What is ContainerCreating in Kubernetes

Kubernetes stayed with ContainerCreating

A Pod in my Kubernetes cluster is stuck on ContainerCreating after performing a create operation. How can I view logs for this operation to diagnose why it is not working? does not seem to work as the container needs to be in a non-outstanding state.


lists all events related to the pod, including dragging pictures and launching containers. It might be helpful.

In my case, the port worker's access to the internet was blocked. It was solved using a proxy (with Sandyls comment):

Then do the following to verify that Docker has access to the internet:

in the cluster (connect to the cluster); When the download starts, stop the process.

My second problem was the slow internet connection. Since the required Docker images are on the order of 100MB, both Docker containers and Kubernetes pods stayed in and explained for 30 minutes.

To verify that Docker is downloading the images, do the following:

Otherwise, the field is blank in the cluster that displays the temporary image files that are being downloaded.

If you develop in Minikube and use VPN, Docker can use your VPN through Fiddler. That means the Docker is connected to the ip: port of the Fiddler, and the Fiddler is connected to the VPN. Otherwise, VPN will not be shared between your host and the Minikube VM.

The only time I met this was because my resource declarations were mistakenly very, very small.

Resources: Limits: CPU: 1000M Memory: 1024M Requirements: CPU: 1000M Memory: 1024M


resources: limits: cpu: 1000m memory: 1024m requirements: cpu: 1000m memory: 1024m

Enabling m makes a big difference in resource usage. I got stuck at ContainerCreating because I didn't give my container enough space.

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