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Save on dentures - this is how it works

Do you need new, high quality dentures? In order for your dentures to look as natural as possible, you often have to pay a cost-intensive personal contribution. Because the higher the quality of the chosen method and the materials used, the more inconspicuous your third party will appear. Find out here how you can save optimally on dentures.

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Save on dentures: keep a bonus booklet

Whether crown, prosthesis or dental implant: Aesthetic new teeth are expensive. The so-called bonus booklet can help you to reduce the high proportion out of your own pocket. You can get a bonus booklet free of charge in every dental practice or clinic. From now on, bring it with you to regular dental check-ups in order to save considerable costs on your dentures. You will receive the stamp for this when you have your teeth checked every six months or every year.

The health insurance company evaluates the efforts of patients in terms of dental care based on the bonus booklet. Only those who can show the health insurance company a bonus booklet that has been kept in full for five or ten years will increase their fixed allowance. So you save 20 percent over five years and 30 percent over ten years on dentures. However, if the patient suspends the check-up for even a year, you will have to start over.

Save on dentures: take out additional dental insurance early on

Find out exactly about the current state of your dental health, your desired treatment method and the materials required for your implant, bridge, crown, etc. before you take out additional dental insurance. This is the only way you can assess whether supplementary dental insurance is actually worthwhile for you. Some supplementary dental insurances also offer extensive coverage for professional teeth cleaning.

The sooner you take care of insurance, the lower the premiums. Especially young patients with premature tooth loss are therefore advised to take out additional dental insurance. The costs for your expensive dentures can thus be reduced in the long term. And a missing tooth can thus be replaced with better materials from a high-quality laboratory.

Save on dentures: cost comparison based on a second dentist's opinion

The dental costs for all standard care are set by the dentists' fee schedule (GOZ) and the assessment standard for dental services (BEMA). That means: The costs for standard care are the same for all statutory health insurances. However, more modern and aesthetically more sophisticated variants are often outside of this standard supply. This means that these high costs are borne by the patients themselves and are referred to as co-payment. The co-payment results from the dentist's fee, the laboratory and material costs and varies from dentist to dentist.

A comparison of the planned treatment costs or a second dentist's opinion on your treatment and cost plan (HKP) can actively reduce the costs of your dentures. Since dentists work together with different German laboratories, for example, the price of the treatment can also vary for this reason. It is therefore worthwhile to get a second opinion from a treating dentist. Make an appointment with a second dentist. This will again create a diagnosis and a treatment and cost plan in which you can compare the costs.

Save on dentures: online cost comparison on comparison portals

In order to better classify the cost of your dentures in terms of price, it is helpful to use online comparison portals. This is where you can check whether you are paying too much for your new teeth or tooth. And even if you do not want a second dental cost check or want to avoid a second dentist's opinion for reasons of time: Online portals such as dentolo can actively reduce the costs of your dentures.

To do this, it is sufficient to provide your current cost estimate or treatment and cost plan (HKP) to experts on the online platforms. They analyze your current dentist offer individually and give realistic assessments of the planned costs. This process is anonymous, free of charge and usually gives you an immediate result.

Save on dentures: Get treatment at universities

Every dentist in Germany has a degree in dentistry. But drilling and treatment must not only be learned theoretically, but also practically. In supervised student courses at dental clinics, you can be treated by highly motivated students. The student courses are supervised and controlled by an assistant doctor and senior doctor.

Since the students are still learning and therefore treat them conscientiously but on average more slowly than trained dentists, you save a lot here. In the student courses at dental clinics, the dental fee often falls from a factor of 3.5 to a factor of 1.0. This means that you only pay for the material and not for the treatment costs.

Save on dentures: dentures abroad

Dental prosthesis treatment abroad is an alternative for many patients. More and more patients are traveling abroad for dental treatment. Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria are particularly popular when it comes to getting cheap dentures. Cheaper prices are possible there due to lower wages and living costs.

But be careful: treatment abroad often means more work for your insurance company. It also harbors risks, as there are significant differences in quality. Make sure to pay attention to the quality of the materials. Researching experience reports from practices and foreign dentists is only recommended.

Make real savings: dentolo creates transparency in terms of costs and quality

dentolo is your contact for all matters relating to dental treatment: We provide a better overview of your dental costs and the quality of your treatment.

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