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Top 5: Animated Films 2010

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I'm actually a big fan of what used to be called cartoons. Not only in this country is this mostly equated with child-friendly entertainment and is often sold below value; or is totally incomprehensible for too young viewers. But despite the abundance of animated films in 2010, there is no real joy.

This is exactly what the 2010 genre has in common with German film, but for different reasons. Most of the animated films in large studios now follow the same pattern: family-friendly entertainment for young and old. Cute for the young and interspersed inside jokes for the old. It works out and reinterpretations of old fabrics ("Rapunzel") attract the crowds to the cinema.

But that's not really original. Also supposedly "more adult" topics like "Megamind“For financial reasons, we can't help but address the trend. Everything is legitimate and understandable, but the crowd has simply set a uniform, mediocre level that is nothing more than good entertainment.

The same applies to the animated films published in the course of the superhero real films. "Doctor Strange" from the house of Marvel can still score with a passable story and a well thought-out character. Otherwise, this is often merchandising ballast.

There has been a similar development in anime in Japan for several years: tons of new releases, which are based on a uniform, interchangeable knitting pattern and an often similar dramaturgy. Sucked-out topics then do the rest to make the genre itself seem boring.

The top 5 in the Animation area are then not the best either, they are almost the only outstanding ones, unrivaled, so to speak. With the exception of the one not considered further "Ponyo". I'm just tired of trying to keep trying Mastermind Myazaki. An anime is still included. The next top 5 round is then dedicated to the series.

5. # 9 (Number Nine)

With the prominent support of Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov, director Shane Acker has pumped his Oscar-nominated short film up to feature films. The post-apocalyptic story about the rag dolls brought to life captivates with attention to detail and a dark atmosphere. The story is quite lengthy, but the prominent speakers make up for that.

4. Sumer Wars

"Summer Wars" by Mamoru Hosoda has just been nominated for an Oscar and is just as great as "The Girl Who Jumped Through Time" (2006). The story about the young math genius Kenji oscillates between cyber reality and family history. Anime can be so wonderful if they are not produced by the meter.

3. Idiots and Angels

Drawing and filmmaker Bill Pympton is an icon who has been making cartoons since 1977, mostly short ones. Nevertheless, his work is only known to film buffs. This is also due to the fact that someone does his thing here and doesn't care long about expectations and audience preferences. "Idiots and Angels" is the feature-length story of a nasty guy who one day wakes up with wings that he can't get rid of. However, that doesn't stop him from continuing to be a stinky boot. Original, unique and sinister. In this country, the 2008 film was first broadcast in spring on 3Sat, hence the nomination. There are impressions on the film homepage.

2. The fantastic Mr. Fox

Director Wes Anderson, known for dysfunctional family drama, stages Roald Dahl's classic children's book as a stop-motion picture and wins across the board. The implementation is original and - although child-friendly - clearly more for an adult audience, because Mr. Andersen cannot do without family quarrels. The German synchro of Merryl Streep and George Clooney get at least congenial Andrea Sawatzki and Christian Berkel. Great, original film.

1. Mary and Max

I wrote about Adam Elliot's incredible and wonderful film elsewhere. The story about the unequal pen friendship between two blatant outsiders is not only the best animated film of the year, but also belongs to the top of the drama top 5. But more on that elsewhere. Do sheep shrink when it rains? You can find the trailer here.

I like it:

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