel by an arrow from Paris that Apollon had directed, the hero fell.
Achilles' son was Neoptolemus. He had to take part in the battle for Troy because of an oracle. When Troy was conquered, he slew the old king Priam. Hector's wife, Andromache, became his slave.

Patroclus was Achilles' friend and had been brought up with him. Both were considered ideal friends and fought together in front of Troy. After Achill's retreat from the fight, Patroclus asked for his armor. After killing Sarpedon, Apollon encouraged Hector to fight again and intervened in it himself. Already hit by Apollo, Patroclus fell into the hands of Hector.