What are some recipes of chilli cucumber

Cucumber Recipes - Chili

Thousand Iceland Dressing

The traditional American dressing recipe that is easy to prepare and tastes great with green salads.

Sweet and sour dip with chilli

The sweet and sour dip with chilli and fresh cucumber, which goes well with meat dishes as a side dish and is fiery hot.

Spicy cucumber mix

This spicy mixture of cucumber and chillies is ideal as a side dish, especially with meat or fish dishes.

Marinated cucumbers

The perfect, light side dish to an Asian pasta recipe or just as a small, refreshing snack for in between.

Yogurt and mint spread

The refreshing spread recipe that goes well with crackers or crusty bread with creamy yoghurt and fresh mint.

Cucumber and yogurt spread

A refreshing spread recipe made from creamy yoghurt and fresh cucumber that goes well with fresh, crusty bread.

Dip with cucumber and mango

With meat or fish, potato wedges or chips, the delicious dip with cucumber and mango really goes with everything. The recipe is also super simple!

Avocado salad with bacon

A rich avocado salad with healthy vegetables and crispy bacon. This simple salad recipe tastes wonderfully fresh not only in summer.

Chili - Mango Salad

The sweetness of the mango and the spiciness of the chilli combine wonderfully in this recipe for the exotic, quickly prepared chilli - mango salad.

Fish in orange and chilli sauce

A light starter or lunch recipe that can be served particularly well in summer and is flavorful.