How should I eat a kumquat

Eating kumquats right

Eating kumquats right
can you really eat the kumquat with the peel?

Although the kumquat came to Europe from China as early as the 19th century, it is still not to be found on all supermarket shelves today and its existence is in fact still partly unknown to many. It's a shame, but the small dwarf orange is quite interesting in taste and offers many possible uses.

Do I have to peel them or can I eat them with the peel? Which dishes can I eat the kumquat with and can I use it to make a salad? Does the kumquat have seeds and how long can I actually store them? We would like to bring you closer to the kumquat and have clarified the most important questions for you.

How to eat the kumquat properly

The kumquat is a so-called dwarf orange, but when it comes to consumption it has little in common with its big sister, the orange. Because you can actually eat the kumquat with its shell.

But it also has seeds that are not abundant, but are relatively large for this small fruit. These can also be eaten without hesitation and do not have to be removed before consumption.

The fruit should be washed off with warm water before consumption and rolled back and forth with light pressure between finger and palm in order to be able to develop its aroma properly and to soften the skin. As a result, it tastes sweeter and less bitter when eaten.

In terms of taste, orange and kumquat hit a similar note, because the kumquat is also sweet and sour with a slightly bitter note and tastes great with both sweet and savory dishes.

What should you consider when buying and storing the kumquat?

It is important to pay attention to a few important things when buying, but also when storing your kumquat. This is the only way you can enjoy a sweet and juicy taste for a long time.

With these citrus fruits, you can clearly see their quality by the peel. It should be firm and shiny, then the kumquat is fresh and tasty.

When they get home, these small citrus fruits like it cool. Direct sun should be avoided in any case, so you can store your dwarf oranges in the refrigerator for up to 4 weeks before eating.

Freezing is also possible. Cut the kumquat into slices ready-to-eat and freeze it on a cutting board. After a day, you can put the frozen slices in a bag or can and store them in the freezer for several months.

How can I properly prepare the kumquat?

Like its big sister, the orange, the kumquat can be prepared in a similarly versatile manner. In addition to adding it to the fruit salad or morning muesli, it is also used in sauces for poultry or lamb or consumed raw as a small treat in between meals.

In desserts it is particularly popular as ice cream or compote, but the kumquat can also be made candied or as a jelly.

The kumquat is also fond of alcohol. If you like it fruity, you can crown both your grappa and rum with a slice of kumquat. Pickled in alcohol or just as a garnish on cocktails and liqueurs - the dwarf orange is really versatile and, especially as a topping, the small and decorative slices are not as lush as the orange.

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