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Alcohol versus cannabis: which is more dangerous?

Everyone has their vices: one smokes, the other likes to drink alcohol and some people consume cannabis. Everyone knows that it harms their body and does it anyway. But what is actually worse? A glass of alcohol during pregnancy can cause permanent damage to the unborn child, regular cannabis consumption can lead to bronchitis and lung cancer, and in adolescents even to schizophrenia.

Quarks describes the mode of action of the two drugs alcohol and cannabis and the consequences for the body.

How do cannabis and alcohol work?

cannabis usually has a relaxing and mood-enhancing effect. This is mainly due to the substance tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). How quickly the consumer feels the effects of cannabis depends on the type of ingestion: If you smoke cannabis, the effects of the THC start immediately. The active ingredient is absorbed through the airways so that it can cross the blood-brain barrier. After about 15 minutes you will feel the maximum intoxication, after 30 to 60 minutes it will slowly decrease again. Cannabis can be used as a drug against Parkinson's.

If you drink or eat cannabis, the THC is absorbed more slowly by the body. As a result, the effect sets in with a time delay, but very suddenly.

alcohol is always taken orally, in the form of beer, wine, long drink or a cocktail. The alcohol reaches the brain via the bloodstream after a few minutes. There it releases dopamine and intensifies the effect of gamma-aminobutyric acid. Both have the consequence that one behaves in a more relaxed, uninhibited and sociable manner. How strong the alcohol is, however, depends on the body size and physical condition. In addition, of course, the amount consumed plays a role and whether you drink alcohol regularly or not.

Cannabis and alcohol: negative consequences

Acute affects cannabis mostly on the circulatory system: high blood pressure, an accelerated pulse and dilated blood vessels are the result. In the long term, cannabis can have a strong influence on mood: restlessness, fear and depression are the result, which can lead to panic reactions and confusion with persecution fantasies and even delusions. In addition, cannabis intervenes in information processing: It is difficult to save and process new information under the influence of cannabis.

Many will know it: you drink too much alcohol, you have problems with coordination and attention.

Orientation, ability to react and the ability to remember are also impaired; in the worst case scenario, it can lead to a coma or alcohol poisoning.

Alcohol and cannabis deaths

You live through one Alcohol poisoning, it can affect the brain stem so badly that our breathing stops. The lethal dose of alcohol for adults is 2 - 3.5 grams of alcohol per gram of body weight. In children, 1 gram per kilogram is enough to cause death.

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alcohol is directly related to deaths: an estimated 202 people die every day in Germany as a result of alcohol consumption. Often these people are also smokers, which is also a risk factor. That alone adds up to nearly 74,000 deaths a year. In addition, there are accidents caused by alcohol consumption.

The death toll related to cannabis are low: In only two cases, the intoxicant appears as a possible cause, but it has not been proven. There are few cannabis receptors in the human brainstem that disrupt our basic functions and thus could lead to death. In the 1970s, animals were tested to determine whether death from cannabis was possible. Dogs and monkeys were given oral doses that contained over 3 grams per kilogram of body weight of THC. For a person weighing 60 kilograms, that would mean that they would have to eat 180 grams of pure THC. All animals survived the experiment.


It should be noted that even the smallest dose of a drug can cause permanent damage to our body. However, the following also applies: the higher the dose and the more frequently it is consumed, the more likely it is that diseases will result. Appropriate handling and, above all, an appropriate age with alcohol and other drugs should be appropriate, as well as awareness of what you are expecting your body to do.

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