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"The only thing more incredible than your smile, is when you smile at me."

When the school bell rings, I pack my things and disappear from the stuffy room with my classmates. I push my way through a number of groups of students who still haven't understood that you shouldn't just stay in motion. When I can leave the building after a few minutes, after I have got my chemistry books, which I need to study for the test on Monday, I am just happy that I got through the week.

"Yes, I heard you were going to party with us tonight." Simon, my best friend suddenly appears next to me and puts his arm around me. With a big smile I look up at him, since he is at least a head taller than me, and pull him into a brief hug. "Where have you been all day? I had to let Anni lull me into going to this party and then I should also speak to Luis. «I tell him and get quieter and quieter towards the end so that no one hears anything. At our level, news and rumors spread very quickly, so you should always be on your guard.

“I had to sort something out with Samantha. You know that she just doesn't want to understand, that I don't want anything from her. Anyway, I'm looking forward to going to a party with you and Anni. It's going to be a first, ”explains Simon, pulling me into the parking lot with a smile. His car is there and he always takes me and Anni with him.

Samantha is a conceited, arrogant brat who has been trying to land with Simon for a long time. But this one has a good taste and luckily does not get involved with it. She is just annoying and just tries to land with the boys with her beautiful, slim body. Otherwise she's just plain stupid.

At the beginning of the parking lot there is a group of guys, including my brother Mark, who looks at me briefly and then quickly joins some conversation again. As you might already guess, Mark and I don't exactly have a good relationship. And apart from the time I watch his soccer team, which I actually only do because of Luis, we almost never see each other. Although we live in a house.

Fortunately for me, not only Mark but also Luis can be found in the group, who is talking to Nick. His blue eyes sparkle so beautifully and I would love to run to him and just hug him. He looks so hot again. His body is muscular to the right degree and his blonde hair is wild on his head, which looks very sexy.

“Don't stare like that, Jas. We don't want Luis to hear about it. Or worse, Mark. He will devour you with a bite, if he even suspects that you want something from a boy. «, Simon whispers to me and lets me wake up from my stupor.

I take a quick look at Luis and Nick and notice that they are both looking in my direction. Nick is brushing his brown hair to one side, says something in Luis' direction with a cheeky grin and looks, as always, a bit wild with his lip piercing and leather jacket.

However, my gaze quickly wanders back to Luis and so I get a smile for the second time in a day. A smile from Luis Anson. Such a beautiful smile.

"I'm meeting Annelie today," I announce to my father and put a spoonful of pasta in my mouth. Since my mother is no longer there, there have only been simple dishes, as nobody in this house can cook really well. We are happy if we can get through a week without burnt food. "What do you want to do?" He asks, looking at me skeptically. Probably because I rarely do anything other than reading, watching series and studying for school.

Before I can utter a word and slowly introduce my father to the subject of parties, Mark interrupts me. "You want to go to Nick Berger's party," he drops the bomb and looks at me with narrowed eyes. I gasp angrily and wish him to drop dead on the spot. I don't know what I've done to my brother, but he's always trying to ruin everything for me. That's why Mark is never allowed to find out anything from Luis.

“You should forbid her. Such parties are no place for our little Jasmin. «, He adds and looks at our father innocently. Like he really cares about me. He doesn't really care what happens to me. The main thing is that I'm not in his way and nobody gets the crazy idea that he might like me, his sister. In front of our father, Mark always pretends to protect me as a big twin brother from everything and everyone, but in reality he only cares about himself.

“But we don't want to stay that long either. We also don't drink anything and Simon takes care of us. Besides, Mark can also go to these parties. So why not me? ”I explain myself quickly and look at my father with wide eyes. If I do that, he can't refuse anything anyway. Mark snorts, knowing that I have won, and disappears into his room without another word. My father nods briefly to me and then looks after Mark worriedly. After all, we all know who his favorite is. And I am not.

"You grab a mug now and then we'll see that you can somehow talk to your loved one," says Anni, holding three cups of cola in her hand. I strongly believe that there is not only Coke in it. With a flutter in my stomach, I take a mug from her and briefly look at Simon, who does the same for me. With a bad feeling in my stomach, I take a sip and make a slight grimace. Alcohol is disgusting.

“Come on, Jas, drink it up. When you're done we'll go dancing. ”Annelie exclaims enthusiastically, drinks her mug in a few gulps and throws her arms in the air. She looks so happy and always has so much fun. All classmates who walk past us greet her and talk to her briefly. Annelie is so much looser and more sociable than me. I look around the large room that serves as a bar and dance floor. Everyone seems happy. Everyone has a bottle of beer or some other drink in hand. And with a look at my girlfriend, who is talking to a cute boy, I finish my mug in one gulp. The way she wants it.

A few hours have already passed and I've completely lost track of time. In any case, I haven't seen Annelie and Simon in ages and since I don't know anyone else, I've been sitting alone on a couch for some time. Everyone around me is talking, drinking and dancing. But nobody seems to really care about me. Nobody notices me. I had a short chat with Marie, a really very pretty girl, but when I asked her what her favorite watermark is, she just gave me a funny look and left. Communication with other people is not always easy and she just had a water bottle in her hand.

Anyway, from then on I spent my time tracking down Luis Anson. I'd better speak to him before midnight, as I had promised my father to leave by then at the latest. I get up from my seat and try to squeeze through the crowd. There is still a free stool at the bar, so I can quickly secure myself a place where I am not constantly bumped into by drunk teenagers.

I sit on the stool and sigh in relief. One thing has taught me one thing this evening so far, I hate parties and this was the first and last I was at.

"What can I bring you, sweetheart?" A voice tears me out of my thoughts and I let my gaze wander forward. My heart skips briefly and I am sure that I will be all red. Luis Anson stands behind the bar with a bottle of beer in his hand, leaning against a counter. He smiles at me and his eyes seem to sparkle, they look so bright.

"You could surprise me." I simply reply, since I have no idea of ​​all these things. Luis nods and the corners of his mouth twitch slightly. While he mixes something for me, I watch him and follow every movement of his muscles. He's so damn hot.

"I hope you like it." Luis hands me a glass, grins at me again and then turns to the next who wants a drink. My heart seems to be beating somersaults and can no longer contain itself. I talked to him. And I have a wonderful feeling about it.