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On my own behalf

@ karolachristiane

“A“ helpline ”is missing! Is that something for you? "

Of course I could do that. I could easily turn them off, like this:

"You kidding want war with the Persians, behind whom Putin and the Indian magicians stand and you think China will allow Pakistan to save your ass and get out of where you are?

Go ahead, do it, do it, please, please, sink all your obscurantistic humbug never to be seen again from world history and let your whole crazy youth overhang of Persian and Pakistani nuclear weapons sap in Afghanistan or anywhere else! "

Incidentally, Israel could end the slaughter within 48 hours by simply disguising all Zionists as Muslims for a special Purim and dancing “The Arabs are stupid!” On the roofs.

But they don't, the Zionists.

"Unpleasant person in my assessment."

I think she looks like someone who likes to have Asis buff her face.

Suitable for this:

“And then the poor, vulnerable boys have already“ had experiences with judicial violence ”- Madame does not dare to say.
I mean: they already have so much on their nerves that they have already stood in court and been petted a little there. "

My diagnosis: