Why are you a cat person

SPUTNIKer in the afternoon Study: This is why cat owners are smarter

Whether you prefer dogs or cats can say a lot about you. For example, that you are smarter if you belong to "Team Cat", as scientists have found.

Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA, conducted a study asking 600 students about their cognitive and personal characteristics - and of course also asked whether they were more likely to be dogs or cats.

Educated and independent with a cat

Denise Guastello's research team, a lecturer in the Department of Psychology at Carroll University, came to the conclusion that cat lovers are significantly smarter and better educated.

Other experts come to similar conclusions, such as the psychoanalyst Steve McKeown:

Cat people are more likely to have a college degree than dog owners. Educated people tend to work longer hours and need pets that fit their lifestyle.

If you call a cat your best buddy, you are not only smarter, but you can also do without external confirmation. You also know that you are loved - or at least tell yourself to be.

Dog owners are okay too

If you have a dog, you are a more caring person for it. However, you have no other choice, after all, you watch Wauwau's big business meticulously every day in order to be able to collect it, so that you don't drive the old lady next door into white heat again.

"Team Dog" also has better social skills, because dog owners are generally considered friendlier and more extroverted. After all, that brings more guests to your own birthday party.

This result of the study shows that dogs are the more popular pets anyway or precisely because of this: 60% of the 600 students surveyed said they were "team dogs". On the cat side, it was just 11%.

A small proportion of the test persons stated that they found both animals equally well and the rest decided on the only wrong answer: "neither nor".

But that was probably just a flaw in the system, because who couldn't love this:

SPUTNIKer in the afternoon | 03/28/18 | 2:50 pm