What software is easy to model


2. Professional use (or 3D design as an 'advanced hobby')

If 3D modeling is to be more than a hobby, then you need advanced modeling capabilities. We have selected some 3D programs for you under the aspect of functionality, without neglecting the costs. If you are still a student, there is plenty of 3D software available at very affordable student prices (sometimes even free) for which you would otherwise have to pay four-digit amounts.

2.1 Design: Blender, ZBrush, Cinema 4D, 3DS Max, Maya, Rhino

Blender is a very popular free 3D program. The functionality of Blender is extremely diverse and covers many useful functions (e.g. definition and creation of UV maps, 3D sculpting, animations, rendering). With so many designers using Blenders, there are tons of resources on the web for learning to use the program. However, you will also need the latter, because Blender is not necessarily one of the easiest programs to learn. If you are still a complete beginner, it may make sense to first deal with one of the above-mentioned 3D programs.

ZBRush from Pixologic costs around $ 800 and is a professional 3D sculpting program. It is used by professionals to e.g. create characters or post-process 3D scans of people. ZBrush offers a large selection of different 'brushes' with which you can not only edit the surface structures in great detail, but also easily apply textures (e.g. from photos) to your 3D model. At the beginning the user interface looks a bit strange, but once you get used to it, you learn to appreciate the diversity of this 3D program.

Autodesk 3DS Max (approx. 1,600 EUR (net) annually), Rhino (about $ 1,000), Autodesk Maya (approx. 1,600 EUR (net) annually) and Cinema 4D Studio (around 3,700 USD) are all very good 3D programs with very detailed and helpful functions, but they also come at a price. Such a purchase is definitely worthwhile, if you are already a professional as entry-level programs they are very expensive. The applications of the different solutions are different, 3DS Max is often used by (interior) architects, for example, Rhino is often used to design jewelry, Cinema 4D and Maya are popular when it comes to creating animations.