What is a beveled edge countertop

Processing of edges & surface

We offer the following processing stages for standard dimensions and custom-made products:

1. Formatting / cut exactly to a rectangular dimension: 29 euros / record

2. Formatting according to free form on CNC: 149 euros / plate

- round or oval shapes, semicircles, polygons, etc. according to technical drawings or AutoCAD files



3. Fine edge grinding + profiling: (requirement: formatting)

"Edged": Edge ground and broken / deburred on both sides: 9 euros / running meter.

"Chamfer": Edge slightly bevelled: 12 euros / running meter.
(chamfers on both sides from 2mm to max. 8mm)

"Rounding": Edge is rounded at the top and bottom: 19, - Euro / running meter.
or only above: 16, - Euro / running meter.
(from less round R = 4mm to very round R = 9mm)

"Style": 29, - Euro / running meter.

"Full round": 35, - Euro / running meter.

"Inclined": 29, - Euro / running meter.

"Swiss Edge": 45, - Euro / running meter.

4. Fine surface sanding with grit 180: 25 euros / m²
(ground on both sides)

5. Surface and edge sealing: 45 euros / m²
(oil both sides with wood oil)

The prerequisites for this are:
Formatting, fine edge grinding + profiling of the visible edges, surface fine grinding

6. Corner connections (2 x milling, 2 x panel clamps): 89 euros
Prerequisites: formatting, surface fine sanding

7. Notches (rectangular, visible): 39, - Euro / piece
Requirement: formatting

8. Straight bar (T-iron) milled and screwed into the bottom: 75, - Euro / piece
Against warping, especially with wide panels, T-irons lengths 400mm to 1150mm


The following processing (not offered by us) should only be carried out on site when adapting the plate to the kitchen base units:

- Hob cutout
- Sink cutout
- Holes for the mixer tap
- Paint the surface

Please note with processed panels:

- The delivery time is extended by approx. 1 week.
- There is no right of withdrawal (customer specification).