What natural addition helps with paranoia

  1. Check fatty acid supply: Schizophrenic people have a lower concentration of essential fatty acids in the brain: according to Holford, schizophrenic people not only suffer from an omega-3 deficiency, but also from an omega-6 deficiency: Of the omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA, between 400 and 800 mg are taken (e.g. with Opti3 capsules). The omega-6 fatty acids required are in particular the so-called gamma-linolenic acid (200 - 600 mg), which is found to a greater extent in borage seed oil and evening primrose oil.
  2. More antioxidants: Vitamin C (1000 to 3000 mg) and Vitamin E.
  3. Therapeutic doses of the B vitamins:
  4. Folic acid: 5 to 15 mg daily, start with 5 mg and increase to 10 and then to 15 mg every 2 months if there is no improvement
  5. Vitamin B12: 1000 to 5000 µg (half twice a day)
  6. Niacin (vitamin B3): at least 1g (but ALWAYS in consultation with the therapist, best split into two to three doses, e.g. 500 mg twice a day or 1000 mg three times a day and increase slowly)
  7. Check whether there is a KPU: If so, treat the KPU (cryptopyrroluria) accordingly: Details on KPU, a metabolic disorder that many people unknowingly suffer from and can contribute to numerous chronic diseases, but can be treated well, can be found here: Cryptopyrroluria - the cause of many complaints
  8. Clarify possible food intolerances: z. B. wheat and gluten intolerance as well as milk intolerance (especially milk protein intolerance), as these can also increase psychological symptoms
  9. Have histamine levels checked: Values ​​that are too high or too low can cause psychological symptoms. If the values ​​are low, high-dose B vitamins are not a problem; yes, they increase a histamine level that is too low; If the histamine levels are too high, the B vitamins (folic acid and B12) should be dosed more carefully.
  10. Check vitamin D levels and take the doses that are right for you - as described here: Your Vitamin D Levels - What You Need to Know

Please discuss the tips mentioned in EVERY case with your therapist and ask him to adjust the dosages mentioned - which are only guidelines - to suit you personally.

(As early as 2014, it emerged that acupuncture also has a certain effect on schizophrenia and could be used in conjunction.)


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