How does a person get elephanitis

English name

Lymphatic Filariasis


Worm diseases of the lymphatic system that can be transmitted by diurnal horseflies


Lymphatic filariasis occurs across sub-Saharan Africa and much of Southeast Asia.


2 - 12 months (depending on the pathogen spec.)


Lymphatic filariasis is a chronic, parasitic disease in which the adult filariae colonize the lymphatic vessels and release microfilariae into the bloodstream. Typical symptoms include fever, lymphadenitis, and retrograde lymphangitis. There is no person-to-person infection.


Typical clinical picture, pathogen detection, immune serology


Deworming agent - diethylcarbamazine together with cortisone (stationary!)


No vaccination option, but protection from insect bites is advisable. The use of mosquito nets and repellents is recommended. >> Protection against insect bites

Most important differential diagnosis

Lymphedema of other causes, allergies, skin infections

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