Melons are a type of pumpkin

Worth knowing: why are watermelons a vegetable?

Often we have already been pointed out why our articles on watermelon are listed under the heading vegetable guide. Watermelons (Citrullus lanatus var. lanatus) are always regarded as fruit in the vernacular, but in the botanical sense they are considered vegetables. Watermelons, like all melons, cucumbers and pumpkins, belong to the so-called cucurbitaceae.

Categorization of vegetables and fruits

In a very simplified way, you can remember that the most diverse parts of the plant are eaten as vegetables: the leaves of spinach, the stalks of rhubarb, the tubers of potatoes or the roots of carrots. Likewise, fruits of the plants can also count as vegetables. Examples of this are cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants and melons.
In contrast to vegetables, with fruit you only eat the fruits of perennial plants. While an apple tree can live for many decades, annuals include fruit vegetables such as tomatoes, eggplants and melons. After the harvest, the plant usually dies. Then a new plant grows from the seeds in the following year.

Misconception: The categorization is not based on taste

A common belief is that all sweet fruits count as fruit and everything else is a vegetable. Despite their high sugar content, melons are a vegetable, whereas the sour-tasting rhubarb, which is almost exclusively used in desserts, is also a vegetable. In contrast to this, olives are also part of the fruit, although they hardly contain any sugar. Avocados are also not known for their sweetness, but were still part of the fruit.

Did you know that we can also grow watermelons here? In our special article you will find useful information about planting watermelons in your own garden.

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