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44-year-old educator dies of Covid-19 in her daycare center after the corona outbreak - RKI now reports 19 deceased teachers / educators

CAME. According to local media reports, an educator died of the infection in a daycare center in Kamen, Westphalia - after a large corona outbreak among children and employees. A total of 41 children and employees from the facility had previously tested positive and quarantined. The Robert Koch Institute currently reports 19 educators / teachers nationwide who have died in connection with Covid-19, one person more than on Monday. According to AOK data, kindergarten teachers are the professional group most affected by corona diagnoses.

The daycare center with 65 children and twelve employees in Kamen - a showcase facility that is one of the nominees for the German Daycare Award 2021 - had been closed after a mass infection since mid-December, as the "Hellweger Anzeiger" reports. At least 41 employees and children had tested positive for the corona virus, according to the report. 74 people were quarantined. One of the infected employees was so seriously ill with Covid-19 that she died from it.

The carrier confirmed this to the sheet. Not all sick people are still healthy. On December 16, an infection was found for the first time in an educator at the facility. A subsequent series test then showed the extent of the outbreak. “We cannot explain why that is so,” says the wearer. The hygiene standards were observed.

The case in Kamen is the largest corona outbreak that has become public in a daycare center in Germany

Even after confirmation of the 41 cases that make the case appear as a so-called superspreading event, the responsible district of Unna apparently declined. “I wouldn't call it a hotspot yet,” said a district spokesman, according to the local website KamenWeb.de. Since a lot has been tested and all people are in quarantine, further spread is not expected. “The daycare center and district acted quickly, so I do not expect that there will be explosive further cases.” It is well known that children find it difficult to keep their distance, so that infections in daycare centers keep coming, he admitted. The case in Kamen is the largest corona outbreak that has become public in a daycare center in Germany.

According to research by the “Hellweger Anzeiger”, the deceased is a 44-year-old - a report from the district that a 44-year-old woman from Unna died on December 29th would be appropriate. In other daycare centers in the district there were corona cases that would have led to the facilities being closed or partial closings.

The number of “hospitalized” educators / teachers has now risen to 500

Another teacher or educator who died in connection with a corona infection was reported to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) this week. This is evident from a comparison of the management reports. For the period since March, the RKI statistics now show a total of 19 deceased in this area, five employees from educational institutions died in December alone. A good month ago (on Tuesday, December 1), the statistics only showed twelve deceased in this area - 355 had previously had to be treated in a hospital. The number of “hospitalized” educators / teachers has now risen to 500.

As the AOK recently reported, citing the data of insured persons, educators are the professional group with the most corona diagnoses in Germany - even before members of the health professions. Based on 100,000 employees, 2,672 educators were on sick leave due to corona victims between March and October - 2.2 times more than the average for the population. News4teachers

Because of "daycare centers are safe"! Of all professional groups, educators are most often on sick leave due to Corona