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20.09.2002 09:53
Federal Association of Private Providers of Social Services e.V. (bpa), federal office

(Berlin) - In a letter dated September 11th, the Employers and Professional Association of Private Nursing (ABVP) declared its exit from the LAG Hessen, an amalgamation of private outpatient care associations in Hessen, and justified this step with the fact that its ideas are not capable of reaching a consensus. The bpa Hessen regrets this step, as it represents an unnecessary fragmentation of the forces in private outpatient care, but rejects the unobjective polemics and the wrong perception of the ABVP federal level about the negotiations in the state of Hesse.

The Federal Association of Private Providers of Social Services eV (bpa) is astonished that at a time when it is necessary to bundle forces in order to negotiate economically viable results in the interest of the outpatient care services with the payers, the ABVP is the way into the self -Isolation go. This had already started at the end of last year when the ABVP had left the joint negotiations of the LAG in the area of ​​SGB V, but so far had not been able to resume talks with the health insurance companies as an individual association, so that its members are now completely alone and without perspective. The negotiations in the area of ​​SGB XI - in which this association is still formally represented - usually took place without him, as he did not appear at the meetings despite being invited. Nevertheless, he asserts things that are wrong and whose opinion-forming process he did not help to shape due to a lack of participation. Klaus-Dieter Schulz from the Hessian bpa board of directors and negotiator of the private associations: "At no point in the negotiations did the service provider associations accept that other so-called disease-specific care measures are postponed from SGB V to SGB XI and will not allow this in the future either" . It goes without saying that the position that putting on and taking off compression stockings is a treatment-care service that, according to the relevant BSG ruling, is covered by health insurance in most cases. Only for the undisputed cases was a transitional provision made in SGB XI, which is exactly the same as the corresponding SGB V remuneration and creates a secure billing basis for the care services until the final clarification. "The desired clear improvement in the area of ​​the home visit fee can still be achieved if there were not constant cross-cuts from poorly informed associations at the federal level that have so far not contributed to the progress of the negotiations and obviously cannot or do not want to afford the necessary presence at the state level" Schulz continues to share responsibility for all those involved.

"If you read the ABVP's press release carefully, he basically accuses us of having good contacts in Hesse, of leading opinion in the LAG and, in contrast to his positions, of being able to reach a consensus within the private associations," says Manfred Mauer. the state representative of the bpa in Hesse said, “but that is exactly our job”. Accordingly, in June the private associations unanimously re-elected their most experienced negotiator, Klaus-Dieter Schulz, as LAG spokesman, with the vote of the ABVP. "We can only hope that the ABVP will come to its senses and find its way back into the negotiating community," said Mauer in conclusion, "especially since the principle of unanimity within the LAG ensures that the interests of each individual member association are taken into account if they can only be addressed through the relevant committee work instead of making regulars' table politics by broadcast. "

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Federal Association of Private Providers of Social Services e.V. (bpa), federal office
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